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    The Arab World is furious with Israel for getting there first. History proves, they insist, that Israel stole the Holy Land before Mohammed had a chance to be born.

    Despicable Jewish Hegemony

    The announcement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel will refurbish The Cave of The Mosque in Hevron and Bethuel’s Midden at Bethlehem has deeply inflamed the anger of the Arab Custodians of the Third Holiest Land. It remains to be seen to what extent the Arab-in-the-Street will be able to be restrained from issuing Fatwas in the face of such a blatant insult.

    Noted and Celebrated Arab Historians are agreed globally that Mohammed’s child bride was born in Bethuel’s Midden and this alone would make Netanyahu’s demands for Jews to worship there the utmost desecration and abomination.

    Further of course to all this common indecency, the Jews have now been summoned by the Australian Foreign Minister, which is tantamount to an Israeli admission of guilt, to account for the sudden death of a Hamas mass murderer in Dubai. This was precisely the destabilising incident the Dubai Police Chief feared in the face of determined and ongoing Arab attempts to reach Peace in the Middle East.

    There can be no doubt, if Hamas and Ireland are involved, the Israelis must be at fault.

    No wonder the Arabs blame Israel.


    3 Responses to “ARABS BLAME ISRAEL !”

    1. Netanyahu: ‘Heritage’ list won’t change West Bank status quo – Ha’aretz | World Online Review says:

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    2. Образование в США says:

      Bringing money from another country to purchase a house here?

    3. Guran says:

      LOL! Who buys a house in Russia? Sorry Rai, I HAD to approve this post!!

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