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    The metamorphosis is complete. Ismail Haniyeh has transformed himself from a ruthless terrorist to a High Priest of Palestinian Orthodoxy.

    Once the followers of Mohammed had defeated and enslaved all of the Arabian Peninsula, they found themselves confronted by military success but no public legitimacy.

    It was clear to them that they could only compete with ‘The People of The Book’ (The Jews) if they also had a Book. So the search was on for all that they could collate from assorted and various hand-me-down dogma attributed to Mohammed. During a period extending from one hundred to three hundred years after the death of Mohammed, individuals gathered these Isna, which in at least one case was passed second hand mouth to mouth twenty one times, before being at last collated into the Qur’an.

    These “Sayings” were mixed together with plagiarisms from Biblical and Gnostic scripture, occasionally alluded to by Mohammed, to form the original and insane rantings of Islam’s “Book”. Mohammed’s sense of Scripture and Biblical History was obtained by paying Jews and Gnostic Christians to recite verses to him at Mecca and its surrounding areas. He had to do this for two reasons: Mohammed sensed ‘the power of the book’; and he could neither read nor write. Mohammed’s pagan, desert dweller’s ignorance and naivety also was the cause of his lunatic inventions of a mythical Islamic Past, including Abraham and Ishmael. It just never occurred to Mohammed that his inventions covered thousands of years and thousands of desert miles, over which Abraham neither flew through time nor walked.

    This invented and farcical Qur’an was first compiled in Classical Arabic and the edict went forth that it must never be translated from that language because, it was The Word. Sadly, Classical Arabic became a dead language centuries ago and is spoken by nobody today.

    It should be pointed out, by comparison, that Hebrew IS spoken today despite the ravages of Time upon the Children of Israel.

    Inevitably, in time, Commentaries (the Hadith & etc.) were produced in more modern languages but the fact remains, parts of the original language of the Quran can no longer be translated from their dead origins and even the accademic and linguistic experts do not know what those words mean.

    People who say they have the original Arabic Version are deluded – they have a version printed in perhaps Standard Modern Arabic (SMA) but this does not mean they read in their common spoken language. Most modern Muslim countries have people who speak a variety of local dialects, interspersed with some common Arabic terms. They hear the Qur’an spoken by their local Imam, who may or may not be actually versed in the truth and often does use their ignorance to create a false understanding of and belief in the Qur’an.

    This is directly similar to the intentional ignorance of Europeans through the Dark and Middle Ages, when Catholic Priests confidently taught the peasants only what they thought the Lowly should know. Eventually, this was overcome when the Bible was translated into common languages, such as German and English, but NOT before the death penalty had been exacted upon the translators.

    Due to this secrecy and ignorance surrounding the origins and meanings of sayings which are cited from the Qur’an (and deliberately NOT spoken in the ears of many of the believers), it is fair to say that at least 95% of Muslims do not know what is really contained in it.

    This author knows more about Islam and the Qur’an than 95% to 98% of all Muslims.

    So this is the basis of this disgusting blood lust known as Islam which is loose in the world again today and which is personified by such as Ismail Haniyeh and Mahmoud Abbas. They are murderers, liars and hypocrites.

    As if this known evil was not enough, it becomes increasingly clear that the unspeakable evil of Islam is managed and controlled by an even greater evil, the Jesuits of Rome, who draw comfort from what they consider to be their private connection with Lucifer himself.

    These followers of “lucifer the light bringer” believe they are so deeply hidden and disguised that nobody can or will discover the truth about them.

    The War that is in all the World today is a War between Good and Evil, a Spiritual War, in which satan hopes to enslave all Mankind.

    History has passed the point where Mankind can retreat from the abyss. The path forward from our day entails the deaths of Billions of people in all the world.


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