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    Now that the earthquake has passed – and that Humanity has survived, the unthinkable has happened and the World has a little more Peace.

    For a number of years, certainly since Kim Jong Un inherited his role, we have stated the answer to the “Korean War”, which has dragged on since 1952/3, was that the Leaders should get together and simply do away with the “war”…
    We envisaged the President of the USA, the Chairman of China and possibly the President of Russia would fly to North Korea and conduct an entirely amicable Summit to begin the process of charting the way ahead, away from war.
    Trump saw the matter differently but seized the bull by the horns and, as a man experienced in ‘deals’ and negotiations, chose a neutral venue for the discussions. Singapore was a good and convenient choice.
    We expect there were detailed communications prior to the official meeting but the schedule on the day was brief and precisely to the point.
    A private few minutes, face to face and a handshake.
    Seventy years of bluster and face saving washed away.
    Nothing, we know, is ever that simple and as usual, the devil is in the detail.
    It was a good day’s work by both parties.


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