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    This is one of the most important videos you will ever watch –

    Real legal evidence of the dreadful COVID/Vaccine scam – Thank goodness for such brilliance by the amazing DR David Martin & Reiner Fuellmich and his team.

    The extent to which persons in positions of power must be ‘compromised’, across the World, can only be guessed at.

    Such a widespread power or influence can only be Evil.

    So we see this merely as another aspect of the global miasma of fear and powerlessness which must prevail in the Last Days.

    No other degree of evil could possibly lead to the vast scale of death which will be The Great War.  For instance, the United Nations calls for Humanity to be reduced by 5 Billion…

    Very few people on earth are willing to make the precise and damning statements made in this video clip.

    This is precisely why we added it here.


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