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  • The Four Wars Stratagem

    Mankind are enthralled by the wars placed enticingly before our eyes.
    We are enticed to be blinded by the Four Wars Stratagem.

    Complacency abounds

    They will marry and they will give in marriage…

    The fortuitous combination of space age technology and the explosion of Earth’s population has enabled a strategy against us vaster than any war ever in the History of Man.

    While the same ethnicities and continental cultures exist, they are now able to be manipulated in a manner once devoted to internecine Tribal Conflicts.

    Our attention, deliberately focused by global main stream media, is concentrated upon a stupendous Pea and Shell Game. Virtually all of mankind are enthralled by the actions of a few, in a Four Wars Strategem.

    Each element rearing menacingly before our future is a latter day manifestation of an age-long conflict. This has been waged against the common interests of the man-in-the-street for the sakes of a powerful few. They have always positioned themselves to profit from whatever disaster befalls us, natural or man made.

    The elements of the conflict have always been the battle between human nature and the Spiritual Conscience which exists in all mankind. This is a war which is carried over from heaven, to be fought against the background of Mortal Life.

    But yes. Today we have billions of people confined to an ever smaller seeming world, an ideal situation for every aspect of war – rape, murder, suffering and death. Today those ever-present self-selected Uber Meisters engage us in four wars, in an almost banal display of their expertise…


    The Ukraine/Russia war.
    Russia has been treated as an existential opponent to their Masters since the days of the Tzar. We are encouraged to feel that if only Russia can be destroyed, then all the world will be able to feed in plenty and comfort.

    Of course, modern technology grants ready access the once inhospitable vastness of the Russian steppes. There is all that Cyberian mineral wealth and potential for power.
    This is not about Ukraine.
    Today, even more than in the past they say, “Russia must be taken!”


    The Israel/Palestine/Arab/Islamic war.
    For several thousand years “the Jews” have been a permanent focal point for animosity, based upon their exclusive culture and their eminently powerful genetic intellect. Not a super race, the Jews nevertheless dominate in all forms of art, industry and science and particularly in winning Nobel Prizes.

    The canny expertise which accrues to them wealth and influence has always been undeniable. The extent to which this is traced particularly to the Kazars is a subject of debate in modern circles but above all, it is the exclusivity of the Jews which gets most up the nostrils of non-jews. “If your mother is a Jew and you say you are a Jew, you are a Jew.”

    On the other hand, Islam is a cuckoo cult that blends in with it’s surroundings until it’s followers multiply, whereupon they begin to expect and finally demand, “recognition due to their status as the third monotheistic global religion”.

    Ar Rahman is the god of Islam (Surah 55:1-5)
    Ar Rahman taught the Quran, created humanity, ˹and˺ taught them speech.
    The sun and the moon ˹travel˺ with precision.

    Because islam has no scriptural legitimacy, it is undeviating in its animosity toward The Jews.

    This hatred is satanic in its origin and in its treatment, not only of the Jews but of all those it deems to be Infidels.

    So Israel’s war with it’s muslim neighbours has nothing to do with Gaza and everything to do with the undying hatred that islam teaches toward the Jews.

    On the other hand, islam is a global religion and in fact, the Nation with the greatest population of muslims is Indonesia, with six hundred million. So what goes down with islam goes down with the world.

    The world today finds itself inhabited by a sleeping giant, daily increasing the force of its Hijrah (migration) and primed to release it’s Jihad (rapine, murder and conquest).


    Taiwan/China/Belt and Road war.
    Those wily Orientals, though fabulously numerous, were so far away – until the twentieth century.

    Now China has become firmly imbedded in the Age of Technology and refuses to remain second fiddle to any Nation. Like Japan before it, China has rapidly adopted all the science and technology in the world. And with such a huge demographic base, has had no difficulty in bringing forth its own intelligent servants, suitable for its own plans and means.

    The West watches mesmerised as China expands its influence, not simply across the Pacific but in Africa and in Eurasia and in South America.
    China makes no attempt to hide its scorn for what it terms the “Uni-Polar Economy”, which the world inherited during the Twentieth Century.


    A New World Order.
    Throughout the Twentieth Century there was no real attempt to hide the machinations and manipulations and Wars which dominated global politics. It was all plain to be seen and because of this, nobody treated it as a serious and coordinated attack on the basic interests of common humanity.

    Individuals in the know documented and commented upon the thread of dominion which was traced across the last two thousand years, embodied also in the Roman (pagan) Catholic Church and the Jesuit priests in it. But the church operated in liaison with Jews and others, maintaining among themselves private (secret) Orders who’s discipline was for their own survival rather than mankind’s.

    In our day, the NWO proponents are virtually public in stating their aims and claims. They claim they are needed, to steer mankind into a halcyon socialist age designed to remove all needs and sickness.

    The truth is that The New World Order and it’s deeply private Masters are the overriding drivers of all Four of these wars.

    Their ultimate aim might seem insignificant and innocuous.
    They plan to remove Free Will and Agency from every Man Woman and Child on Earth.

    A guiding Principle in God’s purpose in placing Man in a physical, mortal body on earth, is for each individual to exercise Free Will and Choice. If satan can conspire with men to remove that agency, then he impedes the Plan of our Heavenly Father.

    So the number of deaths and the amount of suffering caused by our wars is of no concern to their arbiters, other than to say, “The more the better!”

    All of this information is freely available but the fascination is so enticing. We feel we must take part! We must pick sides!

    The answer is twofold:

    • We must prepare, to the limited extent we each can, for the hardships and challenges that do lie ahead, because these wealthy and powerful individuals also control our governments and agencies, who have great influence over our private lives; and
    • We must remain so anxiously engaged in our personal Christian Journey that we have and rely upon the influence of the Holy Ghost at all times.

    Jesus is Lord.
    Stand on holy ground.


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