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    This is a timely and detailed look at the forces which are lined up against us, to destroy the Judeao/Christian foundations of our Culture. The interviewee is the very knowledgeable Reverend Gavin Ashenden.

    The views here are somewhat aligned with ours at WenU. A detailed revelation of the surreptitious forces that have worked continuously, for Centuries, to take possession of this Planet, for purposes which are purely Evil.

    The extended presentation by Myron C. Fagan, published here in a separate post some time back, identifies those forces which are tied to the Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). So the news here is not new but their dialogue reveals very worthwhile facts which most people neither know nor consider.

    While the presence of Evil, working against us across the breadth of Western Civilisation, is clearly mentioned here, Gavin Ashenden does not go into a religious tract but merely casts essential light on the devious machinations taking place, often quite openly, to obliterate the moral principles that underpin Free Speech in our Society.


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