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    The West can no doubt claim to have inserted the greatest number of lesser gods between Man and his Creator but Islam succeeds in elevating lucifer himself to the exalted status of a god.

    satanic verses

    The general consensus is that Allah is a typographical representation of El or Eloi, as mentioned in the Bible and that both are, in their way, essentially the same God.

    This is quite untrue.

    Mohammed in his travels became enamoured of an idolatrous god in Yemen (there goes that place again) by the name of Ar Rahman. This idolatrous pagan god was accepted as lucifer, who’s personal token is the Lightning Fire, and Mohammed himself was in no doubt of this.

    On returning to his home place, where he was universally despised and very ill treated (Mohammed was a very sick puppy and had a terrible time as a child and youth), he had no difficulty identifying his preferred god Ar Rahman with the black meteoritic stone named Allah and which resided at the kabah. In those days the kabah was a simple, roofless rough stone enclosure containing a collection of stone idols, or rocks, dedicated to the various pagan cults in the area. Allah was just another stone among them but its blackness caught Mohammed’s eye.

    While Mohammed could neither read nor write, some of his ravings have been passed down by his followers.

    To be a follower of Mohammed a man needed to be a bloodthirsty pirate and murderer. It helped if he had a penchant for rape among his pillage and the more carnage a man could inflict and the more goods he could steal demonstrated, literally, that he had the favour of this god. The god of Mohammed was lucifer.

    There is no disguise in the Qura’n of these truths about Mohammed and his followers. No disguise, aside from the fact the Qura’n is only permitted to be written in Classical Arabic, which is a dead language (like Latin, in a sense) and which is only able to be read by approximately 5% of all Muslims.

    For those who can read Classical Arabic there remains the problem that what is written in the Qura’n makes no sense. It’s a complete hodgepodge of disconnected garbage stolen from a variety of sources, mixed with some quite frank descriptions of the murderous forays of Mohammed and his followers and some rather sick rantings on behalf of Allah, who being of course lucifer.

    None of this was written during the life of Mohammed and he certainly could neither read nor write. In a period approximately 100 to 300 years after the death of Mohammed, his followers had become so murderously successful in dominating their region and thus wealthy, that they had to somehow give themselves ‘legitimacy’.

    This matter of legitimacy remains the ongoing Achilles heel of Islam.

    However it was decided to assemble, by one means or another, as many as possible of the odd accounts of sayings and deeds of Mohammed and record them for posterity. They felt they had a need for a Holy Book – Scripture, just like all the other religions.


    What was produced is not like the Bible. The Bible has an obvious beginning, middle and end and has a narrative, a context and trajectory.

    Sadly the Qura’n has none of this.

    Each of the “recorded sayings” is completely without context and even, in compilation, many of the earliest events in Mohammed’s life were gathered last into the Qura’n. For the sake of ‘legitimacy’, even Mohammed had paid the Jews to recite to him (he could not read, remember) passages from the Bible, both the Old Testament and the New. In his mind it was all one and he never really gathered what it was about but since it was only fodder for his Big Lie, it didn’t really matter. But it did matter to his chroniclers because they seized upon these odd bits of scripture, plagiarized from the Bible, as the basis for their message in the Religion of Peace.

    There is no peace in Islam. Allah is lucifer.

    So there they had it. Unutterably violent and successfully so, dependent upon terror for their dominion, they set about spreading their “Profit of god” ministry, to rob, steal, rape, pillage and terrify the World into submission.

    History accounts they were very successful, in stages, until finally repulsed at the heart of Western Europe.

    Now History waits to be the Tapestry upon which lucifer continues his seeking after dominion. The West doesn’t believe in lucifer really, that he actually exists. They find it impossible to believe that the “Religion of Peace” is actually the ultimate weapon of the one who seeks to destroy all Mankind and make them each as unhappy and fallen as lucifer himself is and shall always remain. He wants you to join him in his misery.

    Now we have every miscegenated loser on the face of the planet seeking glory and seventy virgins by committing the most violent, horrific and terrible crimes of which Mankind is capable. They believe lucifer, the stone god allah, will reward them for their unutterable sins.

    Well. The fact is they will each go to their grave ignorant, uneducated, untaught and unlearned in Truth. Like vermin living out their existence at the basest level of survival, they will pass from cradle to grave without true knowledge and thus, not reachable by the Law until they become taught the fullness of the Gospel beyond the veil of death.

    For all the fact their lives here are fallen they really do not know what they do.

    But their disgusting god is lucifer.

    allah is lucifer.

    And that fact will remain always, in Time and in Eternity. This one lucifer has taken upon him many guises in order to confuse and mislead Mankind so as to reach for his intended dominion over Men and to thwart the Plan of the Father. It happens that in this day, when Mankind teem upon the face of the planet and communications globally are effectively instantaneous, islam is his preferred avenue for dominion.

    Certainly Communism, Despotism, Dictatorship, Zealotry and Lies will do.

    Fear will do.

    But now the battlefield arrays itself before islam, to destroy Mankind.

    God will be Victorious. Not lucifer who was always merely a disobedient and unfruitful child with a vicious temper and a violent hatred.

    A violent hatred for – YOU.

    The Angels are in the World.

    Dragons are not yet GO


    5 Responses to “ALLAH IS LUCIFER”

    1. naira says:

      this is just a pure nonsence. Before critisizing anything about my religion, my god and my prophet.. It would be good enough for you to do some more research. Allahouakbar

    2. Guran says:

      There are links on this site which reveal the insane plagiarism which is behind the obscene religion of Islam.
      We respect the rights of all individuals but make the point, almost NO Muslims have any idea about their religion.
      Mohammed brought back the worship of the idolatrous pagan idol god Ar Rahman to Mecca and transferred his veneration of Ar Rahman to the idolatrous pagan idol Allah, a black stone idol in the Kaaba. All this is known to those who seek knowledge but it is kept from Muslims by their Imams, who seek dominion through ignorance, fear and submission. Islam!

    3. Guran says:

      The Qur’an is insane rubbish and pure evil. Nobody in their right mind could believe such lies, insanity and plagiarism.
      This was always the point, because the Qur’an was written in Classical Arabic, a dead language which nobody can read. Muslims who have no idea what is in it accuse others of not knowing either.
      Suspend your fear of Islam and ask God (NOT Allah) to bring into your life the messengers you need to find Light and Truth.
      Your mind at present is filled with lies and darkness.

    4. Arthur says:

      Please please muslims listen why would God send a prophet that hated the jews,christians and pagans so much while Jesus said we must love one another open your eyes please Muhammad beheaded 900 jews and take their wives and children captive and steal thier belongings, is the God loving prophet you wanted to following who killed his own people with whom he lived happy before he started islam I love muslims they are true devouted worshippers and good believers but please please listen Guran he is misleading the Quran is not God’s word, it is Satan who wanted to misled man kind please I beg you in Jesus’s name look how gentle was Jesus. How can Muhammad then so vast on the oppisite side just blindly killing people who doesn’t want to follow him.

    5. Im an iranian says:

      this is all ture.mohammad was bloodthirsty man.he killed everyone with knowledge in persia.burned books.he toold he’s men that,it’s okay to rape a woman and kill their babys.befor you say anything “im a muslem” im a muslem too and i hate being one,becuase of all things that happend to my country to my peopole in the past,i hope someday this maddness will end.

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