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    In southern Afghanistan a dozen people died during fighting there against ‘Taliban insurgents’. The media gloat their favourite song “The yanks are losing” and NATO feels to express the same ethos.

    Afghan Girl age 10

    What does this region produce?

    The world’s greatest supply of Opium, suffering, death and destruction. The World gets nothing from these people but harm and misery.

    Hundreds of thousands of American, Allied and Afghan troops crawl around looking for IEDs planted by civilians and when twelve civilians die in an accidental ‘line of fire’ incident the global media celebrate the fall of the great satan USA.

    All these chickens are coming home to roost.

    In Australia five muslims were sentenced to twenty odd years each for collecting the wherewithal to assemble bombs which they were unable to detonate because their plot was discovered in time by police. The sister of one complained he will spend half his life in prison! What of the lives of those who would have been killed or maimed if they had managed to set off their weapon? A life sentence? A Death Sentence?

    So we sit and observe.

    There is no requirement for militancy on our part.

    Long before these five complete their sentences, civil disorder will consume the land and once the prison guards are gone they will all walk free. Once free, they will join the marauding masses, looting and killing for food and any such necessity until they too die – of violence, starvation or untreated and untreatable disease.

    But the disingenuous media will cease to waltz.

    As these op-art media darlings glide through the veil of death they too will discover it was their own untruth that was death’s greatest disguise. All their heroes will turn out to be vermin and their glory will be revealed as vanity.

    These next few years will be the most educational part of Human History.

    As the Billions die they will embrace Truth.

    For the few who will survive, these days will live forever, and ever, and ever.

    It is a sure thing they will never again celebrate the deaths of a mere twelve as any testament against Truth.

    Twelve is a room filled with those who take bread together.

    Humanity is the Billions who die, sacrificed to Media hubris and mediocrity.

    The Angels are in the World.

    Dragons are not yet GO.


    7 Responses to “12 DEAD IN OHIO”

    1. eBook Reviews says:

      I found your blog post while searching Google. Very informative, especially since this is not an issue a lot of people are familiar with…

    2. double windows says:

      Reports like this tends to make me extremely sad, I understand it’s cleache to say if we are able to all merely get along, but how much more of this stuff are we all going to suffer?

    3. Guran says:

      As I am in here doing some site maintenance, I’ll reply directly to Double Windows comment: The point made repeatedly be Rai and Went throughout this Blog is that there is No Way Back. History demonstrates a trajectory which is plainly visible and death merely smoothes out some of the bumps. You are entitled to be sad but Mankind is not going to ‘get along’ anytime soon.
      There are answers. The Big Picture is that vast and unimaginable death will occur soon but this also against a backdrop that “Every creature which hath within it the breath of life, must die.” This doesn’t mean death is unimportant but that the purpose of Mortal Life is not to be immortal yet. Immortality comes after death. Mortal life has pressing challenges and decisions which must be made each day by every living soul. No need nor time for sadness really, except we are human and share every emotion.

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    5. Rai says:

      LOL! You HAVE to be kidding! A Fite Site? Ur Crz! heh

    6. Boldy says:

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