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    We watch with bated breath as the Persian Leopard, caged, glares its defiance!

    Flag of Iran

    Iran has announced it will more than quintuple its enrichment level of uranium for atomic weapons – and Ayatollah Khamenei says Iran will deliver a “stunning punch” to the West this week. (IsraelNN.com)

    This, as usual, can be interpreted in a number of ways.

    The idea may be to cause speculation in the West, having the Media expose what the West perceives as its own weakest points, enabling Iran and the Islamist Machine to focus their public campaign on that very spot.

    Or the idea may be similar to the behaviour of Sadam’s Communications Minister who laughingly proclaimed, “WHAT American soldiers at Bagdad Airport?” Iran and its leaders may be similarly bluffing. Their religious penchant for Taqiyya, the strategic lie, lends itself to any kind of lie for any kind of purpose so long as they say it’s ultimately for the benefit of Islam and Jihad.

    Too, they may be planning to set off the “truck sized” atomic weapon revealed by German media last week. This would certainly turn to custard Obama’s hopes of emboldening Arab Self Defence by placing a Missile Shield around Saudi Arabia. Hahaha! Can’t get my head around that in the first place!

    One thing that is for sure is that Iran would not feel constrained to be ‘nice’ in its cunning stunt. On the other hand, ‘nice’ is a very delicate word, the meaning of which Obama would have no real inkling of and there is the possibility Khamenei has precisely that surgical precision in mind. (A Flaming Sword proceeding from the Mouth of God, which severs the Sinew from the Bone) Hell yes!

    Thursday huh?

    A day to celebrate. Should we perhaps do our ATM banking early, just in case?
    You must give them credence for trying.

    For quite some time now we have said the sensible thing would be to obliterate Iran, totally, as a first step toward realistic and serious discussions regarding Peace. We also have pointed out there is no need to stop there and our references over recent years to including Lebanon, Syria and North Korea, to one extent or another, seem only more advisable in light of events that have transpired globally. Nothing that has happened in the last couple of years has acted to allay the need for decisive action by the West against Islamic 12th Imamism.

    Maybe Thursday would be just right to give Iran a Stunning Counterpunch.

    Perhaps that’s precisely what they want.

    It’s exactly what they need.

    But we shall see. Thursday isn’t too far away.
    What don’t they want us to notice while we are all looking closely at Thursday!


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