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  • SHORT TAKES V by Guran

    Frequently Guran posts comments in world media, especially in JPost where ample provision exists, but such comment is frequently not published! We see nothing in the direct and pragmatic stance taken by Guran, who says little at WenU blog as a rule, and so we will publish a selection of those posts that, for editorial reasons elsewhere, would never see the light of day:-



    Reply to:            Article: New Balad MK praises Iranian quest for nuclear weapons   


    Blatant and Well Deserved Contempt For Israel    31 March 2009

    If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter! What could be more contemptuous for both Israel and the Truth than this she viper! She is actually agreeing with Israel’s stance on Israel and accordingly encourages Israel to leave the stage. And Israel begs and bows for the right to grant her the right to sedition. HaShem might burn Zuabi but He will spew Modern Israel out of His mouth.


    Reply to:            Article: Britain defends West Bank labelling 


    By Definition ‘Discrimination’    30 March 2009

    “labelling of produce sourced from the Occupied Palestinian Territories [OPTs],”  – clearly is intended to discriminate and also to enforce a political agenda. There are NO occupied palestinian terrirtories. There is no palestinian people, no palestinian language and no palestinian capital city, nor is there a palestinian statesmen prior to the international terrorist Arafat. The lying agenda of the British Government is clear. Long may they live with it and may it hang like an Albatross on them through Eternity.



    Reply to:            Article: ‘Israel attacked Gaza-bound arms convoy 3 times’ by


    ‘Privy’ People Do Not Speak    29 March 2009

    This obvious leak looks very plainly like a US attempt to pass the blame onto Israel, regardless of whether what was done was right or wrong.  Nobody was saying anything until the Yanks blamed the Israelis. Therefore, the only people with any interest in doing harm are the yanks. Very typical. These ‘Privy People’ are not saying what they heard, they are saying what they have been told to speak. Who do we know who is trying to blame the world’s woes on Israel? Who do we know who is trying to blame USA terrorist woes on Israel? Lies, wholecloth.



    Reply to:            ‘Netanyahu’s gov’t puts Israel’s commitment to peace in doubt’ by Saeb Erekat


    The Big Lie    28 March 2009

    Saeb Erekat applies the basic tenet of Islam, to reverse the truth and say the worse crime which is obviously true about yourself as though it were true of your enemy.  He blatantly states, “Many of this government’s members exemplify some of the worst traditions in Israeli politics, traditions that find common cause in advocating the expansion of Israel at the expense of Palestinian rights and independence,” he wrote.


    What he knows to be the truth is, “Many of our government’s members exemplify some of the best traditions in Arab politics, traditions that find common cause in advocating the expansion of Islam at the expense of Israeli rights and independence.”


    This vile practice is at the heart of Islam, a crime is permitted if it leads to the death of non-muslims. Their whole non-religion is a terror cult that exists purely as a crime against humanity.



    47. Suicide Attacks

    Flesh perishes, spirits do not. Until people begin to realize that suicide bombers are “powered” by the unclean spirits of murder/suicide and counter them in a spititual arena; each year will keep on yielding a new bumper crop of bombers. Those demons are put into Palestinian children at a young age

    Naphtali Tevak, Hanover (17/12/07)



    Reply to:            Article: Olmert: Not much time left for peace


    The Concession Is War    28 March 2009

    The concession that Olmert considers unthinkable is that Israel must fight for its survival. No amount of pleading with Islam will obtain a ‘peaceful and secure Jewish State’ – it’s not on their agenda. Olmert lives the lie and refuses to accept he was elected by Jews to defend and secure Israel, NOT some stinking arab slum of a terror state. No worries. HaShem will secure Israel on Olmert’s ashes.



    Reply to:            Article: Chavez labels Obama ‘ignorant’


    No Respect From Small Wild Dogs In The Street    23 March 2009

    By being disrespectful to itself and to the standards for which its men have fought in bygone ages, the USA has become something to be scorned. “Leaders” in the global community believe they can bolster themselves by demeaning the USA. Obama does not show either the charisma or the courage to turn this round. No bravado will suffice. When the USA decides it wants its position back in the world, it will have to fight. It’s the Law of the Jungle on the street where you live.



    Reply to:            Article: Column One: Hamas’s free lunch  by Caroline Glick


    As Usual, Caroline, You Are Completely Right    21 March 2009

    I might add some in the West MIGHT be playing a very sophisticated game comprising a deceptive offer of friendship, with the intention of disarming the Arabs while planning a lightning strike. But then, are any of the West’s players that sophisticated? Are any of them that wise? No. I still to my longstanding assumption – nobody will do anything and 5.5 billion will die. 



    Reply to:            Article: Iran’s top leader Khamenei shuns Obama overtures 


    Thank Goodness That’s Over!    21 March 2009

    Now we can get down to the serious business of obliterating Iran. Efforts should also be made to destroy Command & Control (CC) in Syria, Lebanon and North Korea. We estimate between 150 and 200 million. The entire world would alert to the reality of the lethal challenges facing Mankind. But No! Nothing will be done and five and a half thousand million will die. Yes – that’s 5.5 Billion ARE going to die and nothing will be done to stop it. 



    Reply to:            Article: Livni’s moment  by  JPost


    When The Post Leans Left, The Gate Doesn’t Work    18 March 2009

    As JPost leans farther and farther to the left in its desperate bid to weaken Netanyahu and render Israel ungovernable we have to think, who would want to govern this cess pit!  Even the Israeli people accept the permanent gerrimander that renders them impotent at the polls (not meaning the stupid media propaganda). They say nothing that they as individuals have less legitimacy than their country. Disenfranchised by Jews! What a horrible fate. Come to think of it, last time the Jews did this to themselves they called it Shoah! Turn the lights off when you leave!

    Reply to:            Article: Negotiators return from Cairo without Schalit deal


    So Why Was Ashkenatzi Recalled?    17 March 2009

    This all stinks to high heaven.  We know what deal has been made – all we await is to see what shenanigans the ‘powers’ will get up to so as to disguise their tricksy little ways.  The Arabs have not softened their stance on destroying Israel. Now who will take up the cudgel in favour of Peace, Freedom and Liberty?  Ahhhh!  That’s a big ask. Maybe we have to make sure that everybody knows beforehand that the loser was baaad!  So far, Israel looks terrible. If we are waiting for the Media to form a Coalition of the Willing we are waiting for Shoah.



    Reply to:            Article: US unhappy with UK’s Hizbullah outreach 


    Post-Naive Americans Too Politically Correct!    13 March 2009

    All these trashy mind-numbing expressions “unhelpful” & etc., demonstrate the plain inability of American policticians (there ARE no statesmen) to speak truth. Sleight of hand allusions fool nobody. Ahmadinejad has the ability to totally finesse Western goonsquads on photo-ops. Even if Obama were intent on serving Western values he lacks the depth to grasp the sheer abuse of Truth with which the Arab League and Iran dominate global political narrative. Russia and China are content to sit by and watch the US make fools of themselves. Is it: “Good people don’t win wars” ?  5.5 billion will die!


    Reply to:            Article: Islamic states: Criminalize defamation of Islam 


    It Is Not Possible To Defame Islam    13 March 2009

    Nor should it be supported that terror threats from islamists might be upheld by the courts. Islam is founded entirely upon lies, plagiarism of the Biblical Record and terror tactics of Mohammed and those who followed him. The Quran is a concoction of oral fabrications written between 100 and 300 years after the death of the false prophet Mohammed, written in Classical Arab illegible to 95% of Muslims. This constant distortion of Truth and presenting of Islam as a respectable religion must cease. Islam is a Crime Against Humanity.



    Reply to:            Gates: More preemptive strikes unlikely 


    What Does He Really Mean?    13 March 2009

    Is it simply that Israel will go on its own if it acts? Or is he trying to cover any behind the scenes activity intended to ‘facilitate’ a surprise US strike? Using the Iraq WMD scenario is an obvious furfy – blind freddy saw that two years of ‘coalition building’ ensured that anything incriminating would be moved from Iraq in time. Where TO was an obvious question and we seem now to see some answers. But Pakistan will boil and Iran will burn. Israel? The Book says those dragons in their pleasant dens will be in Persia!  heh

    The rider is this: The US knows now that amassing a ground force is cumbersome and exposes ‘assets’ to ‘risk’. The US can annihilate most countries without warning and without risk to ‘assets on the ground’. The trick now is to get them out of Iraq before they are destroyed by enemies who know, once the Americans are gone is the Divine Wind.



    Reply to:            Article: Aides: Katsav to ‘explode myth’ to press 


    He’ll Be Gagged Anyway But . . .    12 March 2009

    The entire legal and political system in Israel is too obscene to be a joke. Cases are deliberately spun out, not for justice but to take advantage of such things as electoral cycles and the like. Despite Israel being ABSOLUTELY legitimate as a sovereign state backed by International Law, the disgraceful antics of its people, not their Race, have turned the nation into a pariah and its legitimacy to a filthy rag.



    Reply to:            Clinton Hints to Arab Teens PA is Already a Sovereign State  by Hana Levi Julian


    As They Say In Jurasic Park, “Shoot Her!”  – 11 March 2009

    There is no palestinian people, no palestinian language and no palestinian country or state and there is no palestinian capital city. There is only Arab aggression and lies forming their war against Israel, which is now taken up by Clinton and the USA. This will not alter the final outcome – 5.5 billion will still die.



    Reply to:            Article: ‘It’s going to be hard to halt Teheran’  


    “progress on the Israeli-Palestinian peace track”    11 March 2009

    Progress in the Arab war against Israel will further weaken and delegitimise Israel. It will do nothing for the USA nor for the West as a whole. We have passed the point of no return – Islam will have to be totally obliterated, simply for Anybody on Earth to experience Freedom and civil liberty. Beyond Islam lies the capacity or otherwise of Mankind to grasp the true nature of our Life. If it’s only War, we can be real good at it. If there is more, then War comes first. There is no such thing as a palestinian people, language or country.



    Reply to:            Article: Hamas rules out sitting in Fayad-led government 


    Diaspora Is The Zionist Entity!    9 March 2009

    The secret that nobody will speak is that Diaspora globally will always resist islam in the final analysis.  It’s a deliberate ploy to accuse the USA of being tainted with Jews and Zionists – it’s true. We are as ‘leaven’ throughout the Free World. That’s why it is free. This is a global war by a satanic islam against all free living nations and peoples. Five and a half thousand millions will die.



    Reply to:            Article: Column One: Soldiers of Peace  By: Caroline Glick


    Destruction Of Israel Is Necessary    7 March 2009

    No matter how you look at it, Olmert desires it, the US desires it, the Arab League desires it – even the Israeli people obviously desire it, Israel will have to be destroyed. Only this will convince the Arabs that it is now safe to attack. Current policy is to talk softly about knowing ‘somebody’ who used to have a big stick. Western Civilisation is in decline. Finance, health, education and employment implode until the populace has difficulty discerning between civil ward and WAR. “Then along came Jones”. 5.5 billion will die.  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: ‘Iran trying to deepen Palestinian rift’ 


    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter!    5 March 2009

    As Israel’s Capitol, Jerusalem is an open city. Under Arab dominion Jerusalem would be a locked ghetto.  It’s unthinkable that false Arab claims of dominion are upheld in the face of Historical Facts.  Jerusalem means nothing to the Arabs except as a weapon aginst Israel and the Jews. As for Arab claims of the Temple Mount being their 3rd holy site – their entire religion is a lie!



    Reply to:            Article: British extremists by


    Islam Is A Protocol Of Hate !    3 March 2009

    95% of Muslims have no idea of what their so-called scripture contains. Like Dark Ages Europe having its ‘faith’ fed to it in latin and Greek, Islam is a ‘religion’ reliant on lies disguised in a Classical Arabic no more legible to Muslims and Arabs than ANYTHING was to Mohammed who was himself illiterate.  The whole so-called religion is a cover for a total stand-over cult of rapine, terror and ignorance. A ‘Good’ Muslim perpetrates terror raids. ‘Moderates’ are consigned to hell. We are entitled to kill Islamists in simple self defence. No religion required.



    Reply to:            Government Suspends Retaliation to Rocket Attacks, Turns to UN by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


    Typically Treacherous Olmert/Livni Behaviour    3 March 2009

    Having done everything to hamstring Israel in its self-defence and to legitimise the Arab enemies of Israel, the new tactic is: Hand the problem over to the UN and deny Netanyahu the opportunity to do anything about Arab terror. The outcome will be what Olmert always intended – Arab agression will escalate and US/UN/EU intervention will correspond, dragging nameless millions to a futile death. Olmert is worse than Ahmadinejad. It’s Olmert who is calling for the 12th Imam even more than the Iranians! Oh well. Soon enough, five and a half thousand millions will be dead.



    Reply to:            Article: Mitchell expresses support for Palestinian unity government 


    Mitchell Part Of Problem Not Part Of Solution    20 February 2009

    The idea that Peace can be obtained by appeasing the Arab League through conceding Israel to them is false.  Egypt is an avowed enemy of Israel and seeks anything concocted to destroy the ‘Zionist Entity’. Modern USA has sold its soul, but sadly, to more than one bidder. The Prophets did not hesitate to speak the truth they saw of our day and our Generation does not hesitate to walk the evil path they foresaw. Five and a half thousand millions will die.  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: One on One: ‘With no likelihood of US use of force, that leaves Israel’ 


    Note His Practical Honesty – Business As Usual    8 February 2009

    Bolton suggests all that can be done is some surgical action against selected links in the nuclear chain – and that, very likely this will not happen.  We state it here again, the solution WOULD be to obliterate Iran and to destroy Command and Control in Syria, Lebanon and North Korea. This would alert the World to pressing realities. Because there is no politician Statesman enough to do this, we will continue with ‘Business-as-Usual’. What will happen and has begun is the slide of Mankind into the abyss where 5.5 Billion will die. This will happen. Obama won’t and Israel can’t.  wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: Biden: We will work towards a two-state solution 


    Two State Solution To What?    February 7, 2009

    Who on this Earth wants a ‘two state solution’ to Arab terror?  Nobody. The Arabs hate the idea! The Israelis religiously oppose the idea, not counting those who are in ‘elected positions’ who’s religion is wealth, power and corruption. THEY want whatever seems to be attached to their short-term personal gain. Nobody in the Arab League or Israel wants a TWO state solution. The Arabs want war – Israel wants peace. The US wants Arab oil and ‘The Final Solution’. Don’t worry, it’s coming!!  5.5 Billion will die.  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: Column One: Israel’s fateful elections  By Caroline Glick


    Faith Not Supported, Caroline    7 February 2009

    Bibi behaved like a gutless coward when last in office. He may have learned but Israel should not afford itself the risk. I side with someone here who suggested Harry Eldad – but he lacks international legitimacy (so far). I expect Likud to get in AND I expect ‘Business As Usual’ in the US/EU abuse of Israel. Time is running out. The wheels are falling off the Global situation. 5.5 Billion people will die and Israel will be nuked, among others. More will die of disease and rampage than nuclear carnage. Will Israel stop it? Israel likely will not even try.  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: Our World: The Israeli solution  By Caroline Glick


    Peace Will Come    3 February 2009

    The peace of the grave will slide over the Middle East like a plastic bag over its head and it will die.  Happy Day!  Mind you, the rest of the World will be no better off! 5.5 billion have already begun to die and before they are done so will YOU. Possibly you will be slow, your body decomposing while you are in it, unable to escape. Pleading for death! This entire Planet will be peaceful for quite a while! Not forever, of course but quite a while. Then we go round the bouy again! Sorry! What was the question?  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: Our World: The Israeli solution  by Caroline Glick


    Caroline!  Single State! For Goodness Sake!    3 February 2009

    Israel should declare the Multi-State Concept dead and buried. Declare Martial Law throughout Gaza and Northern Israel. Demand Israeli inhabitants swear alegiance to Israel or lose their vote. Exile troublemakers (where to? The Jordan River is quite narrow – let them wade back home. If the OTHER Jordanians shoot them that’s a plus for all parties) Remember, Martial Law invokes corporal punishment and Israel is not required to imprison anybody after the Act is Read. Troublemakers can be shot on sight. But then, if Jihad is not a problem . . okay  *sigh*  LOL dopey Israelee Coolees



    Reply To:            Article: US official: Iran’s space launch failed 


    Was US Expert Employed at NIE?    3 February 2009

    Is this a CIA denial? Intended for public consumption regardless of the truth? Oh! You mean they cannot prove the launch failed because that would compromise their sources!  I see! So the leader of Iran says they can and an anonymous ‘source’ says they can’t! Can’t what? Can’t launch a missile capable of orbiting Earth and nuking – anywhere?  ahhh  That would be telling, eh?  You guys eat too much red meat!



    Reply to:            Livni Slams Olmert Peace Plan, ‘Won’t Divide Jerusalem’  by Hana Levi Julian


    How To Control PA Immigration Policy?    1 February 2009

    The first thing the Arabs would do, upon the formation of a ‘palestinian state’ would be to flood the area with beggars and vagabonds from their disgusting ghettos (ie refugee camps) thus implementing the UN plan to bring about Israel’s demise. How would Israel control what a new ‘sovereign state’ within its boundaries might do? The only option would be to destroy Judea/Samaria, more or less as Gaza will have to be destroyed. A very very interesting killing field that will be!  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Mitchell: Open Borders Will Prevent Smuggling by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz


    Let’s Pretend We Are Not At War!    30 January 2009

    The USA doesn’t realise it IS at war and the delusional ‘hexperts’ they send to trouble spots are a main cause of international conflicts in the last twenty years. But this world is on the verge of The Great Awakening! Some will only wake up long enough to be conscious of their dying moments. A united Fatah-Hamas makes them both equally terroristic and worthy of death. So much for the author of the ‘Road Map’.  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: IISS: Teheran could have nukes in ’09 


    So – Don’t Mess With The Wong?    28 January 2009

    Stupid remarks coming from an increasingly stupid nation. The entire equation around the ME is quite cynical.  Nobody really cares that so many millions of people are going to die. They feel it’s inevitable and that way, “Somebody” will learn a lesson. 5.5 Billion will die and Humanity will learn a lesson alright. Not the last one but a big one none the less.



    Reply to:            Article: Chief Rabbinate cuts ties with Vatican 


    Typical Hubris    28 January 2009

    These Catholics were not excommunicated for denying the Holocaust, they were excommunicated for ignoring “Vatican II” and removal of the Latin Mass etc. This particular man ordained four bishops against the wishes of the Vatican and they all were excommunicated. They have been admitted back into the ‘fold’ for Religious reasons within the Catholic Church. The idea they were excommunicated in connection with Shoah is offensive, cheap and patent hubris. Or was it that, the Pope is expected soon to visit Jerusalem?



    Reply to:            Article: Background: The inside story of Gaza’s blighted border crossings 


    #2 Ut! Peace Is On Google Now?    25 January 2009

    Israel is stuck with a bunch of feral animals on its border. I would exterminate them out of hand but presently it suits all players ‘game plans’ to continue with the BIG LIE.  If Gaza wants food – grow some. If Gaza wants trade – make something. As for the UN – disband it. The UN is the enemy of Mankind.  But we have to wait yet. Most of the ‘stuff’ is in place but not all. Lighting right now would result in too many survivors from the Human Race. We only need about 650,000. Google that!  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: Column One: History’s tragic farce  by Caroline Glick


    Solution For # 23    24 January 2009

    You simply don’t WANT to get it. There IS no palestine – no palestinian people, no palestinian language, no palestinian homeland, no palestinian Capital City – the whole thing is a figment of the Arabs and the UN. It’s an anti-Semitic joke on YOU! Israel should declare Martial Law, River to the Sea and expell all trouble makers on the basis of Law but not Race. Primarily to Jordan, where they will be shot on sight. Others to be ‘absorbed’ by an Arab holocaust in Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. The UN should be disbanded as being the enemy of Mankind. All this MAY happen!  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: Analysis: No to Hamas, but no, too, to an expanded Israel 


    Israel Does Not Occupy Any Land    20 January 2009

    The term “Occupied Territories” was coined by the French and immediately siezed upon by all and sundry as a way to win a bloodless coup against Israel. There is no such thing. Israel IS the River to the Sea and WAR is any statement to the contrary. If Obama wants to support the War against Israel, that’s his choice. Obama must make his own choices, in thought, word and deed but like everyone, he has NO control over the consequences. War against Israel or Peace.



    Reply to:            Article: Haniyeh: We have achieved victory


    Withdraw All IDF – Then NUKE The Place    19 January 2009

    It won’t happen but we can dream! However, down the road a little way is a bigger war machine and while it grinds somewhat slower it sure grinds small!  There IS no palestine. No palestinian language. No palestinian people. Islam, the Arabs and the UN will go the way of History – like slaves who fell under the great blocks forming the Pyramids, they will simply grease the wheels of Time. In Eternity, we will see them with their LIE draped forever round their necks like the Albatross. They succeed in naming themselves on the plynth of their fallen god and his false prophet.  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Hamas Vows to Rearm: ‘We Know How to Acquire Weapons’  by Hana Levi Julian


    Slowly The Web Encloses    19 January 2009

    For all that Israel genuinely IS the victim, the duplicity with which successive Israeli Governments have continued to mire the rest of the World in their battle with Islam and the Arabs is amazing. Israel could have wiped its infestation out decades ago. Instead, we see the World being drawn to the Plains of Esdraelon as if nobody knew. The Arabs and the UN sustain the BIG LIE but a gullible World walks naively into satan’s snare. Mashaal crows at Israel’s folly but fails to see – the sword descending upon his neck will not be averted. He and his petty thugs have a date with History.  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: The Human Spirit: Which side are you on?


    But THIS Is An Almost Secret Venue !    17 January 2009

    How does Ban get away with his disgusting remarks without Olmert, Livni and Barak publicly shaming him, on the World Stage, with the commonly agreed facts you quote? Those of us who genuinely follow ME data sources know the truth. Those who blindly follow Media Feeds know nothing but lies. THIS is our complaint – Israel has a secret agenda which does not envisage Peace but envisages the entanglement of increasingly wider International Forces. Israel does not Publish the Truth and Israel does not Fight for Peace. We love Israel but cannot respect her in current events.  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Israel Sets Terms as Hamas Inches Closer to 10-Day Ceasefire by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter!    15 January 2009

    It has to be a joke, that Israel says it will fight a war for its people but have little holidays, truces, calms, political tea-breaks and assorted affronts to commonsense and sanity. If Israel doesn’t care. Israel doesn’t matter. In fact, if Israel insists on prolonging World suffering  by these ‘delaying’ tactics, then I wish the Arabs would overrun them. HaShem would then clear the ‘playing field’ and give Israel back to Zion, the Pure in Heart. Any sort of International support for Israel will instantly evaporate at mention of Cease Fires and more Truces.



    Reply to:            Peace Lovers, Israel Haters by Jeremy Gimpel


    Not 8 Years – The Full 60    15 January 2009

    The ways in which Israel constantly delegitimises itself is by forever washing the slate clean for its enemies. The War between Islam and Israel began and has been unceasing since sixty years ago. Successive ‘talking heads’ have shifted the ‘narrative’ (eg. the French introduced the expression ‘occupied territories’) and Israel today fights a 60 year war as if it began 8 years ago – or 18 Days! By constantly conceding victory at every turn, Israel has placed the Planet in the position of needing to defend itself from both Islam and Israel. All Israel needs to do is wipe out Hamas and the World will heave a sigh of relief. But Israel ‘hints’ it will pull out early, so the World says “Cease”. I want Israel to be victorious now, but I know HaShem will be victorious according to His Will.  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: Ban: Sides should abide by UN resolution


    What Does This Clown Think We Are ON?    14 January 2009

    The UN is an enemy of Mankind and is the tool of the Islamists worldwide – so this cheap representative of “that august chamber’ comes here for no purpose but to destroy Israel. He should be politely informed of the plain truth. The UN should be disbanded. Enough falsehoods! Destroy the UN first and then sweep away its web – The Big Lie.  Naaaah   No such luck. We will kill 5.5 Billion instead.



    Reply to:            Hamas Booby-Trapping Abandoned Homes  by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


    Eventually – One Sanity Prevails    12 January 2009

    In war, the only sane thing is to fight. Playing cute games with media based enemies just leads to the inevitable pogrom against 5th Column Jurnalists. We constantly hear reverence for the sanctity of the Press – gradually the Truth begins to emerge. The Media is the Great Satan, the Anti-Christ and the enemy of Mankind, all rolled into one. They publish only that which is most profitable for themselves in the short term. Let them die – hoist on their own biro.  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: ‘US abstention a warning to Israel’


    Wriggling On Hook Of Political Correctness    11 January 2009

    The warning is to the World, nobody cares about you. People and organisations in power are totally immersed in their own reflections in the mirror of public media attention. Billions will die while hyper-literata delve into more obfuscated methodology by which to do ‘nothing’.



    Reply to:                Article: UN passes Gaza cease-fire resolution


    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter!    9 January 2009

    The likely outcome will be a total loss of face by Israel as it seemingly kowtows to International Opinion. This would lead to an emboldened Arab World venturing further and provoking Israel into yet another ‘Propaganda Disaster’. As a result, we would expect “the armies of the north’ to mess with the Wong more or less as intimated by the Prophets. At that point we see nothing preventing the demise of 5.5 Billion people globally. Unsure and disinterested if any of those will be ‘innocent civilians’! heh  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: ‘Define e. J’lem Arabs as Palestinians’ 


    Define Arabs As ‘Arabs’    7 January 2009

    There is no such thing as a ‘palestinian people’, no such nation, no such country. West Jordanian Arabs have turned out to be troublemakers in the extreme and such should be exiled from Israel on the basis of Law but not Race. The UN should be disbanded and its operating costs returned to the USA. The Arab World should fund the relocation of persons they have compelled to live in disgusting sqallor in ghettos titled by the UN as refugee camps – they are no such. These West Jordanian Arabs are simply a UN/Arab weapon against Israel.  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: Top floor of Ashdod building destroyed in Grad attack  by Jpost.com Staff


    Feral PA Parasites    1 January 2009

    It’s clear this is not the time when the Exterminator will come but the simple fact is, nothing on earth will change the now deeply ingrained hatreds of these Arabs – except death. They have been brainwashed for 60 years, three generations, to just hate Jews. The Gazan destruction of the greenhouses left by Israel demonstrates these people are incapable of fending for themselves. Parasites, they both rely totally on outside sustenance and bring nothing to Humanity but beastial hatred. They should be eliminated, out of hand, for their sake and ours.  www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: Pakistan moves troops towards border


    Pot-Boilers Everywhere – Soon “Cup Runneth Over”    27 December 2008

    With Russia stirring up Europe/Ukraine, Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Libya, Korea stirring up the US, Everyone stirring Israel and South East Asia on the brink of anarchy, we should soon have a global ringside seat as all players seek to match internally the external demand for military ‘product’. War is the greatest initiator of Industrial Development. Bigger wars call for bigger guns and more of them. 5.5 Billion will die.  www.wenublog.com  Should look good on the plasma screen! 











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    1. nortybits says:

      Hah Guran! Trust you! Right on the nose as usual. NostraGuran is it? lool

    2. Kimo Chee says:

      Rai, it may do you good to log on to http://www.prophetofdoom.net as well as all the links on the right of that page. This is the first time that I have logged on here and I do not know if it will be the last, but I do know that we are on The Trajectory. Try we must, fail we shall, but try anyway.