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    By common consent, the USA mismanaged the earthquake in Haiti and other lies.

    United Bloody Nations

    We saw nothing actually worth commenting on but still put four posts on the site, one of which was brought up from October last year and of course, Guran’s chant or rant, depending on your view. According to the Editor at JPost it’s a chant but Guran promptly told her History repeats the identical Chant so “Drop Off!” more or less.

    Humanity inches toward self immolation with a banal sense of inevitability.

    If life was like this between two and four thousand years ago, which apparently it was, the Prophets must have had less difficulty seeing our day than politicians do right now.

    The Bad people say “Ima take it all!”

    The Good people say “We will give you half and negotiate the rest.”

    Ordinary people sit by and wonder why only good people are confused.

    So January was one of those months when millions of people died of natural causes, many thousands died of accidental death including natural disasters, a hundred or more died according to the Media and all those in Asia and Africa did not count. The few in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan matter to the Media.

    By common consent, the USA was probably responsible for those deaths too.

    Obama Banana still insists Israel’s war of attrition against the Arabs is unjust and figures, if he can arm the Emirate to the teeth, Israel must finally make peace.

    All the same boring jokes are being told. All the same boring jokes are being played.

    Obama will sell arms to Taiwan, now that he has sold the USA to China. Ahhhh GREAT strategy!

    China will sell arms to the Horn of Africa now and whenever it wants to.

    Germany assures us Iran has the Atom Bomb but will have to put it in a container in order to ship it to some place where it can do any harm. Like in the hold of a cargo ship headed to New York.

    A nice couple who feel “old” at age 54 handed themselves over to Somali pirates last year and they are still there. They would like to go home now but the Somalis don’t get the joke.

    Gloria Aroyo’s negotiators have decided to declare Mindanao a no-go zone for Civilization and just let the Moro goons have it so long as they don’t touch it. This is like putting a rapist in charge of a little girl’s virginity. The Moronic Islamic Liberation Front want to rape a LOT more than Mindanao.

    Israel is apparently still killing off adventurous individuals seeking to commit Jihad.

    Iran has reconciled itself to the need to build between ten and twenty additional nuclear reactors and seven more refineries. This way, when they rule the World they can power their own electric cars and produce their own petrol.

    Ban Ki Moon says, now he is in Cyprus, he accepts that after thirty years of negotiations there will be no easy solution to the fact Turkey rejects the claim of the people of Cyprus to their own Island.

    Turkey accepts, if it wants to take part in the Great Islamist War against the West it will have to lie, beginning by telling Israel it is a friend.

    Israel accepts, if it just gives away the right bit of land there will be peace for ever and ever. We cannot imagine where they think that peace will be and we suspect their stupid appeasement mentality will end up cost us Land For Peace in Australia.

    Have you ever heard such lies?

    History is a good source to study. We suggest you begin in that Period Between The Wars.


    3 Responses to “SO THAT WAS JANUARY”

    1. gas fireplace accessories says:

      Hi, I’ve been a lurker around your website for a few months. I like your writing and your entire blog! Keep writing!

    2. snowboard jacket says:

      I am still a little confused on your post here. Do you actually believe this? I’m not saying you are wrong, but you’ll have to create the best discussion in order to convince people of your point.

    3. Went says:

      Your entire ‘Comment’ is only spam and its remarks are simply a stupid ploy as you read nothing in the Post to begin with, but I had Guran publish it so I could reply by saying “What you think is your brain is a bucket of spit”.

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