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    Imbecile Western politicians insist they are dealing with Arabs on a basis of trust. The reality is the Arabs are dealing with the West on the basis of Taqiyya – the strategic lie. Everything then is about Islam and THE BIG LIE, not about trust and neither is it a matter of multiculturalism or racial and religious equality. We now are dealing only with THE BIG LIE and the big lie is only Perpetual, Eternal War.

    a basis of trust

    You Westerners don't get it - Yet!

    People say they refuse to enter into discussion about two topics, Religion and Politics.

    When people receive sufficient insight into Politics and Religion, History states they kill the enemy and achieve Peace. Japan knows this?

    We are not about fighting a war against any Church. We accept Mankind is and always has been in a perpetual War called Religion. The Angels accept that God exists. The Angels accept True Religion flows from God and is exercised without compulsion. The Angels accept Satan exists. The Angels accept the War being fought by Satan is represented in the Mortal World by his attempts to flood the Earth with counterfeit religions. The purpose of alternate religions is to compel Man to wage war against Mankind.

    God knows there is a War being fought among Mankind.

    Islam teaches there is a War being fought among Mankind.

    The West, laughably called the Free World, teaches all religions are religions of peace. The West waits until it’s babies are impaled upon the swords and spears of the enemy and then, it acts. It kills.

    We care nothing about the religions of anybody.

    We declare the Angels are on the side of God and of Freedom to Choose: Agency.

    We declare the Angels will not leave Islam upon the face of the Planet.

    Meanwhile we wait, with the Dragons, to observe the words of the Prophets, the real ones, who foresaw our day and told us of the blood that must flow. They spoke of the diseases that would smite, leaving sufferers begging for death to come. They spoke of the Fire that would consume the Tares. They spoke of such darkness the Sun would be hidden. Interesting.

    To Deny requires knowledge and yet to Deny – to deny the Sun shines despite the light of the Noonday Sun.

    You deny. You who read this. You deny these words are True.

    You laugh.


    It’s called ‘rictus grin’.

    We’d like to say there is a faint hope of a miraculous retreat from the precarious situation Mankind is in. We cannot. It’s not precarious. It’s fatal.

    Mankind has proceeded too far on its path of denial and so must continue on its free-fall into the fires of its own denial. As the song goes, “You walked too far along the street where only rats can run.” The Days of Pearly Spencer

    Islam is content. That’s what they want. They hope to see the day of the 12th Imam!

    God is Justified. Despite the fact “few men will survive” these cleansing days, the Prophets assure us this was always foreseen. The End from the Beginning.

    Joke! Don’t BOTHER learning Arabic.

    The Angels are in the World.

    Dragons are not yet GO.


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