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    Genuine road toll statistics reveal we are being fed unmitigated lies by the Police and Government agencies associated with Transport and Road Rules.

    Badly Designed Road

    A key area in which we are being manipulated is the use of false statistics to justify ever increasing Tax Revenue generated through ‘fines’ for bad driving.

    The facts reveal we are wiser, better and safer as road users than ever before and yet we still endure the endless and disgusting charade on TV of bleeding road toll advertisements with revolting ‘voice-overs’ by gloating Cops with Radar Guns!

    Who is sick here?

    Latest statistics from the Australian state of Western Australia reveal the state’s road toll in 2009 was an ‘unacceptable’ 188, which was five less than the road toll in 1965. Someone with loose lips admitted the state population in 1965 was 800,000 while in 2009 it was 2,200,000. By our rapid calculation, that means that had the road toll rate remained steady, by 2009 the number of deaths should have been 517 rather than the apparent 188. The road toll in WA in 1965 was 193.

    The disparity might be even greater if the growth in road users was to be used rather than the population. Per capita road usage has no doubt risen greatly since 1965! The factor would be greater than the current 2.75. But the unpublished Truth is that Road Deaths per capita in Western Australia are down a massive 63%.

    It must seem that the only emerging truth in all this bogus debate is that the authorities are using TV of ‘road carnage’ to defraud the public of more and more funds which, by the way, go not towards better roads but to the exchequer from which all funds are drawn including Highway Maintenance Budgets at the state and national level.

    The fault for bad driving is bad driving.
    The cause of road carnage is bad driving or bad luck.
    The source of Fines is all drivers, good bad or indifferent but mainly quite good.
    The significance of speed in traffic accidents makes bad driving more unlucky.
    Unlucky drivers just need to be using the road at the right place at the wrong time.

    Let’s stop thinking of every single car crash as a matter of National Drama and begin to focus the media on something relevant?

    The Media sells soap by bringing trivia into our lounge rooms as though it were a State Event. Recently when six soldiers were killed their bodies were returned to the UK and carried in state before weeping crowds. During the Wars of the Roses, in one day of one battle in the North of England, twenty thousand men died in hand to hand combat, on the slopes of one hill, where their bodies slid down the slick grass into the brook below, which ran red with blood for several miles downstream.

    Where was the TV?

    We say twenty thousand. According to Sir Winston Churchill who also mentions this in his The History of The English Speaking People, the King wrote home to his mother that the losses were “28,000 – on their side”.

    So we incline to believe Western Civilisation has lost sight of what is real.

    “The worth of a soul is great.”

    The body is just a bag that carries life around for a certain time – make that ‘uncertain’. The worth of its contents remains and continues beyond the veil of death. Some great and noble souls have gone before us. Some are with us yet.

    History reveals there is no tragedy in the ‘trodden on fleas’ of the comings and especially ‘goings’ of the masses. Quality of life increases when the Media portray the lessons of History – and quality falls when the Media IS History.

    Here we watch a Mankind’s fixeated global concentration upon belly lint.

    Wait for the Commercial! You’re gunna love it!


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