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    At every level of society and government, where mature and sensible persons should simply rebuke the disingenuous lies of the enemies of Mankind, we see instead a proliferation of inhuman decency upon which our feral enemies feast.

    Let's Stop

    To what depths of self-deceit will Mankind sink in order to mire itself in its own ordure?

    Is it right that men accept vast sums in salaries for the sake of obfuscation?

    We know it is.  The very ‘art’ of politics presumes upon lies contending with lies in the assumption that the most sophisticated lie will be accepted by the consensus and likely be pronounced as the ‘Accepted International Norm”.

    Knaves have always been in abundance where power and influence are at play. But to paraphrase Gandalf in Lord of The Rings, “We are now in the Day of the Knaves”.

    What these people do, where or how they do it and who dies when is not the point. The only point of any value in any discussion is Why They act as they do.

    The two key points there are: Why and They.

    Why:    There are two massive and mutually exclusive forces at play, always, in History, which impel events. Good and Evil.

    They:    No man is excused his role, nor may he choose it, aside from the ponderable fact – each must choose to serve Good or Evil.

    These two incontrovertible facts interplay with an infinite finesse to drag out of the individual an eternal admission, when we are dead, Why We acted as we chose.


    So when Barack Obama (Barrie Obie) says he is for Change, we know he really is saying only, like the Loser in the knife fight in Saving Private Ryan, “Let’s Stop?”

    Saudi king faud sees no reason to stop.

    Persian prince Unca Ahmi sees no reason to stop.

    Obi Binlid sees no reason to stop.

    lucifer sees no reason to stop.

    islam sees no cause for hesitation.

    Death is leaning on the lamp post at the corner of the street, in case a certain human race walks by.

    In this day and age, the survivors of The Day of The Guns watch, motionless, only their eyes following the progress of Mankind as it stumbles closer to History. We know what comes next.

    When at last the comfortable liars find chaos is invading their private parts they always panic. While those who feel they can, make the mistake of trying to run, those who accept they have only their teeth seek at last to bite – everything.

    This is the Why.

    When there are at last no lies, Men will kill to Reset History. Not today’s banal attempt by Jordan and the fraudulent ‘PA’ to claim The Dead Sea Scrolls as Arabic historical material!  Men will do everything in their immensely growing power to divert History from its crushing path. When at last the final imperative confronts them, all those salon saints rise to the true depths of their savagery and attempt to delete everything.

    The calm progress of murderers becomes a frantic ultimate justification. If they can only kill enough of the right people their mark will justify their existence?

    The calm progress of pacifists becomes the usual tragic and feral lament.

    The calm progress of World Leaders becomes the typical desperation of the Loser. And if the Enemy of Mankind will not Stop, neither does Mankind.

    These are They who will declare to the last moment that they are unchanged by circumstance and fixed in their purpose. Then They will explode into their most terrible and real person, like the last moment of the candle flame. Extinguished in a moment of glory.

    The Angels look on with neither surprise nor concern. Death is never an issue. History is, aside from being simply a written account, a Tapestry of the manner in which “Every creature which hath within it the Breath of Life must die.”  For an Angel the only matter of interest is Why and who They are. Your Name is in the Book of Life.

    Bit players like US President Obama trudge ostentatiously along the verge of Life’s Highway, waving to the Peasants in the fields. Then suddenly they find themselves ‘converted’ into their own messiahs and scream into the lowering skies, “An Eye For An Eye.”  Late but true.

    So we are not impressed by the manner in which Obama has presided over the accelerating collapse of the United States of America. We feel he was given sufficient rope and will surely hang himself. We are not impressed by the acts of derision among Humankind’s enemies, who smirk and wave their terrible swords. We are not impressed by the uber-suave genteels, of indeterminate gender, who posture in their pinwheel birdcage reality on the United Nations World Stage and pass their disgraceful Acts of vengeance upon Mankind. We are not taken with sabre rattlers, tyrants, zealots or misguided queers in high places who relish their dominion and exercise it with the very greatest relish indeed.

    The Angels watch and see They.

    The Angels watch and see Why.

    Like illustrations on the back of cereal boxes, World Leaders attempt to delude first themselves, then everyone and, finally – to Stop.

    “Yes We Can! We can Change. We can stop . . . . . .”

    Then they begin.

    Now that the wheels are falling off Civilisation, which in the Modern Era (Post the Day of the Guns) actually does mean Western Civilisation regardless of all those folksy individuals who think Shamans and Shintos probably are the way to go, the Individual will come into his own.

    Will you eat your neighbour’s daughter or your own? Why? Will it depend on the clear evidence of disease upon the corpse?  You think ‘preference’ will matter in your final exigency?

    Once all those Teamsters find there are no trucks carrying no food or goods on no highways they will have no time for polite requests. They will take what they eat, whatever it is, wherever it is, when they can.

    Now move this to the ‘limitless expanses’ of Europe!  No pressure there, eh?

    Try Asia.

    Accept this. When the true becomes absolutely apparent, those magnanimous giants of the World Stage will attempt to secure the deaths of many and the survival of few.

    The Angels will watch.

    The Angels know Why. The Angels see who They are.

    And Dragons will be GO


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