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    China has executed a British citizen on Tuesday 29 December 2009 for transporting four kilograms of heroin into Urumqi in far western China in September 2007.

    NOT On The Bus

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he is “appalled and disappointed” that China ignored appeals for mercy in behalf of Akmal Shaikh, a 53 year old father of three.

    In fact, one has to wonder at the cheek of Brown, or was he objecting ‘tongue in cheek’? Britain has immense commercial and trade ties with China which he knows he cannot afford to ignore but beyond this there is the ultimate of logic.

    Four Kilograms is not your average ‘line’. It equates to about 9 lbs in the Imperial Measures system and nine pounds is a LOT of heroin.

    Sure, the pundits say Shaikh was a nutcase taken advantage of by criminal gangs. China says “anybody who imports 9 pounds of heroin into China is a nutcase”.

    What do all the Human Rights activists have to say about the amount of suffering brought into the lives of the number of people who can be ‘introduced’ to the “pax silencia” of 9 pounds of horse? They mind at all about the victims who die, drowning in their own snot? They mind about the violent crime committed to satisfy the craving for that next fix? They mind about wives and children of addicts who ignore everything but their craving?

    China has rightly and wisely sent the ultimate message to traffickers.


    You may be mad but you will still die.


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