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    Sitting around waiting while liars adjust their shoelaces and primp in public is absolutely boring. Soon Obama and many others will be dead. At last the media will have real screams to scream about. Finally those afraid of rising tides will be surrounded by oceans of blood.

    Getting Up MY Nose Too!

    December has been insufferably empty of any kind of political reality. Which is to say, the reality of Politics is completely empty.

    Iran fires off missiles. Copenhagen is a grandstand for Black Miserablists to demand billions. Korea wants more. Syria wants Israel. England wants the abolition of Jews. Obama wants to be White Anglo-Saxon Protestant on the outside.

    Nothing is real. Nothing matters. Nobody is making any decisions that might rock any boats soon.

    We watched.

    There is a study paper published a long while back, dealing with the construction of the eye in a variety of creatures, including Frogs, Dogs and Mankind. The key to actual Optical Sensory messages to the brain is contained initially in the types of receptors, called Rods and Cones. It might seem preferable for all creatures to have both but not so. In the case of the Frog, for instance, it is equipped with precisely the optical system required to notice the ‘black spot’ of a Fly moving against a white background of Sky. This you might say is of no account. But a further point of interest is in the ‘adaptation of species’. meaning that not only is the Frog perfectly equipped to notice the fly, having detected that the ‘moving black spot’ has become stationary, the frog is able to maintain its concentration for a relatively long while. This enables it to slide a little closer and properly salivate before making that fateful, meal devouring, response.

    Possibly we could have salivated over the lack of motion in the news during December 2009.

    But we are not a frog. * sigh *

    So we waited a little while. Twittered a bit. Iran orchestrated a beautiful sham demonstration against itself. Battered a few more of its own people and basically did what it did the day before, daily. Tiger Woods was found to be sleeping with as many girls as he possibly could, casting immediate doubts on the bedability of his own true wife. * sigh * Another Nordic Iceberg. No wonder he’s so good at golf! A man has to do something? Where else are you going to meet eligible girls? Where else can you earn enough cash to pay for them.

    A vessel equipped specifically for conducting deep-sea searches and specialising in locating sunken ships finally snapped its sacred sonar off its un-maintained multi-million dollar tether. (You have to wonder what underpaid backyard mechanic was put in charge of maintaining the cable on the drum! ALL the eggheads would have been earning zillions looking at the screen.)

    Copenhagen. Obama waits until the very last moment to rock up and admit, yep! “We blew it.” The delay was a face saver. It would be unacceptable that Obama be there and progress not be seen to be made. Medvedev had already quit and gone home. China pointed out “We may play” but that, in any case, that’s a private matter.

    New Zealand has sixty earthquakes a day and there is a volcano at the bottom of the ocean. We have a Goblin at the bottom of our garden. Also angels and dragons and an Assistant Ghost at Angel Central. Can you believe how much spare time we have for ‘orbital adjustments’ up here!

    Iran should be wiped out. Completely obliterated. Left a radioactive wasteland – and Russia should have its wrist broken when it attempts to put ‘rescue parties’ on the ground. Syria should be nuked so as to remove all Command and Control (used to be called C3 – Command, Control and Communication – then those halfwit backroom boys found they were adding so many Cs they were losing command and control), Lebanon should simply be nuked. Nothing remotely of value remains there aside from targets and disease. North Korea should have Command and Control destroyed – the Chinese have the capacity to mop up the mess. China would of course insist on ‘losing’ twenty to thirty million foot soldiers for the sake of dealing with the demographic mess it thinks it made by killing all the Girls.

    We calculate that roughly two hundred to two hundred and fifty million people should be wiped out for the sake of initiating realistic debate regarding the purpose of life and the point of war.

    We cannot guarantee that people will actually take the matter seriously but at least the debate will be elevated to the point where the public feels confident something is being done.

    Britain and Europe could be left to rot. They are anyway on the verge of Civil War so in the event there is no 250 Million Trigger, they should wake up soon to the need to stop faking tolerance and start killing their neighbour.

    The fabled United States of America will realise the true state of the Union – and start killing their neighbour.

    It would be nice to say South East Asia will be a charnel house – but what’s so special about only the South East! From Hong Kong to Penang to Cairo is simply one vermin infested armpit. Scrofulous.

    When once the opinions of this blog are accepted universally by the World, Five and a Half Thousand Millions will be Dying or Dead. We don’t ever expect this blog to feature on any popularity polls and it matters nothing to us that the one multi-headed hydra that hates us most is Islam. Allah is Ar Rahman, the Yemenite idolatrous god representing lucifer. The Common Adversary of Mankind.

    Islamists, bless their benighted souls, are simply sweet and misled. As individual members of the Human Race, islamists are no different outside of the disgusting acculturations of their satanic creed. They have children and parents like anybody else. Admittedly, because they are muslims they are more likely to mutilate each other, including their ‘loved ones’. Perhaps, more so their loved ones.

    What Islam might do to Humanity is nothing compared to the ravages of the West. The West has developed highly sophisticated methods of turning your brain to snot while you are still in it. That’s fun.

    To be instantly vaporised in a nuclear blast would be clean. Taking a headshot would be quick and easy too. Gutshot would be nasty because you might linger incurably while your own visceral juices devour your insides. Now, that’s nasty!

    So anyway. December 2009.



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