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    Each player has one life and no rights. Rights are purchased with the blood of losers. Scores can be doubled by lies and players can lie about their scores. When the game ends, it ends. 

    Players Can Lie

    Grand Masters in the Game seldom bid publicly but their avatars are everywhere.
    So. We waited a month and nothing was happening. People died. People got born. Dead bodies got carted off to State Funerals as though the corpses were Persons of State, while in fact they were just unlucky numbers in the two-way shooting gallery.
    If poor people living in rich nations do not give billions of dollars to people living on islands in the Pacific, the islands will sink next week.
    If all the coal producing nations sack all the workers in their coal industries, the North and South Poles will stop melting next week.
    If Iran is given time it will not produce nuclear weapons – nor will it use them – nor will it distribute them among zealots in other lands.
    If Israel surrenders to the Arab World there will be Peace and an End to Suffering.
    Israel has genocidal aims to exterminate a people called ‘palestinians’.
    If North Korea is given unlimited International Financial Credit, the Gulags will be abolished next week.
    If the USA does anything about anything the Chinese will not ‘call in’ their National Debt.
    If the Russian people do anything about anything, Putin will not do everything about it.
    If someone lets the cat out of the bag about the missing weaponry and germicidal agents, there will be an international outrage.
    The angels are in the World but dragons are not GO.
    Now let’s look at other, important things.
    Time was when Europe was the toy of Hitler and his sick henchmen and Old Joe Kennedy was the United States Ambassador – and he was on Hitler’s side. That was cool. It meant the US was able to hold the “Empire” over a barrel (of money) by extorting Lend Lease funds and selling arms to both sides. Way cool.
    Pity how Winston Churchill sent the message after Pearl Harbour, “If you lowest of the low Americans fail to commit NOW we will drag your name so low it will stink in the Nose of Humanity for All Time!” Suddenly the cry of the yanks, who until then were inclined to ‘kinda’ sweep it under the carpet, like a poor prank between friends and arms purchasing customers, was “Remember Pearl Harbour!”
    Sure! The Historical Fact is they wanted to ignore it but Churchill got tired of begging and leveled the gun of humility directly at the American head.
    We see extremely similar events unfolding today on the world stage. Matters that are strangely fixational to the media yet of no real event and matters of great and abiding substance swept carefully aside in the ‘rush’ of News Coverage.
    The carefully negative coverage of good news. The triumphal presentation of lies!
    Oh! And did you see that some nondescript and nameless individual on the hillside of an unknown and unknowable valley died!
    Sadly, some swinish cameraman was nearby and forever fixed himself in the Human Psyche by immortalising yet one more ennui producing item of trivia.
    World events, recently by Historical measures, included the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan, for the singular purpose of attracting their attention to ‘options’ that constituted reality rather than preferential pipedreams.
    World events subsequently included media vilification of soldiers risking their lives for the sake of the continuity of the ‘American Dream’. Did the media greats migrate to North Vietnam and request Citizenship? hah Why quit when you are winning?
    Five and a half thousand million people have begun dying. You may soon be one. You may soon be doing the killing. You might not like dying. Your death may be ‘unpretty’. You may long to be one with those darkskinned living skeletons breathing their last through fly infested, unfed mouths. How fortunate they, hopeless and bereft, will die actually quite quickly.
    But you! You may come down, not unitentionally, with some unspeakable horror, incurable and vastly transmissible, from which you will suffer an ageless and grotesque death. Hanging midway between death and living, requiring constant care but unable to be restored to health, while gratuitously infecting all around you with your terminal malaise.
    Someone may shoot you! Lucky. They may shoot you even before you get sick! Luckier still!
    No doctors. No nurses. No medication. No police. No schools. No shops. No food to buy in no supermarkets. No hope.
    Some will survive! They actually will!
    They won’t be very soft. Survival is a habit that you do not purchase and wear.
    The Rules for survival are in the World and the Laws which must be obeyed.
    There is a gulf between Lies and Truth. Cross it this side of the veil.


    4 Responses to “SO FAR, SO GOOD”

    1. nortybits says:

      LOL! Rai!
      Vintage RANT! I love it when you say it like it IS!
      *Jumps up and hugs*
      U Haf Bin Huggled By an Angel!

    2. Truden says:

      Hi there,
      Everything dynamic and very positively! 🙂

    3. Ventego says:

      I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll read your articles more often!

    4. unfed says:

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