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    Since the mini-Ice Age about 1700, the climate has changed noticeably. Neither the Ice Age nor the change was purely the result of Human Activity. The UN is central among those seeking to enslave free people everywhere, scapegoating millions in Nations both Developed and Undeveloped.

    That August Chamber

    The constant cry always has been “Save The World”.

    If it wasn’t “The Sky Is Falling” it was “Ban The Bomb” or perhaps, “Hemlines Are Too High”. All along, the problem has been morals were too low and so long as a dollar can be made exploiting anything, that will be “Flavour Of The Month”.

    You can tell already this is going to be one of those rants? You’re in the wrong blog. Here we use words to rip your brain out through your sniveling left nostril.

    Among those seeking to exploit Mankind right now, not including all Jihadists, and you may rest assured many of them are co-respondents in the Climate Scapegoat Scam, the next major ‘event’ is the Copenhagen Convention, set for December 2009.

    The very imminence of this scam is being used as the trigger to spur elected officials in many countries to ‘get onboard’ now! “Be part of the Trend!”

    The fact that in many cases, those nations who’s elected representatives attend the Convention and ‘Sign On’ to its Protocol will be abdicating the votes of their electors is not mentioned.

    The fact that a Prime Minister can single-handedly transfer total veto to unelected members of UN committees is not stressed in public debate.

    The fact that this is openly admitted as a means to ‘share wealth’ globally, in a manner determined by the UN is not stressed in public debate.

    Ratifying the Copenhagen Convention and Protocol places the unelected UN representative ‘Authorities’ in the position of determining which Developed Nations will contribute How Much Money, as a form of Compensation, to those countries traditionally despoiled by tyrants, dictators, zealots, thugs and other nasties who, by great coincidence, hold the Standing Majority in the UN.


    The United Nations, that August Chamber, is actually a chamber of the worst horrors that satan and mankind can conspire to foist upon the Human Race.
    We say satan ‘note (s)’ because such a predominance of the most perverse Nations represented within the UN are islamist and satan is their god.

    When Mohammed was a boy and youth, his life was hell on earth. He was abused in every way, on all sides, by family, friend and foe. When he became a man he was a very sick puppy indeed. By way of surviving, in concert with at least one scheming wife, Mohammed killed off all opposition and took over the local scam, demanding fees to get water from the local well – and to visit the diversity of idolatrous gods within the local kaba. The stone preferred by Mohammed was a black meteorite named allah. But the god adored by Mohammed was Ar Rahman, another idolatrous god, of Yemen where Mohammed visited to trade. Mohammed simply transferred his adoration of Ar Rahman to the piece of rock, allah. Ar Rahman is the local Yemenite idolatrous name for lucifer. Yes! We use all these words with proper names written in lower case. It helps to express our contempt for them and their followers, living and dead.

    So Mohammed was a confirmed killer, rapist, thief and scam merchant who claimed he was inspired by djhins – admittedly the devil himself, according to some of the writings in the stinking qura’n later fabricated in his name. Mohammed and his murderous followers killed all opposition and became rich. The ‘promise’ was, “Kill and rape and steal, and if you are not killed you become rich. If you died trying, then you are rewarded in heaven – by of all things self-renewing virgins!.”

    This was a successful way to get rich. There are people in the West today who seek to follow the same edict: “Get rich or die!” heh Some succeed.

    Mohammed and his followers got rich, then he died.

    In the absence of Mohammed, and subsequent to a certain amount of ‘inmost discontent’, a new leader took the ‘followers’ forth to bigger and better things. They were still bloodthirsty and still successful and still yet, increasingly rich.

    After a while the rich and famous leaders of these murderous scum came up against the problem faced by islam in all ages: How to obtain Legitimacy?

    In the period spanning between 100 and 300 years after Mohammed, his rich and eminently illegitimate heirs formulated their qura’n, the Book of Lies, plagiarized from sayings recited to Mohammed by Jews, for a fee, and thence stolen from both the Old Testament and New Testament Bible. This is the origin of many verses spouted by modern islamist thugs in justification of their inimical vileness.

    Other rubbish in the qura’n is even more disgusting and stems directly, according to the qura’n, from ‘sayings of Mohammed’ which are reported to us, not second hand but, in some sequences of ‘attribution’ to be up to 25th Hand!

    So. The qura’n is a vile pack of lies and plagiarism invented to generate some kind of legitimacy to the murderous thieves, rapists and slime which continue with us today.

    As it happens, they are in the majority among the so-called nations which dominated all discussion within that August Chamber, the United Nations.

    Sure, they are united.

    But not for good.

    The hearts of the majority at the UN are inhabited by satan, arch slime dweller of Mankind.

    And so far as you listen to the UN and the spoutings about Copenhagen, then you are an avowed Climate Change Scapegoat.


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