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    An 11-year-old girl who gave birth on her wedding day while still dressed in a white gown and a tiara says she is excited.

    Kordeza Zhelyazkova and Violeta (Barcroft Pacific)

    Kordeza Zhelyazkova from Bulgaria gave birth to 2.4kg baby girl Violeta last week but left the hospital with her newborn after only an overnight stay to finish the wedding ceremony, the News of the World reports. also here:

    “The schoolgirl said she and 19-year-old husband Jeliazko Dimitrov met in the playground of her school in the industrial town of Sliven after he saved her from bullies. Kordeza said the pair began a sexual relationship even though she did not know what a condom was and fell pregnant within a week of them meeting.”

    So what was all the fuss about? There are two things: On the one hand we have the UN, which ‘August Chamber’ would have a 10 year old girl abort her pregnancy without her parent’s knowledge or permission; and on the other, women in their forties desperately resorting to ‘in-vitro fertilisation’ in an attempt to have babies.

    Plainly there is nothing unnatural about eleven year old mothers. Plainly there is something unnatural about in-vitro fertilisation, regardless that the belated desires of hopeful mothers-to-be are quite natural.

    So we state that this is just one more of the simplest and plainest demonstrations that the UN has an agenda inimical to the interests of Mankind.

    We grant the case touted by the UN, that girls in Southern Africa and elsewhere, raped by coolies disguised as ‘soldiers’ and abandoned by governments bent only on personal aggrandisement and riches and power is a strong argument for intervention in their case. We deny this entitles UN beaurocrats the right to arbitrate in Nations, including all those Western Nations which become Signatories to UN Conventions. We despise the secret agendae of the UN and all those who use it to exploit naïve and gullible masses across the globe.

    We live in a world where all that is Holy is declared evil and all that is evil is held up as the pinnacle of verity and virtue.

    This little girl has demonstrated verity. Motherhood is a safe alternative, especially in those societies where support is available from extended family, such as in Bulgaria and as such it is more natural and preferable to some disgusting ‘knife’.

    We say nothing here, though we would love to but would not smear a page dealing with Nature and Life, about such vile and reprehensible measures as sucking out the brains of partially born infants so as to declare them dead at birth.

    What a pretty Mother. What a pretty child.

    What a pretty sick world we live in and what a contemptible United Nations in it.


    2 Responses to “MOTHER, AGE 11”

    1. M. Patterson says:

      Well said. We live in a world that strives to do what it was not meant to do, a world which avidly avoids that which it was meant to do.

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