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    The United Nations must be disincorporated. The Nations who are united and the causes upon which they unite are inimical to Humanity, Peace and Wholesomeness. The UN has become the plaything of unelected partisans who represent the interests of minorities against the bulk of Mankind. The Family, the binding fabric of Society, also has fallen victim to the UN.

    That August Chamber

    Once the agendae of vocal minorities become the thrust of global regulations we fall prey to the manipulations of those who have no stated regard for the majority. These people are not elected. They have no legitimate constituency. These people gain their power by the manner of their insinuating themselves into the legislative fabric of such bodies as the UN.

    Homosexual agenda finds its way into UN counterterrorism policy

    In the United Nations’ recent report on counterterrorism which is intended to promote human rights has stated that human gender is “changeable over time and contexts,” sex slaves must not be “stigmatized” for their work, and that it’s important to explicitly recognize “transgender and intersex individuals as stakeholders” in counterterrorism policy. Critics have argued against the report, stating that it is merely another effort designed to redefine gender and destroy the efficiency of counterterror efforts.” Read full story.

    The UN was founded, subsequent to the transparent failure of the League of Nations, for the purposes of fostering Peace and Prosperity through establishing standards and patterns of governance and development. In practice, what has become the norm is for Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) to exert vocal and lobbying pressure to achieve increasingly narrow aims for specific groups at the cost of all members of society. And this is a Best Case Scenario! Far more normal, the thinly disguised aim is to make Peoples ungovernable and Nations incapacitated, especially if they are in the Western ‘alliance’.

    The UN was not founded to destroy the Western ‘alliance’. The UN was founded to safeguard the benefits of Western Society and expedite the extension of those benefits to the underdeveloped, underfed and illiterate Nations of the World.

    Rather, we see the UN dominated by dictators, tyrants, religious zealots and players on the world scene with no good agenda. We see the UN manipulated by schemers and funded by a magnanimous West.

    The time has come to call the UN for what it is. The BIG LIE.

    The enclosed example is typical of the ‘highjack’ mentality of minority favoured NGOs. For the sake of protecting poofters in Saudi Arabia and to ensure ten year old girls in Western Nations can obtain abortions without parental knowledge or consent, motions are passed within ‘That August Assembly’ which contradict common sense but which then become enshrined in the Human Conscience – the UN – as incontrovertible Law. These laws also are enforceable within signatory nations, not by elected officials but by UN beaurocrats! Completely insane!

    Where once the UN had the capacity to enshrine itself in commonly respected agencies, such as UNESCO the mere mention of which would once imply complete impartiality, the fact is, the mention today of “UN” is taken to imply partisanship and minority vested interests.

    We say close down the UN.

    If it cannot be closed down, Destroy it. It currently serves no purpose but to attack the values it was intended to preserve and to promulgate.


    and down with every islamist party to it.


    2 Responses to “CLOSE THE UN”

    1. M. Patterson says:

      Destroy it, you say. I agree that, should the UN actually take meaningful authority over our nation, that such a time would, indeed, call for a revolution. In the meantime, by what means is the UN to be destroyed? If we had elected officials with any sense, we wouldn’t even be left to concern ourselves with the matter. As such, if you suggest that Obama actually take heed to anything but the voices in his head, then we’re not really being practical.

    2. Rai says:

      How true! It was difficult to think of a worthwhile response without simply agreeing or saying precisely the same things! Two points though do pop out: The first is Revolution – “After the Revolution”, when we said it, was never actually meant either in jest or as a metaphor. This is because, when this banal status quo grinds to its determined meat-eating conclusion, what is left will be called “The Revolution”; The second is the demise of the UN – the League of Nations was dissolved as a result of its irrelevancy after War. We venture to suggest History is not even tempted to devise a new stratagem.
      The question for us, mortally, is how to participate or even to endure, without becoming criminally involved in either side. A close reading of this blog would reveal, if we were mortals, many posts would be against the law. A pleasant revolution is taking place, The Revolution, and No. The Status Quo will not be destroyed by the Revolution. The Status Quo has a use-by date, at which point in Time, Humanity will have no further use for it nor ANY of those who sustain it. “Up the Revolution!” heh