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    So, the idea is, we pretend Iran is really going to play by the rules and politely accept that Russia and France will enrich their uranium for them. We will also pretend Iran will stop it’s avid march toward nuclear weaponisation. Then we will pretend to be surprised.

    Let's Pretend

    Any situation in which the very last party expected to sign on to an agreement is the aggressor is plainly a false situation. If we are ‘hoping’ for peace we are waiting for war.

    In some ways, it really doesn’t matter what we do, while it also doesn’t matter what happens. The outcome remains the same: Iran will declare itself offended by the accusations of its intended victims and will blame its victims for provoking the inevitable ‘retribution’.

    So the other, equally inevitable, outcome is a conflict in which at least one party must end up completely incapable even of defence, much less aggression.

    This brings us to the banal question.

    What will the West require as justification either to defend itself or to annihilate all opposition? You, for instance: At what point will you leave off from reading this and declare yourself committed to defence, or even to victory?

    Oh. You think it won’t come to that.

    It did.


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