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    Following the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Arafat, an avowed and recognised International Terrorist, we now see Truth delivered the final coup de grace in the awarding of the same prize to a man who has declared his goal to be the creation of an Arab Nation in Israel.

    Fooled 'em agen!

    Over recent years the transparent politicisation of the Nobel Prize has anyway tended to deprive it of its original and intended purpose but this must be the last insult to the credulity of the public.

    What was the purpose of such a fraudulent award?

    Do the administrators of the Nobel Trust seek to elevate the status of Obama? Or themselves?

    We accept, the difficulty in 2009 is simply that nobody of any stature is actually working for Peace. They might as justifiably have nominated Ghadafi!

    But Obama has presided over the deliberate advancement towards the brink of Global War, Islamist Jihad and Asian Tumult, simultaneously, while at every turn displaying a refusal to display either backbone or spleen.

    The almost immediate result of Obama’s policies and high-profile media antics has been the decreasing of Western deterrence in military terms and the increasing of Eastern aggression in every sense. Sabre rattling has increased on every front, be it the promise of financial pressure, military pressure, religious pressure, energy pressure or simple political pressure, the World is now closer to conflagration than it was in either the Cold War or the Cuban Crisis.

    At least in those days there was a sense of Western Deterrence.

    What we have today is the sure knowledge that Obama is casting away all options of restraint, leaving himself and America nowhere to go but to all-out War, not for the sake of Peace or the Free World but simply to save his own face.

    This is why the awarding of the Nobel today is Fraudulent.

    For the sake of some perceived benefit, the Nobel Trustees have sunk lower than Chamberlain and Hitler combined.

    What will follow on, in the coming days, weeks, months and years will become such a tumultuous epoch that the only significance of this event will be that it typified exactly why the World is entering the Age of Destruction.

    We need make no promises of apocalypse. Like a heedless passenger in a hot-buttered box sliding to Hell, Mankind has chosen its preferred path and naming Obama as a standard bearer for Peace is like suggesting a shotgun blast as a treatment for pain.

    If there was any point to the Nobel Peace Prize, now would have been an appropriate point at which to state the Trustees had elected not to award one.

    The fact is, Nominations for the Nobel Prize closed 11 days prior to Obama’s election, so it can honestly be said the Prize was awarded in response to his media campaign for election – would McCain have got it instead? Obama indeed!

    What a degrading slur on Humanity itself!


    One Response to “OBAMA NOBEL DISGRACE”

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