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    The arrest in Australia recently of an American secret agent manufacturing a covert mega-weapon was hushed up with the greatest difficulty. In fact, both the Pentagon and Australian agencies ‘in the know’ were able to totally suppress all evidence of the activity but the girlfriend of the ‘backyard mechanic’ involved let the cat out of the bag in a drunken tirade.


    The World is involved in a War of Leaks.

    The revelation that Congress has approved the construction of four (4) special ordnance bunker buster bombs from McDonnell, for the purposes of solving Natanz, Qom and North Korea is finally calming to the nerves. Frankly we were a bit worried about that.

    Also confirmation that Germany has fully configured Israel’s submarines to be able to sneak through the Suez Canal for the purposes of deploying technically advanced weaponry that will destroy coastal and covert installations throughout Iran is plainly a confidence booster for us all.

    We were of course anxious at the about-face of Obama, in canceling the European Missile Shield but now that the full extent of the seaborne anti-missile capabilities of the USN stationed in the Med has been made known, our fears there also are allayed.

    These timely and public confidence boosting revelations almost dissipate the grave suspicions we were developing, mindful as we always are of the wily ways of the East and the Orient.

    Being conscious of the constant nudgings of Iranian dissidents proclaiming for some time now that Iran was developing dangerous technological threats, concealed in numbers of ‘undisclosed’ locations, we were admittedly fretful at the consistent silence in the West on these matters. It was with a wonderful sense of relief that we read the UN had exposed the threat and promptly brought Iran to heel.

    We are not aware of who’s heel Iran was brought to but having read the media releases we are told the proper authorities are dealing with this matter in a responsible manner, openly and in the International interest and domain.

    Of course, we accept the total need for all counter threat mechanisms to be open to complete public scrutiny. No doubt that is also why data available under ‘Freedom of Information’ includes the serial numbers of equipments on issue to the Kremlin and GPS coordinates of all United States Top Secret Missile Countermeasures sites. Plainly, we cannot be honestly and fairly committed to the agreed openness if we hesitate to place such fundamental information on the table.

    So. Given the equally open development of massive Chinese weaponry and Russia’s slightly less than believable attempts at hegemonistic postures, we were wondering if there is anything the World thinks that we should disclose to you?


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