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    All the evidence points to the first three days after disaster as being critical in the health and safety of survivors. Even in ultra-modern San Francisco, it took 72 hours for the Rule of Law to return to the streets.

    Padang Surviver, Sumatra

    [I asked Guran to re-run this posting, which we put up in October last year. It’s suddenly very appropriate – again]

    Disaster management agencies everywhere advocate but nobody listens and nobody cares. How many Tweets did you see? Hashtag 72 Hours? Hah! In your dreams!

    It is usual in the aftermath of disaster for the basics to be unavailable. No Electricity. No Water. No Food. No Protection from the elements. No Communication. No Safety on the streets. Yet people are forced to flee their homes and seek the bare essentials of life in order to survive.

    All the evidence points to the need for each person to have laid aside and handy, a small pack containing the minimum for survival for 3 days. Those three days are vital to allow Local, State and National Authorities to arrive on the scene.

    There are online a variety of sources where those with limited imagination and no initiative can get lists of what to pack for their own survival. In the case of some, this might even include essential medication. Organizations and businesses are out there with advice and help. Much of the assistance, advice and even ‘produce’ is made available for a fee. Often the Lists might be free but the necessary items will of course need to be paid for.

    A free Global Advice Service is provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Their website www.providentliving.org offers specific advice and guidance here:

    No amount of advice will help if it is not taken. No amount of assistance will help if it is not used. No amount of tears will help when it is too late.

    This entire point is relevant to the thrust of WenUblog.

    We are not simply apochryphalists. We say that five and a half thousand millions are about to die soon but we make the point, if you cannot see it happening around you – you are brain dead.

    We make the point that History has a Trajectory which has never varied throughout its being recorded – History being simply the written account of Mankind’s passage. We make the point often that the Prophets, (the real ones, not disgraceful frauds like Mahommat) who’s words have been recorded for posterity, all point to the blasé repetitiveness of evil in their day and their knowing that, all this evil would reach its denouement in our day.

    Why now?

    For one thing, it was clear that despite the ravages of War, such that for instance a Generation of young men died in Western Europe in WWI and WWII, the time must come when Technology and Demography would achieve their nexus.

    More people with better weapons and greater suffering.

    On top of this, the Prophets assured us all this was foreseen and that there was a higher purpose to it all. We concur.

    But for the purposes of Readers (Dear Reader! Don’t you love Henry James?) we wish only to make available the fact, many of those suffering globally this very day, as a direct result of Natural Disasters, could be far more comfortably waiting for the three days to pass. It has been found to take Authorities generally, everywhere, about seventy two hours to get their acts together.

    The Angels are commanded and the Dragons are prepared. It’s a lot more than 72 hours for those who are aware.

    But for You: Three Days might be Survival


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