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  • SHORT TAKES IX by Guran

    Frequently Guran posts comments in world media, especially in JPost where ample provision exists, but such comment is frequently not published. We see nothing in the direct and pragmatic stance taken by Guran, who says little at WenU blog as a rule, and so we will publish a selection of those posts that, for editorial reasons elsewhere, would never see the light of day:-

    Reply to:            High Court: Palestinians can use 443  By DAN IZENBERG

    “Belligerant”? “Occupation”?  –  30 December 2009

    The High Court awards the Arab World victory at last in its war against the very existence of Israel. Never mind seven wars in which the Arabs were unsuccessful – simply apply to the High Court and save yourself the trouble and expense! Now take out the Court and ACRI and shoot the lot! The point being, due to their own mind games, they will all die anyway but not the way they think. There is really no need for violence against any of these parties because History will leave the dust stained with their blood.


    Reply to:            Column One: Israel’s PTA commander-in-chief  By CAROLINE GLICK

    Right, As Usual, Caroline, But . .  –  26 December 2009
    Nobody cares. Neither the Joe Cools at Tel Aviv nor the politicos in the Knesset. They have their World View stuck with glue to the inside of their spectacles. Or in the base of Barack, to the inside of his binocular lense covers. With the ME consolidating its hatred toward Israel and the US/EU embargo also growing, we should soon see real war. So sacking the IDF Brass will make no difference. A massive Israeli Civil War would prepare the inhabitants for what is coming.


    Reply to:            The Missile-Defense Betrayal  Kejda Gjermani

    of Commentary Magazine  –  25 December 2009

    The problem with the Reset-Button mentality is that it brings about the situation in “The Saving Of Private Ryan” – you know the scene, where the loser says. “Let’s stop.” That is precisely the kind of naivety Obama is displaying. Kejda Gjermani is correct – Obama is leaving himself no alternative but to eventually use ‘All and Total’ force, the Military Option and the only actual Reset Button there is. We say Five point Five Billion will die, globally and we consider their deaths have begun.

    Reply to:            Analysis: The domino effect  By JONATHAN SPYER

    We Still See The Rug Out For War  –  December 25, 2009

    Everything indicates the ‘Powers that Be’ want the Arabs to kick off this war for them. Western leaders are all learned and articulate so this act of bovine stupidity has to be a cover. Given that War is inevitable, we ask how to begin, who to begin and when? The West would prefer the Arabs to feel strong enough to begin. The challenge is how to bring that about. Israel has been chosen as the stalking horse and Bibi is going along with that. We sense that the intended war is a quantum leap beyond what the Arabs believe possible.  In anycase, we accept 5.5 billion will die globally.

    Reply to:            Court Orders Gov’t to Answer Appeals against Building Freeze  by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    Eldad For PM  –  24 December 2009

    If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter. However, Modern Israel as exemplified by Tel Aviv despises Jewry and Zionism and could not care less about Israel. The Arab World has accepted Modern Israel as a gift and only shows impatience at the unwillingness of some Jews to leave.

    Reply to:            Barak tells Suleiman: Egypt a ‘central player’ in the Mideast  By JPOST.COM STAFF

    What Is Modern Israel To Say Modern Egypt Is?  –  21 December 2009

    A country the size of a shaving tells Egypt who is a ‘Central Player’? Barak is a comon enemy in Israel and is seen to be baiting the Arabs into the onrushing War. Barak is beneath contempt. He is one with the legion of ‘leaders’ of Modern Israel who have conspired to enforce its weakness and to delude the Arabs into implementing and maintaining their insane war of attrition. One can only say, if the behaviour of Modern Israel as closely resembles the behaviours of Jewry in Europe as it seems to, Shoah was deserved and perhaps, second time lucky.

    Reply to:            Column One: Reconsidering the Suez Campaign  By CAROLINE GLICK

    Not Picking Eyes Out Of Potatoes  –  19 December 2009

    This idea of attacking only nuclear sites in Iran is typically insane. We live now in a world of sofa statesmen who think, from the comfort of their loungeroom they can arbitrate what wars will take place and how they will be fought. If Israel has sufficient nuclear weapons to do the job, Iran should be obliterated, forever. Every Man, Dog and Camel. This would initiate realistic discussion on war. Talking about Peace achieves nothing. Killing vast numbers establishes a genuine reason for debate. But nothing will be done and then – 5.5 Billion will die.

    Reply to:            ‘Situation in UK absurd, unacceptable’  By JONNY PAUL, HERB KEINON, YAAKOV KATZ

    # 110 – Agreed – Proactive Response Warranted  –  16 December 2009

    Demonstrate the foolishness of the UK Courts by impounding all UK Citizens and confiscating all British collateral in Israel. AND let the Brits pay subsequent administrative costs in redeeming themselves and their goods after they finally come to their senses. War comes and any pretense to the contrary is simply vexatious and disingenuous. www.wenublog.com It must also be said, Israel has failed to treat this matter with the greater seriousness it deserves. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter.

    Reply to:            ‘Iran’s leaders are just asking the world not to trust them’  By JPOST.COM STAFF

    1200 K of Bull  –  12 December 2009

    “We will do nothing about North Korea while Syria forms a Military Alliance with Iran and to take people’s minds off how hopeless and useless we are, we will pretend we only want 12 tons of uranium to stop the war.”  What this means is the USA lacks the moral, spiritual and intestinal will to accept reality – War Comes. They will run and hide until no alternatives seem available, then they will set out to destroy everybody at once. About 200 million deaths now could prevent the need for that. But 5.5 billion will die. Gutless American Dreamers with their Nigger Chamberlain!

    Reply to:            Barak, majority of MKs vote in favor of advancing ‘Golan bill’  By REBECCA ANNA STOIL

    These Turkeys Risk Civil War  –  10 December 2009

    And then they turn round and say the Will of the People interferes with Politics.  Frankly, it seems the World WILL be a better place without Modern Israel because, for starters, these turkeys will not be trampling all over the faces of the people they refuse to represent. On the other hand, they would not be in such positions of power if the people properly opposed them and represented themselves. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter.

    Reply to:            Israel relieved at amended EU statement  By HERB KEINON

    Israel Wins 67 War – Loses Peace!  –  9 December 2009

    This is the ‘nicest’ way to say it. Israel would have in fact done the World a favour if they had simply reclaimed the the territory previously stolen from them by Jordan and declared it “Israel”.  Which it rightly is.  But by instead insisting on playing the “We Want Shoah” card, they slipped the poison chalice to the Arabs who willingly accepted the Jordan Valley and the Temple Mount, knowing this must be the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ to an Arab State in place of Israel. Modern Israel failed. HaShem will replace it with Zion. War brings Peace – Peace fosters War. 5.5 Billion will die.

    Reply to:            Mullen: US ‘losing in Afghanistan’  By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    Germany Has ‘Lost It’ In Afghanistan  –  8 December 2009

    With Germany introducing the system of compensating ‘bystanders’ caught looting petrol stolen by the Taliban, the time has come. All Western troops should be withdrawn and a dead dog should be dropped in from sixty thousand feet.

    Reply to:            Israel pressing EU ministers to reject Swedish draft on J’lem  By HERB KEINON

    Another Sell-Out Of Israel – By Jews!  –  7 December 2009

    Israel need make NO concessions. Simply state that Jerusalem is the Historical Capital of Historical Israel. But No! These enemies of the State insist on gifting Central Israel to its enemies for the pure sake of emboldening and fostering their enemies. It has to be that Israel is desperate for the next Arab War to begin. That, or the last Shoah was typically the result of Jewish provocation?  Seduction?

    Reply to:            Paris comes out against Swedish plan  By HERB KEINON

    “Please Sir. I Want More!”  “Or Else!”  –  3 December 2009

    The EU means War against Israel. Is this War against Modern Israel or War against Israel’s God?  Perhaps, in light of current events alluded to in this article, Israel is at war against its own God and deserves war from the EU, US and the Arab World. Either way, it’s sure Israel will get nothing through appeasement.

    Reply to:            Palestinians to ask UN for 1967 borders  By E.B. SOLOMONT,

    War Comes!  –  1 December 2009

    War comes. The reason is simply that nothing is more desirable, either to the masses or to their leaders. They play games with their words but each step taken by world leaders takes us farther in a direct line toward war. When the Free World declares war on Israel, the only outcome can be the War everyone longs to have. The 1967 ceasefire line marks where the Arabs were halted in their attempt to destroy Israel in 1949. If the EU, UN and US decide to turn against Israel and fight for the Arabs – that is a terrible shame for them. Tiny Israel has nothing to lose. 5.5 billion will lose.

    Reply to:            EU Joins PA’s Diplomatic War on Jerusalem  by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu 

    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter!  –  1 December 2009

    Constantly refusing to deny the legitimacy of any Arab claim on Israel has led to the farce of Arabs legitimately claiming Israel has no legitimacy. The BIG LIE is accepted, principally because Israel refuses to deny it! If you don’t care, why should we? If you don’t want Israel – Leave! Let’s face it, the Arabs cannot USE Israel. It’s worthless to them except as a means to attack Jews. The Temple Mount was a slum until the Jews wanted it back – suddenly “The Third Most Holy Latrine in Islam” Look at how the Arabs treat the Cave of the Ancients!  Supposedly sacred to the memory! hah! Anything that causes Jews to suffer is sacred to Islam and is sacred to Arabs. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel didn’t matter! Past tense!

    Reply to:            Landau: Gov’t must discuss moratorium  By JPOST.COM STAFF

    We – The Enemies Of – The People  –  29 November 2009

    None of these people are ‘elected’ in the common sense of the term and these edicts from on high reflect neither discussions of the Knesset nor the express Will (if it were ever expressed) of the People. Just the same old self-selecting in-crowd playing their game of secret and private agendae. Nobody cares. Nobody matters. Will the last Israeli remember to turn out the lights as she leaves? (the guys will be on the bus ahead of her) Or will she not bother to turn them out!

    Reply to:            Column One: Bibi’s bad week 

    You Know It. I Know It, Caroline. So What?    28 November 2009

    If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter. Or is it that Obama hopes to entrap the Arabs by sucking them in to another war with Israel? Will he negotiate the White House for Peace With Philistia? heh  We think not! Very dissapointing Caroline. Why do you not just say it? “There is no palestinian people, no palestinian language, no palestinian capital city and no palestinian statesman prior to the international terrorist Arafat”. You are a spokesperson Caroline. When spokespersons say nothing, they LIE!


    Reply to:            UK envoy questions Jews on Iraq panel  By JONNY PAUL,

    Lesson #1 – Do It Now  –  25 November 2009

    The first lesson to be learned from Iraq is that sitting around for TWO YEARS talking about it simply leads to the concealement of publicly contentious materials & etc. Had Bush simply obliterated Iraq and then supervised the re-opening of its remains, the victors would have found all they needed to justify their presumptive attack. The World would have been pleased. But making self-defence a War Crime has become the Politically IN Game – until of course the gloves are off, when 5.5 billion will be slain. We would hope the Independent Commission will come to the same conclusion.

    Reply to:            PM: I want a final accord with PA, not an interim agreement  By HERB KEINON

    Bibi Blows It, As Usual  –  20 November 2009

    There is no ‘peace process’ and this game of constantly making pretend concessions to the Arabs simply adds legitimacy to their false claims to any kind of sovereignty in Israel. The ONLY reason there is an ongoing Arab-Israel argument in Israel is that when HaShem gave Israel from the River to the Sea, Israel gave it to the Arabs. Now they want it back? Fight for it or die. Meanwhile Bibi goes out of his way to publicly convince the World that the Arabs secretly are right.

    Reply to:            Erekat: PA may ask UNSC to recognize state on ’67 borders  By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Of Course! Declare War On Israel! That’s What The UN Is For!  –  14 November 2009

    The sooner the UN is disbanded the better. But it will not happen that way.  When the populations of the nations who abuse their majority in the UN have been obliterated, the survivors will not even discuss the days when there used to be a UN. Billions will die. This will not bother Islamists. They live to die anyway but what will bother them is the fact they will not be mourned.  No laughing matter. The survivors will not be laughing. Five and a half thousand million (5.5 B) will die.


    Reply to:            Ayalon: Threat of striking Iranian nuclear facilities not a bluff 


    “Offer” Was Declined – So Withdraw It!    6 November 2009

    Personally, it seems obvious not only that Iran is playing a ‘game for time’ but so is the USA. Everything points toward the USA seeking to overthrow Israel. This is OK. “Modern Israel” is a token only of Israel, Zion and the Jews. The Jews are only a token in themselves. “Israel’ is Diaspora and brother, we are watching closely everything you do not do.

    Reply to:            Where’s the compromise over the Temple Mount?  By DAVID KIRSHENBAUM

    # 59 – Manufactured History?  –  2 November 2009

    The entire so-called religion of islam is a manufactured scam based on terror and robbery from the very start. Mohammed, may HaShem rot his soul, was a sick deviant, which is bad enough, but the religion concocted between 100 and 300 years after his death was intended only to legitimise the thieving terrorists running the islam scam in their day. Nothing has changed. Real History shows islam to be nothing but a vile satanic scurge upon Humanity. As for JPost – publish and be damned.


    Reply to:            Exclusive: ‘Goldstone report – the terrorists’ Magna Carta’   


    # 3 – Elections Are Over For The USA    31 October 2009

    You had your last. We hope it felt good. Fatten up your dog. In the near future you may want to eat it.

    Reply to:            Column One: Silencing dissent in America  By CAROLINE GLICK

    Consolidation Into Two Camps Continues  –  31 October 2009

    We are witnessing the drawing together, not simply in terms of Left or Right but in terms of Evil versus Good, Wrong versus Right or Lies versus Truth, of camps that will continue to consolidate until the last day. Sanguine? We can all be sanguine that Good will triumph over Evil but those waiting for the day should accept, very few will see it. We say 5.5 billion will die. We say JStreet taps into a culture of mediocrity which increasingly embalms the minds and morals of the West and certainly defines modern USA.

    Reply to:            The week in blood  JPost Editorial

    Finally, The Solution Will Be Applied  –  31 October 2009

    At last, when the ‘players’ accept their toy-war is inept and futile, the US will withdraw as many of its troops as it can from the killing fields. Other Western Nations will attempt to do the same. Then the solution will be that not even a mongrel dog will stagger out of these stinking islamist hellholes. Of course, there will also be the other war. But this present trite word-game is not how we are going to wipe out five and a half thousand million people. And what do you mean, innocent civilians? War Comes.

    Reply to:            US senators attack Goldstone Report  By TALI MINSBERG

    # 40 – Simple Simon  –  30 October 2009

    How very true. Israel can sit and do nothing and the World will break on the Rock of her God. And then there is the small matter of the accountability of Modern Israel for its poor stewardship. Such hubris and contempt is unworthy of mere men – thus as the creation of mere men, will Modern Israel be reduced to the dust by its God. History shows, in face of their hubris, He always does. This bodes evil for many and we say 5.5 billion will die and the suffering also will be great in Israel and the ME. Isaiah says, “Few men will survive.” But yes – HaShem certainly will destroy the enemies of Israel.

    Reply to:            ‘Force will determine Jerusalem’s fate’  By JPOST.COM STAFF AND ABE SELIG

    Mashaal Lives the BIG LIE – but War Comes  –  26 October 2009

    Constantly reinforcing the BIG LIE will certainly get followers in the West, let alone in the Arab World. People love to hear the same lying rubbish over and over – it makes them feel safe when all around them they hear ‘same sounding noises’. This is a lot like the lowing of the beasts at the Slaughter Yard. But when all these bit-players are finished with their games, the inevitable War will as usual not be kind to any. Neither race nor creed will save in the face of Death. Ahmadinejad looks for the day. He is not alone. Jerusalem will not even be important.

    Reply to:            Obama: Swine flu a national emergency  By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    In Fact, Chicken Little Is Up To Something  –  25 October 2009

    It’s plain as the nose on your face there is nothing fearsome about H1N1 for the vast majority of us of Western European origin. Either someone has advised Unca Obie the threat is race-based or he knows something that he’s not sharing. What IS the secret hidden agenda by which this goober dark darling is playing footsy with all the usual suspects and trying to leave Israel out in the cold?  Remember, we already know, this present war, WWIII, is the worst war ever in the History of Mankind. Conspiracy theory! Ha! Watch my decomposing lips!

    Reply to:            Susan Rice: Lip service for ME peace must end  By HERB KEINON

    Susan Rice’s USA Position A Declaration Of War Against Israel  –  22 October 2009

    Her ‘Unconditional’ terms are the destruction of Modern Israel for the sake of appeasing Arab Terror. And this is reported as ’empathetic’. When will Israel simply declare, “There IS no occupation. This is our home!”  But no. That’s not the game. That would leave too many survivors. The aim is to draw far more into the whirlpool of death. OK  Take your time.  When you are all dead there will still be the answer you have to give beyond the veil, “Were you honest?” There we will see these erstwile power-mongering talking heads and their eternal shame. They call Truth a lie and make a Lie truth.

    Reply to:            ‘Plan to change laws of war unrealistic’  By JPOST.COM STAFF

    The Rules Of War Never Change – You Kill Until There Is Peace  –  22 October 2009

    These “Chairs of Institutions” are lying to themselves. They pretend they don’t know that the space given them to speak was gained with a gun, millions of lives, unutterable suffering and limitless blood. After WWII an attempt was made to formalise concepts which are irrelevant now that Peace has prevailed too long for the protagonists. Israel can legally obliterate its enemies, anywhere in the World. That is the Rule of War. The ONLY rule of war that has ever mattered in Human History. To deny this is to lie to oneself in the basest, most despicable way.

    Reply to:            FBI nabs scientist on espionage charges  By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    More Disingenuous FBI Entrapment  –  20 October 2009

    “Hey buddy! You wanna make a few bucks?”  “Golly gee! I do hafta pay for the wife’s bridgework. Shuuure!”  Why is this rubbish in the news? We know the slime dwelling methods of American legal hoods. Rather than having a “little chat” with this man to whom the US owes a debt of gratitude, they throw him in the slammer on trumped up charges – for life!  The sooner the USA meets what is waiting for it in the dark, the better.  Many millions outside the US will also die but for no worse reasons.

    Reply to:            Report: ‘US spy agencies may rewrite Iran NIE’  By JPOST.COM STAFF

    NIE Is A Political Game Only  –  17 October 2009

    There is no connection between NIE and reality.  The ‘so called’ Estimates are for consumption, pretty much like “Feeding the Chooks” and are more an act of contempt than any kind of basis for opinion. What IS pertinent is that the US feels it can deliver these transparent and baseless lies as though it is only being a little disingenuous. We know in fact, the USA is unable to control its own inner circle of corruption. Bogan Obama is exactly what the US deserves.

    Reply to:            Column One: How Turkey was lost  By CAROLINE GLICK

    What A Wimp Of An Ending!  –  17 October 2009

    Wow, Caroline! I thought you were on your way and then suddenly, right at the end you didn’t even do a U-Turn.  “Maybe Turkey will come back, One Day”.  Turkey is just one of the Global Enemies of Mankind. The War has started. The USA thinks it is on the side of the USA but Unca Obie has white-anted them and they are now eating their own body like a Dali painting. The “Taking Sides” is becoming easier for most Countries but Unca Obie has decided the US will play the sides against the middle without realising the US is totally dependent upon International Trade, and US Credit just ran out. War. 



    Reply to:            ‘We must do everything to stop Iran’  By YAAKOV KATZ

    Israel Is A Convenient Stalking Horse  –  14 October 2009

    It suits others, particularly Russia and China, to posture as though Israel and by extension its relations with the Arabs, is the focus of their agenda. Their agenda is to weaken the West by any form of attrition while bolstering themselves – at all costs. The costs however are already out of control. None of them dare pull back for fear of losing face and Humanity has passed over the brink.  Now the Card of Agency being played, the Card of Consequence must be paid.

    Reply to:            Column One: The newest round of war  By CAROLINE GLICK

    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter!  –  10 October 2009

    This business of Israeli leaders playing down Arab violence is precisely why we have this entire Middle East problem. So long as Israel sits and weeps it will remain in Babylon. A refusal by Israel to simply say NO is at root of every ‘problem’ the nation has. When this problem IS solved, Jews in Israel will be the least of anybody’s problems, including Jews.

    Reply to:            Elyashiv: Jews mustn’t visit Temple Mt.  By GREER FAY CASHMAN

    The Blind Leading The Blind !  –  8 October 2009

    Saying, “We know not where to go.” is unacceptable. Halachic search should be conducted, regardless of Arab threats and violence, to determine the precise locations of the most sacred parts. As for the Wakf and their abomination, we shall see what we shall see but these Rabbihim serve empty gods of the philosophies of men – and their own egos. However, their traditional mismanagement of the Temple and its Mount is almost over. Under new Ownership and new Management the only grace they will have is that they surely kept their own counsel.

    Reply to:            Fatah official to ‘Post’: Violence may lead to 3rd intifada  By ABE SELIG

    Why Does JPost Publish Such Lies?  –  8 October 2009

    This rubbish began when a number of Jews were pelted with rocks on the Temple Mount. At this High Prayer season they would be expected to do so. The Arabs decided in advance to take this opportunity to instigate violence. JPost simply perpetuates the lying Arab narrative. Why? Is it that Jews are as pathologically false as their Arab brothers? Can no Jew stand up for Truth? Does no Jew know Truth? The Arabs are begging for violence and Solana is begging for a chance to blame the Jews. The Jews are begging for Solana to deprive them of Israel. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!

    Reply to:            Police keep close tabs on Islamic Mov’t  By YAAKOV LAPPIN

    Democracy? Law? Israel? You Jest!  –  7 October 2009

    Any “Movement” that throws stones at Jews and Police on the Temple Mount has no place in Democracy. If people cannot live according to civilised standards and law then they must be dealt with BY law. That is why civilised, democratic states have Laws. But in Israel the ruling elite elect each other on the basis of mutual grace and favour and given they respect no law they have no comprehension of its meaning nor how to administer it. Pax Roman removed the Jews legally. If Israel doesn’t legally remove Arab aggression, Islam will remove the Jews legally.

    Reply to:            US welcomes Iran’s increased cooperation over nuclear issue  By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER

    # 3 – Wrong!  –  6 October 2009

    Totally obliterate Iran and you will HAVE your friends in Saudi Arabia and Egypt!  But I jest! Nobody will do anything to avert the Trajectory of History. Five and a half thousand millions will die. Remember that number. You will end ticking them off – from behind the veil.

    Reply to:            Fearing arrest, Ya’alon cancels UK trip  by JONNY PAUL

    “England Swings” – Into The Slime!  –  6 October 2009

    The inevitability of ‘Outcomes” is meaningless to all those who figure, there is no sound of danger. When the trigger moves far enough it will be too late! What a disgusting thing Humanity does to this lovely Planet. It’s a pity because both the Planet and Humanity have the capacity to be beautiful – but Mankind have Choice. England chooses increasingly to slide below the slime. What a pity. Where is Jerusalem now? In England’s Green and Slimy Land?

    Reply to: ‘Let inspectors into plant in 2 weeks’ By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER, HERB KEINON AND YAAKOV KATZ

    “Third Party”? Russians Enrich Iranian Fuel? You Jest! – 2 October 2009
    A Third party? The only third party Iran will permit is Russia! The West would not allow Pakistan, India or North Korea – or even France for that matter – and Russia is providing the Bushier Reactor so . . . We are talking now about imbedding Russia directly in the enrichment process within Iran? Hah! OK Nuke Moscow while you’re at it.

    2 Responses to “SHORT TAKES IX by Guran”

    1. Rai says:

      Re: “We Still See The Rug Out For War – December 25, 2009” Further to your point Guran, a big question is, “How does Obama really feel about the global carnage he knows is unstoppable”? Do you think he has really taken that onboard or is he still acting like a schoolgirl – Hoping against Hope! heh We suspect when the 2AM call comes it will be the Lady who takes the Call. The only one in the bed with balls.

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