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    Confirmation of the tragic death of Britt Lapthorne, as we gathered from reports of her absence and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, brings forth sadness in the hearts of her Parents and many in our Community.
    Jesus Christ

    Due to the traditional values, cultural ethics and morality of our day, little is likely to be said concerning the overall consequences and the context surrounding Britt’s life and death. In most quarters, to do so would be considered improper or unwise or unsought. We set out wittingly in WenU Blog to cross over all lines of propiety which we feel impinge upon Truth. We make no apologies here for the unwelcomeness of our comments.

    Angels Are in this world.

    Some concern themselves with debate over the name title of our Blog, some reject the inferences of our authorships and many doubt the competency of our sources. In the page, “What We Say”, we have clearly stated above all protestations, “angels, dragons?, ghosts?” that this World looks not at what is but at what it wishes might be, regardless of the enormous suffering which follows in the wake of ignorant, perverse and malicious decisions enacted at all levels of Society, its People and its Leaders.

    Every person who entered into this life received promises from a loving Father in Heaven before they were born.

    Each person born here has Agency, the capacity and responsibility to exercise personal choice related to every thought, word and deed they will enact while in this life. Insofar as some, through no fault of their own, do not possess agency, they can be deemed to be Not Accountable. Accountability is accorded on medical grounds not upon philosophical or partisan bases.

    Each person in this life enacts their personal Choice, under whatever circumstances and by their decisions entail consequences in both Time and Eternity. It is an eternal Truth that decisions made by one individual may have consequences which impact upon the life of another. In an “imperfect world” there must be opposition in all things and all the Children of God will confront realities in Mortality which they did not encounter in their pre-existence.

    Among the promises which were made to all who enter in to Mortal Life was the promise Angels could come to each and offer the keys of knowledge by which each Child would be enabled to return to its loving Parents, to God, in Heaven. The real consequences of decisions made by some, in authority and positions of power, mean many in this life are prevented from receiving the full light of further knowledge which might otherwise be available to them while here. Life is Eternal. Love is Eternal. Intelligence is Eternal. Mortal life is a brief moment of Probation wherein some might demonstrate either their great valour and nobility or conversely, the depths to which they will voluntarily sink.

    The consequences of decisions made here, in this brief moment of Time, extend forth into the continuum of Eternity.

    In the West, demonstrably few and increasingly fewer, have not had the opportunity to avail themselves of the words of Hope and Truth presented by angels while they are here.

    Laws govern the days of Mankind’s mortality which transcend the laws of men. In the event angels present Truthes to persons here and those Truthes are declined, the consequences of such decisions extend beyond the veil of death into eternity.

    Angels do not determine who is good. Angels do not determine worthiness or righteousness nor do they decide to whom they are sent.

    Individuals do not choose when Truth will be presented or by whom.

    The Promise was made by God and the consequences of our exercise of agency are eternal.

    This is not to say, in Britt’s case, something has occurred in her life which will not or cannot occur in ours. Britt has died. Twenty one years ago, in July, she was born.

    A question we ask is, “Were you as afraid of Birth as you think you are of Death?”

    Britt came here, as Wordsworth wrote, “Trailing clouds of glory”. Now she finds herself removed from her beautiful mortal body and advanced, prematurely and without ceremony, into the Spirit World where she rejoins her ancestors and others and will await the arrival of her parents who remain caught up in the daily cares of mortal life.

    Britt is as alive today as she was prior to the eighteenth of September 2008. There is a difference. The body in which she lived among us is dead. Her choices have been made and the consequences were devastating for her.

    In the seven or so Billion people on Earth, Britt’s story is an everyday happenstance except that her death has warranted International Media Coverage. Every creature that hath within it the breath of life must die. As Job stated, “And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God: Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another; though my reins be consumed within me. Job 19: 26-27

    Every person who has lived upon this Earth shall regain a body of flesh and bone, beyond the grave. A tragedy in this life is that even Christians teach often, falsely, that Resurrection is not for all. In her Body, Britt shall stand before God and she will not be judged by angels there or here.

    Even those who strive with valour to be obedient in this life, to God’s Commandments and to the demands placed upon their mortal Soul, prayerfully and for the Honour of their God, will not leave this life without sin, “For all have sinned in the eyes of God”.

    There is a Way, by which all the Children of God may return and angels plead with Mankind to accept and to use the keys provided by the Father.

    The angel Rai is an angel unto the Most High God.

    All who read these words will find, once beyond the veil of death, angels, God and witnesses will attest to the Truth of these words – and that your eyes read these words.

    Accept no proof which You cannot obtain for yourself, directly from God.

    To know now if these things are True, ask God in humble prayer, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to testify to you of the Truth and He will confirm these things in your heart.

    If you ask God earnestly for this witness He will grant it.

    If you refuse, He cannot.

    The Law which enwraps Agency and Consequence is Eternal.

    The Path by which all God’s Children may return to their eternal home in heaven is guarded and none pass there except in the Name of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

    If you ask God to bring into your life the further Light and Knowledge of His Kingdom and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, He will grant your desire and angels will appear in your life. They may be in your street. They may be on your train. They may fly with you. They may share your office. Angels are here.

    Political systems and the plans of Man may seek to offer rewards in this life or beyond, and some offer both, but where Britt is the matter becomes once more increasingly plain. For her, the great Mortal adventure is done. Her eternal Intelligence moves on.


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