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    An early witness called in for interrogation in the disappearance in Croatia of Australian backpacker Britt Lapthorne described her as “Convivial, naïve and promiscuous”. Her Aussie mates were outraged at such an accusation but it’s easy to see how apt this might be.
    Britt Lapthorne

    In Australia, Britt would have been raised within a culture which encouraged her to focus upon her own sense of ‘empowerment’. She would have been nurtured to feel her body was hers to control and to choose how she used it. A culture of gender equality would have imbued in Britt the sense that life was hers to live and that her path was hers for the choosing. All this ‘empowerment’ and ‘ownership’ seems at once both exhilarating and sobering. In reality, it often devolves to license.

    In Australia, Britt Lapthorne would have been a normal girl.

    In Europe, steeped in millennia of ‘culture’, Britt would have seemed a slut.

    In Orthodox Europe, and in Croatian villagers they still tend toward Grandmother’s perceptions of what are Orthodox views, Britt would have seemed a harlot.

    So from the perspective of the Croatian Male, the witness might be considered to have been tactful and considerate in his choice of words.

    All this can be of no account when taken in context of wider issues or narrower as the case may be. On 6th October a body was retrieved from waters near Dubrovnik which may be Britt. Immediate unofficial comment was that this was hardly likely to be Britt due to the advanced state of decay of the corpse. Having been in water for eighteen days, if it was Britt, it surprises there was sufficient left to float.

    But the bridge between cultural values is an abyss.

    Britt, we feel, is surely dead.

    The parallels that can be drawn are stark when extended to the developing confrontations between the ‘cultures’ of the World. The Clash of Civilizations need not be seen as totally in the West’s favour. Too easily, the West could suffer Britt’s fate.

    The brash and unselfconscious West can too readily find itself out of its depth when confronted intimately with the leanings and characteristics of the East. A rather typical example might be drawn from Ahmadinejad’s speech to the UN – a masterly and superior exposition of values which no Western leader would dare to make. By drawing upon ‘Religious and Spiritual mores’, Iran’s leader made plain he would be in his element destroying the bumbling, naïve and crude verbal defenses of the likes of Bush, Brown and even Sarkosy. In fact, none would be so foolish as to engage him but of course, Barak Obama has already stated that he will !!

    We envisage the sad end of Britt, with men in the back of a Croatian car, one each side and both she and they having had drink. With force applied she would have been compelled to submit to oral sex on the one hand and via one of her lower orifices simultaneously. While an Australian girl might be willing under some circumstances to submit and even to endure, it’s likely under such circumstances that Britt would attempt to resist. Resistance typically leads to greater force and it must seem a small matter that in her struggle, while being choked on a male member, she would also vomit and quite quickly drown on her own vomit.

    The West could as easily suffer the same fate.

    We envisage the bemused and worried state of the men. Not having intended that the girl die, they found as has so often been the case, the object of their lust did not survive the experience. It matters not at all that it was never meant to “go that far”. It was always meant to go so far as their sexual appetites demanded. Did the driver stop by the cove where her body was discovered and “Have one while she’s warm”?

    Death crept up on all players. This is so similar to the fifteen year old British girl who died at Goa. One minute rapt in her drug enhanced experience of music and emotions – the next, silently choking on her own vomit, disposed of on a beach, naked, used and dying.

    In each case the victim possessed great natural beauty, vivacity and charm. But life, the transport system of that precious sexual gratification, is encased in a fragile mortal frame. Beauty flees instantly once life departs. Dead, the ungainly form is tipped into the waters, for convenience sake, to hide the past and its mistake.

    Britt Lapthorne may still be alive. We await yet official confirmation in any case. She may not be the corpse discovered yesterday. She may be some other corpse, near or far away.

    However, the men who took Britt in the car that night were likely more intoxicated than the witness who characterised Britt as “convivial, naïve and promiscuous”. They no doubt were not backpackers but local Croatian men, with provincial Croatian attitudes to the harlot they had got and to this very day, they no doubt consider the onus was on her to be safely home in bed rather than out carousing with them.

    Brave New World of the West. How poorly we equip our youth to comprehend the fragility of life and the immediacy of death. Australia is by comparison a ‘Sheltered Workshop’. Vast material wealth and luxury, personal freedoms unlimited by either law or commonsense. Certainly not by decency.

    God’s Law extends over and above all Creation. The double sided Law of Agency: A person must decide personally what will be every thought, word and deed. But having exercised such Choice, we have no control over Consequence.

    As the West determines why it is what it is, how it will maintain itself and when, the realities can be expected to be overlooked. The Politically Correct debate will continue meaninglessly until too late. Then the terror stricken, dying Culture, choking on its own vomit, will exert every ounce of energy, effort and force to destroy its oppressor.

    No Mortal may live forever. Every creature that hath within it the breath of life must die. If Britt has passed from our companionship, returning to that Spirit Realm where we all must for some time wait, she will feel a sadness at parting so soon. Britt will likely also look keenly at another evident truth: her departure from among us has saved her the troubles we must endure.

    Each and every individual who reads these words will review them with the author as witnesses with God and angels when we all have passed through that veil. Death is no more to be feared than birth. Without birth we could not receive mortal, physical bodies. Without mortality, we would not die. Without death we could not be resurrected. Without resurrection there is no Eternal Life.

    Islam, for what it’s worth, seeks to deny Mankind the right and ability to exercise individual choice in all things. To compel. Such is directly contrary to the Will of God. Islam is Contrary to the Will of God.

    We may choose unwisely and like Britt, we may die as a consequence of our decisions. We must also be prepared to die in defence of that right.

    As for History, our Civilisation is being raped by the East. It now remains to be seen whether we will break free or drown in our own vomit, impaled at both ends.



    1. naughtybits says:

      Wow Rai! They haven’t even said yet if it’s her! You come on a bit strong! *looks away* Do all the angels see it like you? I mean, you don’t sound happy in here like you do in chat 🙁

    2. Torpor says:

      I think you are a bit quick too. It troubles me when you reveal such details. You had the same sort of insight with Elizabeth Smart in the US. You were right then too. As for ‘War of the Worlds’, when wasn’t it?

    3. Jordan says:

      The sensational title for your piece ‘East rapes West’ is just sickening. You don’t care about her or her family. You just exploit a tragedy for your own agenda. Totally inappropriate and sickening.

    4. fib says:

      Are you proud of your outrageously narrowminded, insenstive completely dangerous point of view???????. HOw dare you use this poor girls death to further you outrageously misguieded fundamentally intolerant beliefs

    5. Rai says:

      Your point is taken but we are not narrowminded here. Nor are we intolerant, aside from the fact we consider the imminent deaths of 5.5 Billion people intolerable. Bringing people to actually LOOK at the unpleasant realities of life is a task requiring both subtlety and brute force. How dare people make a fuss over ONE death and ignore the millions!

    6. absurd says:

      How does her death have anything to do with Islam? Why do you have to drag religion into this!?

    7. Marie Churchward says:

      I find this article quite disturbing. Yes, it is a heinous crime, but the article is full of suppositions. I lived in Europe for many years, and women are not thought of as sluts or harlots. I think the author should not offend the religion he refers to, they are not all bad. I also lived in the UAE for over 11 years and loved the country and the people.
      I find a lot of people naive here in Australia, its not a bad word and its true. Most of my good friends are Europeans and I take offense at this article. I feel very sorry for the family of Britt.
      Wherever one goes, especially here in Oz one has to be vigilant!!!

    8. Guran says:

      Marie Churchward, we (Guran webmaster and Rai) find your response disturbing. The function of this blog is to draw the attention of readers to the innate blindness of the Western World. This article has drawn comment which we have ‘approved’ despite it’s being mainly ‘off-topic’ in the first place. We too have travelled the world and found people everywhere identical – Lovely, Loving, Industrious and Human. Being Human means every religion is a victim of its adherents who may be and often are, abhorent individually. This blog though looks at Trajectories and History. The only comment we have seen, which we ‘approved’ despite it’s seeming connection with a source of spam, was one that said the blog is “Interesting”. Aside from that, we find generally the comments offered are disturbingly irrelevant to our content. We don’t know where these few comments about Britt are coming from and possibly we grieve for her more than most but that has nothing to do with the sense of Context and Contrast that we pursue. Will you eat a loved one to survive? Will you be slaughtered in your street by a rampaging mob of your hitherto ‘nice’ neighbours? The Dream is almost over. But nothing that is happening or about to happen is new. Look around you. In fact – read this Blog instead of blindly presuming Britt has anything whatsoever to do with it. Britt is only one of seven billion statistics. So are you.

    9. Russell Cunning says:

      Kevin Rudd has promised Australian Federal Police help. Pity they can only help people after they die.

      In February I was shot in Ukraine. The Australian Consulate is in Moscow. Sue Burgess, the Consul, could not help me at all. I was stuck in hospital, but the Privacy Act prevented them from notifying anybody in Australia.

      While I was in hospital, some dubious looking people were visitning my house. I asked if she could find out from the Ukrainian Police whether these people were Policemen or not. She refused, because that would be ‘interfering in Ukrainian Police matters’.

      In fustration I asked what the Consulate COULD do for me. She replied, “If you die, we can ship your body back to Australia.”

      So, Aussies abroad, look after yourself, because the Australian Government will only look after you once you’ve died.

    10. Rai says:

      Thank You for that, Russell.
      It’s amazing what people take for granted but the reality is, outside Australia the World is VERY un-Australian. It can be a bit scary in a foreign land when something ‘goes down’. We believe in the injunction of Lord Byron, that “young people should visit the few colonies our wars have left us” – sadly, continuing wars have not left us many, maybe the UK, US and NZ LOL! Hope you are well again and back on Terra Australis Firma 🙂

    11. Elseede says:


    12. Rai says:

      Elseede, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. But you really should read the words – ALL OF THEM. And this is an ancient post! Try some of the recent ones? BURNING PEOPLE sounds right up your street.

    13. Zodiac says:

      ur an ignorant psycho!!! and what Islam has to do with this???

    14. Rai says:

      Try reading the article instead of just falling in love with the idea of the girl in the photo. What we said was that the West is asleep at the wheel, pretty much as Britt was ‘asleep at the wheel’ of an intoxicated body. There seems to be a very high probability that the West will suffer the same fate as Britt. If you body is not too badly damaged in that, it may be eaten by somebody who lives in your street. Their bad . . .

    15. Croat says:

      First of all it would be nice for somebody to write a subject to know at least the basic of it.

      Croatia is a European country and 99% of Croats are catholic. Croatians 10 years ago did fight Muslims in a real war. So while you are sitting in your cousy living room writing what the west should do us Croats did fight for our democracy, religion and culture. Unlike you we don’t jump to conclusions and say that all Australians are kangaroo fuckers still throwing boomerangs and fucking each other like rabbits. No sir we do appreciate you as normal people so please try the same, last summer there was more than 2,5 million tourist in Dubrovnik and only fatality was Britt how many deaths do you have in Millburn last year?