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    Just as “FITNA – The Movie” was deplored, so will the message of this confronting site be severally, ignored, shunned or pilloried. We add the LINK to the site today (Links column at Right) in full knowledge the battle lines are being drawn globally. War must come.
    Survivor - Syria

    http://thereligionofpeace.com is a site to be pondered over. Jingoistic hate-mail is one thing but a site which exhibits such ease in collating a plethora of damning details and statistics must not be ignored. Nor must “Authorities” close it down.

    Too often, the official response to painful realities in this World is to draw a curtain across the spectacle and punish those who would bring such crime to light. Instance initial response to Salman Rushdie and “The Satanic Verses”, the Danish Mohammed art contest and , of course, Geert’s “FITNA”.

    Reality bites hard. Its victims sometimes bite their lips through, in an agony of suppressed terror and pain. Politically correct ‘talking head’ icons gloss over such deep and personal tragedies with banal calls for Reconciliation and Negotiation.

    We live in those days when the patience of Humanity will run out. Now is the Time spoken of by the Prophets.

    We offer no religious tirade, to be taunted and held up to jest and abuse. We offer only the foreknowledge that all evil is coalescing within the Race in our Time to produce such a racial and human apocalypse that its echoes reverberated backward through Time. Our day was seen as both the Glorious Age of Mankind’s greatness and achievement – also as the nadir of his destruction.

    No creature on this planet is as dangerous nor as destructive as the Human.

    The statistics and provicative content of ISLAM – Religion of Peace demonstrate that.

    The Day Comes and Now Is when Mankind will bite its lip.

    We do not say kill for the joy of killing. We do not say kill rather than seek a more palliative solution to Man’s challenges. We say the crime of sin which is levelled against the Human Race will be excised. Like a cancer, the flesh taken out with it will be more substantial than the local manifestations of the disease.

    Great death advances toward Mankind. Few will survive.


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