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    On 28 March 1461 in the North of England, in the Wars of the Roses, 28,000 men died in hand-to-hand combat on one day, on one side!   Now go and read an account of some ‘atrocity’ where two or three are killed.   Go and read some media orchestrated kangaroo court convicting soldiers in the heat of war, of killing ‘people’.
    War Comes

    After 28 March 1462, “Edward (IV), writing to his mother, conceals his own losses, but claims that twenty eight thousand Lancastrian dead had been counted.” Winston S Churchill – A History of the English Speaking Peoples

    When we at WenUBlog state that five and a half thousand million are due to die, we are merely stating the obvious: History is not impressed by nor governed by the Media. Public opinion will not sway History. Death does not conduct ‘Polls’.

    Popularity has no influence on Death. The winner IS popular because the losers are dead.

    We live in a world dominated by instantaneous global communications. It has been so trite to see the media, typical buffoons, making much of the competition in which Britain won more Olympic gold medals than Australia, and the resultant navel-gazing of Aussie apologists including the Minister for Sports. No mention that the UK has a population three times that of Australia nor the absolute effrontery of the Bronzewalians in demanding three times as much success as the UK! heh banal

    So anyway, we just accept the head-shakes and snide remarks about our commentary.

    As the angel says, global population now is about seven thousand thousand thousand. What a nice, Biblical number!

    As that number is reduced to something of the order of six hundred million many will wonder what can possibly happen to prevent the total obliteration of Mankind. Actually, nothing can be done because when it happens it will happen but not this time. Even the Plague left a survival rate of approximately thirty percent, which is much higher than will survive what WE can do. The survivors will not need to read this blog to learn that War leads nowhere but down the slope that Mankind is on today.

    But War is inevitable. War satisfies the needs of Men and the demands of History.

    Will Putin laugh and say, “Haa Ha! Fooled you! I was just testing.” And return Ossetia and Abkazia to Georgian sovereignty, and foster harmony within those provinces?

    Will Nasrallah and the Arabs say that actually, they do accept that Israel is a legitimate nation and they will summarily cease hostilities against the Jews?

    Will Pakistan and India tie the knot? (not meaning the one around each other’s throats)

    Will Iran seek reconciliation with the United States of America and ask the great satan for assistance in harmonizing its fiscal and industrial policies with the West?

    History is seated and has its stakes on the table.

    Men gamble but History takes all.

    Five and a half thousand million will die.

    You will hear nothing about this from the bastard media peddling trivia and embalming fluid for your brain. Remember, they want you to PAY for what they tell you, so the business of the media is to tell you what they say is attractive. “The Media Is The Message” (Marshall McLuhan)

    We say the media is the bastard child of your prostitution.


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