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    Now that its complete lack of probity has been established, the US feels able to come forth with its latest NIE Report. We know where they are coming from. AFTER the event they will say they started nothing so they are morally justified in playing “Take All”.

    You Want WHAT? WHEN?

    The ground rules were set in “Lend Lease”, a scam operated by the US during World War Two. The idea was to sell arms to Briton and let them fight for the culture and privileges enjoyed by the USA. After the British Empire had liquidated its assets globally, and transferred them by the shipload to North America via Toronto, the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, finally lowered the boom.

    “Fight now, as a result of Pearl Harbour,” he said “Or we shall place your name, throughout the World, in the muck where it belongs!”

    Suddenly the catchcry in the US was, “Remember Pearl Harbour!”

    Sure! Say that now!

    The moral rot and decay that is Modern USA has run its course. Its president is not a Christian and its morals as a country emulate those of an allycat. The purse has run empty and very soon “US Cits” will be carving each other in pieces just to survive.

    The National Intelligence Estimates (NIE) suggestion that the US should wait until 2015/20 before looking to take coup is predictable and despicable. This is not to say the Rest Of The World will be exempt from the collapse in its trustworthiness. Gold is at over $1K USD so you can forget about stockpiling notes!

    The two things worth having in the immediate future are Survival Essentials, such as food, water and equipment, and hard bullion. Those unable to stockpile bullion should not ignore the need to stock up on the survival essentials. When the lights go out, you will have no shops to run to, no Doctor, no Poleesman, no schools and no hope for help and assistance except from neighbours who will want to share what YOU have – at any cost.

    Across Continental North America cannibalism will take place. In the cities, that will be nothing compared to what also happens. The lucky might die quickly.

    What about Europe? Today, Barack Obama has stated that is the concern of Europe.

    He’s right.

    What about the Middle East? The ME will remain the playground of Fools and Tools.

    What about Southern Asia? India will successfully invade Western Australia. Indonesia will be repulsed from Northern Australia, at great cost and with assistance of weaponry begged, borrowed and stolen from the USA.

    Teeming millions, even billions throughout Asia will be thrown back on the rural capacities they can muster to feed the greatest populations on the Planet. Their attempts will not be successful but the strong shall survive. They will not be happy and they will not be pretty.

    Due to the actions of Fools with Tools there will be technological warfare – meaning all those nice things in the locker will be used, although not to the extent some have always surmised. They will not be necessary.

    Those who die as a direct result of Twenty First Century Warfare will die relatively quickly. How lucky to be nuked!

    Two inescapable deaths will stalk the living.

    One fact unable to be avoided will be the inability of nations to treat or respond to disease outbreaks. You get sick – you die. Before you die, you infect others, No doctors, no nurses, no hospitals, no Centres For Disease Control. Every disease outbreak will become a national pandemic.

    The second fact surrounds the unspeakable ‘Other’ technology of our day. Where today we have methods of control which are effective because adequate medical resources are available against known lethal agents which occur in our midst on a daily basis, the same will not soon be true.

    Non-existent facilities will not treat the incurable scourges designed by Man and which will be let loose to ensure none of the “other side” live to see the day.

    There will be a considerable “Wow” factor to the new ways in which some people will die. Some won’t even die. They will wish they did but sadly they will linger.

    This is going to be rough.

    It’s not going to be new. It’s not as if we were not warned.

    Unsurprisingly, the answer which was always there is not in the Qura’n. So you think this is some religious tract? Go read the instructions at your local Boy Scouts group – that is your religious tract. And don’t forget to Pray.

    Obama is using the Philosophies of Men, Mingled with Scripture and he is leading himself gently down to Hell. He is taking his Nation with him.

    Sure! Some will survive. They always do.

    We estimate, as we have stated here for some years, roughly five and a half thousand million will die. 5.5 Billion. Likely that will include you, unless it so happens you are an extremely self-sufficient Christian with the patience of a saint and an abiding Faith in your Lord.

    Sorry if you demanded that every 21st Century Blog be anti-Christian.

    Here we have angels. Here we have dragons. Here we have the ghost. But here we don’t tell lies and we invent nothing.

    Obama is your fool who makes lies.

    Incidentally, since the Financial Crash was directly connected to the Mortgage Debacle, particularly in the USA, why were the billions of dollars given to the banks instead of simply paying off all those housing loans and allowing millions of families to break free from their debt cycle – and spend? Nuuuuuuuuuu! Inflation.

    So we know exactly what the First Imperatives of the USA Culture are and we know that whole box and dice has already fallen and bits are right now scattering out, across the floor of World Politics.

    But Dragons are not yet GO.


    6 Responses to “TYPICAL UNITED STATES De-NIE-al”

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      Changing Hosts requires contacting your Nameserver, and you may not yet know who that is. In our Blog Entry “Not Black and White” back in January 2008, we admitted similar delays (100 pages of emails) before it was all smooth sailing – same blog – new site.

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      If you are using WordPress, also discuss your questions in WP Forums. They have many answers.


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