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  • FLAME-OUT 2012

    It’s interesting to note how many events are lining up to correspond to the Mayan Calendar terminal – 2012. Now we know the USA plans to be out of Iraq we can assume, with US troops back home, it will be safe to annihilate the Middle East.    We are good with this.
    War Comes

    This would have tragic consequences elsewhere. It’s difficult to burn the fur on one part of a tennis ball without surrounding fuzz going out in sympathy. Or not, as the case may be.

    We don’t think Humanity is going to make it. Two thousand and twelve is a long time.

    Mind you, if the Really Wealthy people in the US are prepared to sit out the antics of the Russians and all the bit-players over the next couple of years, it may be unnecessary to intervene until then anyway.

    Having said that, with the price of oil being so volatile lately, those same fiscal giants will no doubt be looking closely at their cards and raising their eyebrows at those in the White House who’s job it is to protect the economic assets of the Free World. heh That means those who are free to make money.

    Now that Russia is suddenly making money again, they qualify too. And who could have failed to notice that China has made it, at last, onto the fiscal stage. We liked to see however that China has not completely sold out its Old School values for the sake of Olympic Popularity Contests – ten days in prison for a ‘British Lady’ who had the temerity to Protest in Beijing! A sock right on the old British stiff upper lip.

    It’s a game, isn’t it!

    So Russia will squeeze the EU for Oil Credits and Iran will squeeze the US. China will just squeeze. Eventually the French will fall out of the mix and into the grinder – a painful reminder to the EU that human bodies burn rather well.

    South East Asia will similarly incandesce. Historically, the pet theory goes that Indonesia will attempt to rape Australia but get its privates burned for its trouble – but that while Australia licks its wounds India will invade Western Australia (a mere hop, step and a jump away) and dig itself in like the proverbial tick.

    Meanwhile the Jews of Russia, the USA, Europe and Australia will decide Time has had a good enough head-start and commence to reel it in.

    Possibly they are right. 2012 could be a good year for Civil Defence postures.

    Human nature has not changed throughout all History. There is no evidence whatsoever that people in the past behaved differently to today. Nor is there any evidence that they acted as they do for any different reasons. So on the track record of Humanity we have witnessed our last Olympic Games.

    Not that People will cease to exist. Some always survive although, in this case, they will feel no gratitude to us for what we leave them. In the past, one of the significant causes of mortality was ‘inbreeding’. We will give them a legacy that will make inbreeding an adventure all its own.

    And then the Millennium. The Long Grasslands of hope.

    The straggling few will stagger out on that plain, confounded, starving and confused. It will TAKE a thousand years for them to rediscover envy and vanity. We will bury those emotions for them under five and a half thousand million souls.

    But individuality will survive and rise triumphant once again.

    By than, Mankind will have discovered something that will destroy not so much the people as turn the entire planet into one glassy globe. That would take a lot of heat. Maybe we will destroy the Sun.

    Or is it, God will save us the trouble?

    But in the short term, it would be good to get US Marines out of Iraq so we can obliterate the Middle East.

    Yep. 2012 looks good for the old Civil Defence posture.

    angels high

    dragons falling leaf

    over and out.


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