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    Eventually the lies will all have been said and nothing will remain but to wipe out the liars. The idea that the whole planet will be overtaken by murderers with scarves over their faces is false. The real killers wear Saville Row suits and the last thing they will do in this life is to make sure they leave no legacy to such inimical lice.
    Ismail Hania AP

    We see today pockets of violence which is effectively sponsored by States. This includes external players who use Iraq as their playground but also is typified by the situation in Afghanistan. A similar situation prevails throughout such countries as India, Pakistan, the small but densely populated nations of South East Asia and of course, Southern America and Southern Africa. This is not an exhaustive or detailed list but simply points the gaze directly at evidences of the problem.

    The problem, so far as it has a public face, is illustrated by a simple scenario. Picture a patrol of, typically, Western coalition troops sweeping an area in the hunt for armed insurgents. The patrol comes under fire and responds. Media coverage of the event focuses upon the fact ‘innocent civilians’ are harmed, wounded or killed. The official government spokesperson makes much of the fact these ‘allies’ who have come to help his nation instead add to the problem. It is made plain that individual soldiers will be penalised for any ‘excess’ in the performance of their duties in the field.

    Now – Reality Check: Freedom loving Western nations do not send their sons to foreign lands to be taken to court by unprincipled scum who would need to step UP the ladder of humanity to wear a tophat and finally have difficulty walking underneath a cockroach.

    Oops! Was that supposed to slip out?

    Eventually, in the midst of the kinds of desperate and warlike activities which are becoming more frequent and will continue to do so, the armed forces of the West will simply retreat.

    This does not mean they will have been beaten on the battlefield. It simply means military leaders and politicians will be compelled to accept that soldiers on the ground refuse anymore to attempt what they can do best from far far away.

    Western forces will disengage from these disgusting holes, return to their barracks in Britain, Australia and the USA. They will establish clear skies in their natural domain and simply seed these billions with the death they already barely escape. It is not necessary to maintain large numbers of armed troops in an area just to ensure there is no ‘Lawlessness’. When everybody is dead, nobody breaks the law.

    When everybody is effectually an innocent armed insurgent, the answer is to wipe out the entire population.

    When innocent civilians are prevented from living a peaceful coexistence from birth, it becomes a matter only of determining the point at which they can usefully be exterminated. It’s ridiculously similar to dealing with a vermin infestation.

    What are the human rights of vermin?

    The question has been asked throughout all history.

    Those who attempted to answer the question have been found to be fools or tyrants.

    The fools insisted every life was of equal worth and thus, worthy of equal protection. Today we see the same ethos extended to other species. In the West we have become a people of dilettantes – individuals entirely reliant on the mass cry out for the rights even of the beasts of the field.

    At least, they do so far.

    The tyrants are picked out by the authorities of History. Men of declaim and infamy held to the view that the greater benefit of all was served by the removal of the unnecessary.

    Genetic, social, cultural and ethnic cleansing.

    Oh dear! There are those horrid words!

    If the Human Race were likened to a railway locomotive it would be readily accepted that much landscape must be altered to establish a ‘right-of-way’ through which the train could progress.

    History is a record of the engineering feats required to bring us here. There have been times when we passed across the ‘long grasslands of hope’ and what was required was in fact, more hands rather than fewer. Also the record deals with the mass culls of the Goths, the Vandals and similar hordes who passed through the land leaving all either dead or pregnant with the seed of their invaders.

    We don’t think the science majors in the Western Deserts of the USA plan to just lie there and be impregnated by the odd passing Arab Tribesman, of any race or breed.

    We do not think the chemical engineers of the Portnum Downs’ of this world have any intention of suffering the ‘Chinese Ignominy’ of lying there and being raped – not without introducing their favourite ‘Andromeda Strain’.

    It seems unthinkable now that such deeds could be contemplated, let alone enacted upon a poor unsuspecting Human Race. And yet, sixty three years ago the nuclear solution was used to erase a demographic problem manifesting as a military challenge. Also, throughout the entire Twentieth Century, chemical warfare was practiced by all the major combatants and many of the ‘bit players’ such as Saddam Hussein for instance.

    So plainly there is no ground upon which to suggest it cannot happen again as it has in the past. Nor is there any comfort to be found in stating, “It’s different now.” It is but simply because the situation is more dire and the problem many times worse.

    Into this quagmire of pleasantries, because that is what current political debate amounts to, walks reassertive Russia demanding the USA accept Russian hegemony over Europe and all the old Soviet Satellites, who in turn demand NATO stamp their paybooks by taking the OTHER side.

    Will the US and Russia go to Global War over a few hundred disputed deaths in Georgia?

    Will the US annihilate Russia for the sake of ‘Peace In Our Time’.

    Will the US permit Russia to remake the Rules and the Borders of Eastern Europe, just for the sake of a few mid-west voters who want their congressman to avert World War Three?

    Will knuckling under to Putin prevent anything? Will Obliterating Russia prevent anything?

    Will standing on the sidelines and politely applauding as the French carve out a new Empire at no expense to themselves prevent anything? Will the Piper still have to be paid, eventually?

    Why ARE all these people here, anyway?

    What ARE the pinnacle values attaching to Humanity that make it so significant that we remain alive and so important that we are, in the first place?

    Oh! Thou shalt not kill?


    Killing is OK under prescribed circumstances and death is of no importance whatsoever. “Every creature that hath within it the breath of life must die.”

    OK. So is it the Human Condition?

    Well, no. In many cases the human condition is lower than the animals that surround them. At least the ‘animals’, the beasts of the field, truly are innocent. Meanwhile nothing more malevolent can be conceived than the ‘Alphas’ among the humans and nothing more depraved than the incestuous, beastial conditions of their victims.

    So it must be apparent there is no ‘saving grace’ in being Human. To maintain so is an insult to intelligence.

    Except there is that Word. Human Beings are not simply Hominids, they are Men, male and female. Mankind.

    The angels are comfortable with what is about to happen to the Children of God.

    They rejoiced to know even before Adam was born.

    The angels are even happier now that they see this ‘thing’ is almost over. There is a quotable quote from scripture that lends itself to myriad interpretations: It is harder for a rich man to enter heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

    Well, Humanity is richer than it has ever been but it will be very very depleted after it has passed through the needle.

    So it must seem that God expects our days to be the most expensive outing for mankind, even in view of Historical events which beggar the imagination.

    Why would God have so many Children if all He plans is to kill them?

    Well. The secret is: He needed them to be born.

    The Creation? He needed a PLACE for them to be born.

    Without the Creation there could be no Plan of God and no Fall of Mankind.

    Without Birth there would be no Death.

    Without Death there could be no Resurrection.

    We seem to be looking at Creation, Fall, Atonement and Resurrection?


    Now that rings a bell!

    This sounds more and more like a script for Star Wars! Talk about Clone Wars! We are all going to die! Oh no! she cries. “How unkind!”

    Well no. This still misses the point. In Heaven you cannot just pick up a physical body at the local market. They are, in fact, very hard to come by. Just because YOU have one doesn’t mean everybody (nice word) who wanted one GOT one.

    So Yes. We did come here for a reason. A twofold reason at least. We needed to obtain a physical body because that is an improvement on what we were before we were born into this life. Also, because God is a God of Wisdom, there is work to be done and He being a God of Love involves us in His work.


    Since when did God work?

    The work of God is to bring to pass the exaltation and eternal life of His Children.

    That’s you. And me.

    As it happens, not every human being on Earth is fruitfully engaged in pursuing God’s work. There are certainly a large number who are involved in expediting death. There are also quite a few who devote themselves, in a fairly aimless manner, to expediting birth.

    But mainly, if you ask anybody, the strongest impression you will receive is that the majority of individuals who speak on the subject of why we are here is that they work to spread lies. Lies about God or gods. Lies about ‘values’. Lies about the ‘human condition’. And of course, there are those who’s words are indisputable because they flawlessly mouth the philosophies of men, mingled with scripture.

    So the greatest problem here is that it’s a stumbling block on the way to – somewhere.

    Recent History has introduced us into the Way of the Future!

    Most of Humanity is about to die. The saving grace in that is it will very much reduce the Lies!

    But the work will go on, even at a greater pace.

    There won’t be any militant islam. Yes. Sorry about that. It’s just another of those despicable lies.

    The Truth is that the prophets said these days must come. They said mankind would know these days.

    Linguistics is not the average person’s strong point. Linguistics deals with the fact many people use different words to signify the same thing. Linguistics is a part of History. History is the written record of Mankind. No writing – no history.

    Down through the History of Mankind a trajectory holds true: An account of a beginning, a purpose, a way and an end.

    This amounts basically to: Where did you come from; Why are you here; and Where are you headed when you leave?

    Deeply imbedded in the information that was always provided the Race was a word frequently not grasped. As it passes through peoples hands, and the lips of those who use ‘the philosophies of men, mingled with scripture’, the word becomes changed, even ‘nuanced’ which is a currently fashionable word, thus meaningless.

    The word given to Mankind indisputably (despite the endless dispute) was best iterated in Hebrew and its modern avatar is Messiah. But the word exists in countless forms now, much to the intentional confusion of Humanity.

    The word in some of its linguistic iterations is: Messiah, Meshiach, Christus, Christ, Redeemer, Atoning One, Saviour (Savior if U R a North American selective) and other forms of the Title ascribed to the one individual, including The Lamb of God, who’s mission is the Central Key to why YOU and all Humanity are here.

    Now. It’s important to grasp that the prophets did not lie. They said the angels would be here and so they are. At this point in the journey of Mankind through its Mortality, you need to get the help of angels.

    How can you do that?

    You should venture upon the Word.

    You should kneel somewhere private and ask God, who is your literal Father in Heaven, in the name of Jesus the Christ, to send into your personal life the angels who are there for you. Your Father will answer your prayer. The angels will appear in your life. That’s part of why they are here.

    The other part of why the angels are here is to bundle this mess up in a big bag and burn it.

    Try not to be inside.


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