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    We see Joe Wilson being publicly Censured for stating explicit Truth, sadly in that so August Chamber the US Senate, where such is beneath the sophistries of their banal attempts at being ‘even-handed’ to all injustices. This is precisely why the UN also is Useless.

    Use Tha Force, Obie!

    Jousting with plastic light-sabres is good! It matches the rhetoric of Eastern zealots who genuinely believe in the Two Edged Sword of their disgusting religion. Their scripture is their blade and with it they will cut and they will cut until there is no more, unless Unca Obie uses “The Force” to destroy them from off the face of the Earth. Some hope!

    The Sword of Damocles was raised and is now falling. Nothing will stay the fall of Islam’s blade, as it passes through the necks of its gullible victims, until the blade and those who wield strike the dirt. Human History has its own trajectory and is not deflected by the mere whims of Men.

    Matters have been put firmly in train which will not be deflected from severing millions from their life. The question, if there is one, is whether anything can or ought to be done to minimise the cost in Human suffering and death.

    But the questions on people’s lips are not of these things.

    The questions we hear repeatedly are in fact lies.

    The great debate of the hour is how to justify action by the International Court to indict Israel for “War Crimes” in its defence against Arab aggression and the extent to which similar steps can be taken against the USA.

    With the current crop of sophists in the USA House, there is every chance they will encourage BOTH impeachments and cheer themselves into the slaughterhouse. They will brag they did nothing in their own defence, so they must be in the right.

    Many corpses were quite right.

    They remain, however, quite dead.

    All of this attaches to the reason we say, when Unca Obie (should he not have been despatched by then) realises how publicly and shamefully his titty has been sucked, will react like a little girl with destructive rage. It may be another in his place.

    Then Dragons will be GO.


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