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    Websites for Georgia’s president and parliament have been knocked offline and even defaced in cyber attacks, which commenced almost two weeks ago and intensified when the fighting between Georgia and Russia began.

    Georgia Hitler AP

    Internet security sites say the hackers are using networks of zombie computers, or “botnets”, to flood Georgian computer networks and take them offline, in what are known as distributed denial of service (DOS) attacks.

    Who is not aware of the constant stream of ‘romantic’ offers flooding out of Russia, suggesting amorous relationships, even ‘marriages’ with supposedly beautiful Russian girls – who without doubt are male Russian ‘underword’ figures? We even received one with an Irish name!!

    This constant stream of email offers is the simplest way to introduce trojans into the computers of those gullible enough to open and view photographs, anywhere in the world.

    The assumption is that these ‘underworld’ figures are not so ‘free enterprise’ as they would have us believe and consequently, their BOTNETS would be compliantly accessible to Comrade Putin and his rinkydink ‘players’ at the Kremlin. They are no doubt amused when people such as an acquaintance ‘fell’ for the offer he received and was gullible enough to send airfares to Russia in order for his e-love to escape to the West!! She was not on the plane when it arrived!!

    Cannot believe an adult could be so gullible.

    But aside from these jokesters, the threat of networks of DOS robots flooding the Web with trash is a genuine matter of global security concern. The technology is well known internationally and has been demonstrated often enough in attacks against single corporate entities. Now we see it, not for the first time, used against countries such as Georgia, Estonia and Lithuania. Who is next in the BOTWARS?

    Are they launching test e-missiles in order to verify their weaponry in time for a massive attack on the Global Communications Networks of the Free World?

    heh They are already doing that, and they are not alone but in the West the motive is merely criminal. In the East, the motive is ‘control’. Chinese management of the internet was found to be ‘oppressive’by Western journalists planning to surf Tibetan sites from the Olympic Village (goes to show stupor of thought is not restricted to our next door neighbour). Since Easterners are happy to blatantly impose their will in their own country it must be assumed they would consider no restraint if the need arose to crush WWW access in foreign countries.

    But yes. We see the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ as these endless and mindless bombardments by email from countries expected to have the strictest ‘internal’ codes of control and monitoring litter our busy Desktops.

    We do not believe for one moment that some blonde haired emailer reaches our InBox undetected by the Totalitarian Powers That Be.

    Forget the Amtrak Wars (which ARE still coming) – look for the BotNET Wars.


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