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    It’s a matter of indifference what steps the world might take from here on in. History has all its gems carefully gathered in one clawed hand and is about to tread on what it no longer needs.

    Abbas & Mubarak
    Escapees - AP

    For a military person, war is regrettable but acceptably necessary under circumstances that have been handed down throughout all ages. Once war opens it then becomes a venue not only of challenge but of surprising fulfillment and even joy for those who are intellectually engaged.

    It’s a given that war is hell for victims and for canon-fodder participants but for those who are permitted to grasp the wider view, war is an avenue leading to the Halls of Victory. Avalon is not reached by herdsmen’s fields but by the Way of The Kings.

    Not a politically correct sentiment but there you have it.

    From this moment on it would be wise to cherish every moment of peaceful sunshine – the sound of bees humming in the golden glow by gentle streams. The sound of the cuckoo carried on air like treacle. Peace.

    As the body lies, face half crushed against the solid earth, no thought will return to these peaceful moments. As eyes dimming struggle to find a last focus there will be no delight.

    Who would have guessed this was to be the last Tour de France? The last Olympic Games? The last United States Presidential Election race? Who could have known?

    Meanwhile the protagonists comfort themselves that they will act unsuspected and sweep all before them with a ‘Great Surprise’.

    The great surprise will be to discover, for the second time, that they did not really wish nor intend to be on the losing side.

    But anyway, let’s look at what’s happening. The US is losing its Head and its nerve at an interesting time. Just as a Nation Saving Man of Steel is needed at the Helm – heh You guessed it! “You all ain’t lookin at me now, are ya?”

    This is NOT the time for Down Home introspection. Probably the main reason McCain would be good right now is War is an old man’s game. Not to say he has to be the man – it won’t make any difference. When the US sees the unimaginable extent of the war they are in they will unleash a vengeance on the world that is the realm only of five year old children – and scientists dedicated to the development of ‘crazy things’. They will destroy. Just in time too, because otherwise they would be themselves completely destroyed. So that will be good.

    The Arabs FEEL THAT THEY KNOW that the West is weak. They feel that the West is bluffing while they know their own plans move forward so propitiously, success cannot be prevented. The Arabs go with the flow. It all suddenly feels so good. What they touch turns to gold and the West makes bluffing threats in the face of ‘Facts on the Ground’.

    It’s going to be so cool.

    As a disorganised West struggles to formulate a Coalition of the Willing, the Arabs plan that they who are already willing will strike for the heart and ‘Redeem The World’ for the mindless condition of servitude they regard as ‘calm’.

    Nothing can go wrong. Can it?

    Israel finds itself in the predictable situation of a Prime Minister who says he will resign, but not now, and will continue to sign away the Land of Israel to Arabs during the summer months while the Knesset is on its Summer Break! Too easy! He will honour his own misogynist humour at the expense of all those who hate him! Israel – the Nation he is paid to represent. But what’s money? He can get as much as he wants, simply by asking. People give him money. They don’t want anything. And besides, if Israel is attacked somebody will help them.

    Nothing can go wrong. Can it?

    The EU is solid. Germany has contracted to manufacture all new gas conversion systems for Iran, which in no way contravenes the embargoes against trade with Iran. France is locked in to its fundamental agreements dedicated to Peace in the Middle East while selling nuclear generating plants and technology to every country except Israel. Who, fortunately, do not need it.

    Nothing can go wrong. Can it?

    China has accepted that only it can best serve the interests of Sub-Saharan Africa, in the supply of manufacturing infrastructure and arms. In exchange China is quite happy to take oil which the Africans have to sell anyway, so why not to Chinese industry?

    Nothing can go wrong. Can it?

    Russia just wants to make sure, no matter what the rest of the world does, the Oil and Gas Market throughout the Continent is a Russian Monopoly.

    Nothing can go wrong. Can it?

    Asia cannot feed or pay its working masses.

    Nothing went wrong. Did it?

    When guys cut up their girlfriends and put their bodies in suitcases “So that she won’t tell his parents he uses drugs”, we are IN. Hot

    When its global news that two USA soldiers get shot in Afghanistan and nobody even mentions the millions who died, we are IN. Hot

    When we drop over the edge into the madness that has swept beneath our feet it will not be a matter of any sane person making an executive decision. We are IN. Hot

    To be an opportunist is a human trait. Globally there are countless individuals who eke out a living, sometimes hugely, at the expense of others simply because they saw that the opportunity presented.

    Even World Leaders are prey to opportunism.

    The opportunity to shred the entire Human Race on the barbed wire of War.


    But you won’t die on barbed wire. You will die on what we are in. The street where you live. The ditch out the back. On the freeway. In the woods. Just looking.

    We are IN.



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