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    The wakening of Gulliver continues, slow and laborious, as though there were no such Contingent as Time. Time will come rushing to meet the waking giant all too soon.


    [the active video link is below – at Right]
    Frankly, we have to grant, these militant Islamists have an exceedingly valid point in condemning the USA and the West. If it were possible to devise some occult and potent mix in which to embalm men’s souls, to charm them down to hell itself, there is good reason to believe that dire poison would look, feel and taste like Western Civilisation.

    So we express no horror at their allegations of the Great Satan and the like. We feel much the same way regarding the countless ways in which Mankind conspire to set the individual against society and against each other. The scope of desperate and despicable acts of which Man is capable finds free rein, even if behind a screen of political correctness and media disingenuosity. The difficulty is to remain IN the World but not OF it.

    We maintain the absolute necessity that all men be free to act according to their own conscience. We also consider all shall answer for thought, word and deed expended in their mortal existence. We are aware of no cop-outs or free rides. It was always vital that each person here have the opportunity to decide for himself and exercise the will of individual agency.

    Islam allows no such freedoms, of thought, or of word, or of action.

    Many Islamists attempt to state that Islam does not compel but finally the words of their disgusting volume of plagiarism condemn them: Those who do not as they are compelled must be killed. The Qura’n calls for jihad and defines jihad as terror, murder, robbery and every form of defilement and debasement.

    The god of Islam is a bastard god delighting in inflicting pain and suffering. The sick truth of Islam is that it promises eternal rewards, principally of sexual gratification and material comfort, to those who kill, rape and plunder. “Kill, rape and plunder,” the Qura’n states, “And you will get rich. And if you die in the attempt, you will inherit wealth and honor beyond the veil, and self-renewing virgins.” !!

    Murderers are upheld as martyrs. The Noble Ones.

    We grant, the willingness to sacrifice one’s life for God is a noble aspiration but this calls for a devotion and service to one’s fellow man, not simply the taking unto oneself the honour of committing murder in some self-immolation.

    So. The Third Jihad. This article is also about the DVD and even the DVD OFFER. We investigated that and suspect, while we have not been asked to explain HOW we will pay, in a month or a few weeks we will receive a demand for $87 plus some cents, far more than the $19.95 suggested at the site. We consider this to be merely an example of the underhanded two-faced daylight robbery which condemns the West to its very imminent demise. It won’t be pretty and for some, it won’t be quick.

    But having already viewed the free Video online, we adamantly agree with the thrust of what they say. The Third Jihad is a MUST SEE video and we have been happy to place the viewer on our website. By the time we obtain our copy of the DVD it may have cost us up to $100AU but if that money goes toward the wider promulgation of the Anti-Muslim message, so much for the good.   [edit point: – we had Guran go investigate and it turns out the ‘security configuration’ obscured page details – we had not actually completed the transaction. Guran the assistant ghost completed it and with postage it now comes only to about $36AU 🙂 ]

    We do take objection to the suggestion that Islam is a religion comprising a large majority of moderate Muslims tainted by the activities of a virulent minority. We have looked closely and continue to do so, at expert modern translations of the Qura’n and so we know the source of that violence, hatred, terror, murder, rapine and robbery is the so-called scripture at the heart of their pseudo religion.

    The teachings in the Qura’n are satanic.

    The pseudo religion itself is practised by many millions of people who in themselves are wonderful, wholesome and nurturing Mothers, Fathers, Daughters and Sons. They live according to the best and highest traditions of human loving kindness, which they know from their own inner hearts. The love that sane and healthy human beings feel for each other is the fundament of Mankind, the Fabric of Society everywhere. That fabric is under attack in the West, where the call on all sides is to abominate the Family and to venerate the lowest animal characteristics that can safely be publicly be portrayed. With the passing of time, each day, what is considered permissible in public becomes ever more grotesque, ugly and self-defeatingly destructive.

    Islam is not alone in its practising satanic habits, values and crimes.

    If there are some in the West who feel the day must come when a final conflict will arise between Islam and the West and the West must win – that day will not come.

    Time and again we have stated here – Five and a Half Thousand Million People will die. 5.5 Billion.

    In fact, their deaths have begun but still the majority in the West comfort themselves the scale of destruction is not so great. Currently only millions are dying.

    Tomorrow – only hundreds of millions.

    We agree with the Jihadists! There will be war. Like a momentarily healthy body, Humanity will devour itself in a frenzy of necrosis. Beginning at the extremities but striking at the heart.

    He never reads this but we joke at Barack Obama, that like a panicky schoolgirl he will spitefully strike and smack and bite – and cry.

    It will not be pretty and for some it will not be quick.

    The Third Jihad.

    Watch the free video. Buy the DVD and be sure all your acquaintances also get their ears and eyes around its banal facts.

    See how handsome the men are. How beautiful and pretty the women. That’s because they are Human. It’s only what they DO that is bestial and they are bestial because of their disgusting religion.

    Another thing about which they are right. Many many people will die and yes, they will be safe beyond the veil of death. There the angels wait for them and here the angels labour for them. Much work will remain to be done when the dying is done.

    How is it so?

    When the Jihadist tares have all been burned and all the misguided zealots of materialism, the false priests and tyrants with them, some will still remain. Those that remain will have no desire anyway to continue with the killing but in addition, it will take them a long time to forget.

    We have been told it will be a thousand years before Mankind becomes ‘restless’ again. We have been told. It’s not a secret nor is it a mystery.

    These are those interesting days when buds are upon the trees and we know, Summer is here and must come. The Signs, of which we have known for thousands of years.

    Unca Ahmi [ahmadinejad] knows the signs are here. He probably genuinely believes in jihad. Unca Obie [obama] hopes to have one foot in each camp – one foot in Community Organising and one foot in Jihad.

    There is an interesting expression, “When you have one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow, you are pissing in today.” Given where Unca Obie has his feet, we would expect day by day, the people of the USA will become increasingly aware where he is pissing.

    Not a particularly angelic comment you might think. Remember, angels are the ones God sends when he wants a real job really done. Including to raise the warning voice.


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