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    It’s difficult to worship God and to hold each person to be His child and yet, to advocate violence as either a reward or a direct response to aggression.  In the hunt for Reason, we must always ask ourselves, is it reasonable to assume our opponents truly believe in what they say and do, or is their entire cause characterised by falseness and lies?

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    In the case of the Islamic world’s insistence on placing Israel at the center of their ‘cause’, we have to assume, since their claims regarding the historicity of Israel are demonstrably false, so must be their religion. If their religion is false, they must be enemies of Mankind. If they are enemies of Mankind it must be possible, outside of and beyond Israel, to detect their hatred and malice.

    It is.

    A religion demonstrably based upon lies must be detectable. Not simply by the fallibility of the odd outspoken individual but by its showing a trajectory of animus toward the rights and entitlements of all men to be free and self-determinate. We grant there was a Dark Age for Christianity but at least, consensus sees that and attempts to cast the Church today as not only salvivic but not intentionally militant (heh).

    The trajectory of Islam has only ever departed from murderous domination when it has been physically repulsed.

    We grant, it is not only galling for Satan to see men exercising free will, especially when they choose to worship God, it is as galling for Islam to see Free Will as it is for their master, Satan.

    “By their fruits, ye shall know them.”

    We see each day now an increasing proliferation of outright and obvious lies which can only be assumed to be a deliberate attempt to provoke War. Not that there currently is no war. On every side there is one conflict or another – it comes as no surprise that many are the result of Islam striving to dominate peoples and nations, for the sake of their horrible religion and for the sake of stealing from men everywhere the right to exercise of Free Will. But in that specific arena, the Middle East and particularly with respect to Israel, all sense of reality has been discarded. Now we see the open assertion that Israel and the Temple never even existed.

    We see this is a provocation. We accept their blatant lie is deliberate.

    But we see the satanic heart that beats within the darkness of their desire.

    They mean every threat to us that they declare and they take joy in their lies.

    All this is so, that the cup of the Wrath of God may be filled to overflowing.


    A thousand years ago and more, a man may have great power and influence but people on the far side of the world might find out about it only later, in history books. As for those who were in fact under the sway of such powerful persons, by modern standards they were relatively few.

    Today we have the best part of seven billion people on the planet and this with the benefit of effectively instantaneous, global communications.

    Therefore, the suffering which can be inflicted by those who openly seek satanic dominion, by force of arms and in the names of their false religions, can be global.

    In the past, only God could manifest such a global impact and man is no God.

    We rest firmly in the assurance, since His children mean so much to Him, God will intervene at His chosen time.

    We rest also in the words of the prophets God has sent, who assured us these days would come and also that when we saw the trees in bud and the green appearing upon the boughs, Summer must soon come.

    We accept, as the prophets foresaw, much suffering and a great bloodshed, more than at any time before, must befall Mankind before that Day will come. (and this, mindful that in the Wars of the North, in England, 20,000 men died in one day in hand to hand combat, so bloodshed is not new)

    We rest in the sad acceptance we will kill, as in the past, to defend our Rights and our Peace.

    We also rest in the Knowledge, Islam is false. They worship the devil.


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