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    Prince Charles has always been an environmentalist, whether it be in his strong views on Urban Architecture or on Wilderness Preservation. It comes as no surprise he is firmly on the Global Warming bandwagon. We may be lucky enough to discover what he means but the odds are, very strongly, that we will not make it that far.

    Anti-Demographer at Large

    The scenario of doom that Charles sees is based on a growing consumerist society continuing to demand increasing destruction of natural resources to feed their insatiable demand. He sees the plumes of factories, refineries and energy providers wafting across deserts of monoculture where once verdant forests stood. He sees urban sprawl spreading like a devouring stain, a cancer, upon all the land of Earth. And where he sees no urban sprawl he presumes agrarian plunder.

    Charles sees us devouring our own homes like rats.

    Charles feels the World will die or at very least, become very very sick.

    All this depends on lots of people with much wealth to expend on their boundless consumerism. Pity.

    The personal circle of friends with which Charles surrounds himself must be those orthodox and establishment ruffians who declare themselves avant garde ! They comfort themselves that by being just a little outlandish they can draw upon themselves the patronage of the masses, including the Prince.

    Charles should haunt the shabby halls of the genuine People.

    Mankind has already commenced its spiral down from a recent pinnacle. From here on in the ride down will be a lot more rough and tumble than the ascent up the other side. You thought that was rough?

    The facts and the demographic data are in. For fifteen years it was always known and as the years passed the predictions only firmed – 2009 was to be the Year of Our Discontent. From here on in there will be fewer, not more, people to feed cash into the maw of the Consumerist Dinosaur.

    But wait! There’s more.

    While the Prince and millions of his cohorts await the inundation of the planet by the fruits of their loins and fecundity, they are dying out but – as a last resort they are likely to WIPE themselves out. All too soon the accelerating collapse of societal law and order will undercut their desire for houses and cars with their desire for food and basic survival.

    And more yet.

    Just as the struggle to stay alive hots up, civil war, food riots, cannibalism and uncontrolled outbreaks of disease – yes.


    Isn’t it amazing how War comes onstage precisely when nobody really wants to fight it?

    Just as those who felt they were probably the upper echelon of the Free World are habituating themselves to a more personal quality of cut-and-thrust, saving to themselves the last supplies of vital medications not to be wasted on the poor, war will exert its unforgivable presence.

    When the masses gape in horror at the advancing and unstoppable miasma of untreated, untreatable disease, with no doctors, no hospitals, no nurses to mitigate or explain their suffering. When all around them has descended into the viscera of pure survival, there will yet be those in this World who continue to think a profit can be made by remaining the ‘last man standing’.

    Forget about consumerism. Forget about cities. They will become the abodes of a few feral individuals capable of surviving on what was not absolutely destroyed by the departing masses.

    When finally the ubiquitous Global Communications ceases to promote the virtue of semi-naked breasts, it will be because the televisions, iPods and PCs are mute.

    Then at last, when the question is, “Will this person kill me and eat me, or pause and converse” the question will become, “What is happening?”

    After it has become apparent that this World has slipped over the brink into the abyss, which incidentally it already has, and the Super Powers accept the falling of their estates, the last thing they will do will be to unleash the Dogs of War.

    Not just the lapdogs of internecine strife nor of civil disturbances nor even of all out mob rule but the genuine and indefatigable Dogs.

    Where some may naturally have survived the lethality of common disease and untreated plague, there will be almost none who can resist the drawing claws of Man-Made War Agents. Against this almost too hideous backdrop of unchained carnage they will also drop bombs.

    The vaunted Nuclear Winter will be a mere flicker of its expected fire and those who are destroyed will be among the luckier ones. No more suffering for them!

    The voyage to expiration will be long, tiresome and agonising for many before our coming days are done.

    At last, when the Obamas and the Putins and Ahmadinejads and Blairs etc., of this world are gone, peace will fall upon the Human Race.

    Of course, only for a thousand years and what’s a millennium?

    Death comes. Also War.

    The Angels are in the World.

    Dragons are not yet GO


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    1. derekpm says:

      Rather interesting. Has few times re-read for this purpose to remember. Thanks for interesting article. Waiting for trackback