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    Frequently Guran posts comments in world media, especially in JPost where ample provision exists, but such comment is frequently not published. We see nothing in the direct and pragmatic stance taken by Guran, who says little at WenU blog as a rule, and so we will publish a selection of those posts that, for editorial reasons elsewhere, would never see the light of day:-

    Reply to:            ‘Hizbullah had better intel than Israel’  By YAAKOV KATZ

    Wrong!  “No Way Back”  –  29 September 2009

    In the event of any attack from Lebanon Israel should destroy Lebanon – let there be no place behind them for the rats to run. Mopping up in the Gallillee would be just as messy as dealing with infiltrators anyway. This man already concedes Israeli Arabs are tactically enemy sympathisers at best and combatants at worst – convention is to ‘intern’ all such but these are not conventional days. Only if the IDF continues to play Boy Scout antics instead of War can the Arabs hope for a victory in the field. But other fish are frying.


    Reply to:            Obama warns Iran to come clean or face a ‘confrontation’  By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    3 Intelligence Commissions? And Still NIE Report?  –  26 September 2009

    The fact is, Obama’s policy was undermined and embarassingly exposed as a lie when Iranian dissidents revealed the existence a few days ago of these secret facilities. Obama knew about them but their existance was not public – hence the NIE report. This whole sham is a pack of lies dedicated to a hidden agenda. We are still on trajectory for the deaths of 5.5 Billion.


    Reply to:            ‘Iran nuclear site shows its unwillingness to follow int’l rules’  By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    So – The NIE Report Was . . What?  –  26 September 2009

    I see the dancers but what is the tune? What is the beat? No. I lie. The NIE Report was a lie, just like the one before it.


    Reply to:            Column One: Our irredeemable international system  By CAROLINE GLICK

    100 Percent, Caroline!  –  19 September 2009

    As usual you are correct in all that you say. It does beg the question though, since no effective answer will come to defeat the UN and the evil forces it represents, what is about to happen to Humanity?  We know! The most incredible suffering, on a global scale, is not able to be prevented. People think of War as terrible but not inevitable. They forget, soon their own lives will be so terrible they will pray for War! And each of those you mention, elites, leftists, dictators, tyrants – ALL must die. Not because we want that. They shall die as a consequence of their own malice.


    Reply to:            ‘New intel changed Europe missile plan’  By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    Goodbye US Allegiance !!  –  19 September 2009

    The struggle of the US, declared or undeclared, is to get its personnel on the ground OUT of Iraq/Afghanistan before the whole place goes ballistic. Pulling out of Europe with a vague promise of ‘some sort of protection’ is a first move. Denying the intent to do anything about Iranian nuclear threats prior to 2015 is another. Suggesting Israel -de-nuclearise is the final slamming of the door. The US is now in normal mode – sell arms to both sides and hope to win the fight for the scraps AFTER the war.  Too bad.  The US is a very sick puppy and it will die.


    Reply to:            IAF chief: We must make every effort to stop delivery of S-300s  By YAAKOV KATZ

    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter  –  18 September 2009

    The writing is plainly on the wall. Obama is backing out of Europe and Russia feels far enough away from the ME to encourage as much activity there as the “market” will bear. (1st Law of Economics) Iran is being encouraged by Russia and the World to stall for time but proceed on a steady course. None state that the trajectory leads to the deaths of 5.5 Billion and frankly, none care. The main players are confident their personal bolt-holes are proof against the holocaust. They fail to see – they take their death in with them. Israel should act with power right now. Obliterate Iran.


    Reply to:            PA Calls Building for Jews ‘Incitement’  by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    When Liars Speak  –  9 September 2009

    When Israeli politicians pretend to be sophisticated they merely legitimise the lies of Arabs – therefor the true liars are the Israeli politicians who refuse to speak the truth. There is no Palestinain State, no palestinian People, no palestinian language, no palestinian Capital City and no palestinian statesman prior to the Egyptian terrorist Arafat.


    Reply to:            Ahmadinejad: We won’t halt nuclear work  By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    He’s Right! It’s Not About A Nuclear Iran  –  7 September 2009

    The Global Situation he refers to is the Islamisation of the World. The ‘Fix’ to that problem is to obliterate Iran completely, destroy Command and Control (CC) in Lebanon, Syria and North Korea. This should take about 200 million people – sufficient to generate serious discussions about the Global Situation. As for Iran . . . Who cares anymore?  It’s not about Iran, it’s about Satan and his stinking filthy Islam.


    Reply to:            Rioters invade Budapest’s Jewish Ghetto  By JTA

    Trouble In Poofter Ghetto?  –  7 September 2009

    So what?  If JPost wants to use loaded terms to talk about what they are not saying, fine! Which term is objectionable? Trouble? Poofter? Ghetto? If there is a ghetto anywhere in 2009 then that is the fault of its inhabitants. If there is a Jewish Ghetto, then that is despicable of the Jews in this day and age. If Jews are the hosts of poofters then that would explain the international indignity of a poofter pride parade in Jerusalem. You people are a worry!


    Reply to:            Diplomacy: The IAEA report: Covering-up a cover-up?  By HERB KEINON

    “It’s Only The Jews” Is The Litmus Test  –  5 September 2009

    As it’s only the Jews who are at risk, the World will be content to use Iran’s attacks on Israel as the litmus test revealing its true intentions, in the Middle East and Globally. What would the IAEA and the UN care about Israel? They don’t even care about the pseudo ‘people’ the palestinians. These palestinians are the UN weapon against Israel and their suffering is eminently acceptable to the UN and the Arab World. A little PA ‘collateral damage’ won’t do Islam any harm! heh 


    Reply to:            Column One: Time’s up on Iran  By CAROLINE GLICK

    Only Part Of The Answer, Caroline  –  5 September 2009

    Israel can certainly hit a few targets but Iran would require more. There is also the need to obliterate all Iranian oil facilities. And its major cities. It is also presumed Israel has a list of sites to strike in order to prevent retaliation – or even to retaliate in the even Iran preempts. So Israel should nuke NYC and say, “Wern’t us.” Let the big boys do the bulk of the work they are morally bound to perform anyway. Recall, the difference between 1939 and 1941 is USA morality.


    Reply to:            ‘PA police venturing beyond their areas’ by YAAKOV KATZ

    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter!  –  4 September 2009

    The US is doing to Israel what it did to Germany and Berlin – ensuring a common enemy of Mankind was in a position to enforce oppression upon innocents. Just as Communist Russia cared nothing for German Citizens, neither do the Arabs today nor their USA sponsors care about Israel or the Free World. Fortunately, when the Piper gets paid, the US will be a habitat for dragons in their pleasant dens.


    Reply to:            Obama praises Islam at Ramadan meal  By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    Not Possible For Obama To Be Ignorant Of The Truth  –  3 September 2009

    The slightest investigation of Islam reveals it is a travesty of lies and plagiarism set up to legitimise terror, murder, robbery and rape. Recent events globally are not anomalies, they are the mainstream of Islamist Oppression, the “True Path” of Islam. Islam will fall but with it five and a half thousand million people shall die. Not all will be Muslim. Not all will be innocent. All shall die – and then there will be peace. This man cannot be unaware. His deceit is a Crime Against Humanity, not just against the USA.


    Reply to:            Candidly speaking: There may be worse to come  By ISI LEIBLER

    It Won’t Be The Polls The US Sinks In  –  26 August 2009

    We are being led directly toward Global War by US president Obama. The World is headed that way anyway but Obama has siezed the bit between his teeth. In the process, Obama is doing that he feels he reasonably can to weaken the capacity of the World to resist militant islam, the scourge of the last Millennium. Oh well. It’s time.


    Reply to:            ‘Israel won’t accept limitations on its sovereignty in Jerusalem’  By HERB KEINON

    What’s This ‘Settlements’ Rot?  –  25 August 2009

    Just another backhanded concession to Israel’s enemies, anything outside of Jerusalem is ‘Settlements’ now?  The Prime Minister of Western Jerusalem having tea and madelines with the enemies of Israel and claiming publicly that Israel has no sovereignty over Israel? Bah Humbug!


    Reply to:            Obama addresses Muslims on Ramadan  By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    America Not At War With Islam?  –  22 August 2009

    Then America is at war with Humanity.


    Reply to:            ‘Settlements an impediment to peace’  By JPOST.COM Staff

    US, Germany & EU Sponsors Of Terror States  –  22 August 2009

    Let’s be fair and honest, it is flavour of the month, yet again, to malign the Jews. So what is new?  There would be peace in all the world if there were no Jews? No Israel? No Truth? No Honesty? No Code of Morality? No Torah?  OK  We know throughout all of History, while other enemies may come and go, one Adversary has haunted the Jew. So this places the US, Germany and the EU firmly on the side of Evil. Nothing will change that. It’s how it is. Truth is a motive force in History and War is its Combine Harvester.


    Reply to:            Column One: Fatah’s message  By CAROLINE GLICK

    Obama’s ‘No Fault War’ Policy  –  15 August 2009

    Obama lives in the lie that by doing nothing now it will be no fault of the US that they have to unleash unlimited carnage later. This is frankly false. www.wenublog.com  We repeat over and over, “When good men do nothing etc., etc.” and “If Israel doesn’t care, etc.” but History advances with blood stained feet and will never be deterred. A Good Try Caroline. Well meant but it should be cut into Obama’s flesh with a knife, so he gets the message. When it is, and it will be, 5.5 billion will die.


    Reply to:            US Affairs: Plane crash  By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER

    There Has To Be Somebody To Fire The Weapons!  –  10 August 2009

    Hezbollah have to be alive in Southern Lebanon to launch their rockets. Someone has to survive. There is no threat to Israel from the north if Israel simply “Neutralises” the territory. That’s the point about conventional warfare – it has included nuclear weapons for 64 years! Just, recently, nobody has been fighting. Israel should nuke Sth Lebanon every Wednesday for a month. The threat could then be realistically evaluated.


    Reply to:            Report: Iran authorities kill 7 lawyers  By SABINA AMIDI

    Looks Like A Dog, Smells Like A Pig – Fishy  –  7 August 2009

    There is no confusion about what is happening, only about why. The absolute reason for all this injustice and suffering is “the religion of peace”. Islam is a sick pseudo religion based upon lies and plagiarism and maintained down through the centuries by terror. Islam is a weapon of the common enemy of Mankind. Not the only weapon but Islam is a satanic religion.


    Reply to:            Senior Israeli diplomat slams Netanyahu’s US policy  By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Blame The Victim?  –  7 August 2009

    Why blame Israel for the antics of Obama? Israel has nothing to lose by being hated by Obama or the US Public. They are the ones who lose. By distancing themselves from their own moral compass they depart into their own night. And this ‘Senior Israeli Diplomat’ requires both professional help and a deep discussion with his rabbinical spiritual mentor – possibly the first since he was in short pants.


    Reply to:            US to present Middle East plan ‘in a matter of weeks’  By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER

    Arabs Are Right! The US Is Beneath Contempt!  –  4 August 2009

    For Hillary Clinton to say the eviction of Arabs from Jewish property in Jerusalem is “deeply regrettable” is to say the US Secretary of State is an avowed enemy of Israel. Now that begs the question, “Is the Secretary of State an enemy of the People of the USA?”  Civil war waits for the US and it is hungry! Those who call Jews in Jerusalem “Settlers” will pine beyond the veil. Their souls are not worth sixpence.


    Reply to:            Saudi FM: No gestures toward Israel  By AP AND HERB KEINON

    The Object of The Arab World War Is To Destroy Israel – Then The West! 1 August 2009

    When the message gets home, barak obama will turn into a nasty little girl and have a temper tantrum costing billions of lives. We don’t mind the billions but we wish she would GET ON WITH IT!


    Reply to:            ‘Hizbullah training LAF officers’  By JPOST.COM STAFF AND ALEX SORIN

    Good!  –  27 July 2009

    The sooner Hezbollah can get the Lebanese Army up to speed as a reliable military force, the sooner they can be seduced into attacking Israel. It would be deemed ‘unforgiveable’ if Israel were to wipe out Lebanon without provocation. The only regret we have is our Cedar of Lebanon seeds refuse to germinate and soon the originals will be gone!


    Reply to:            Amman begins stripping state’s Palestinians of citizenship  By KHALED ABU TOAMEH

    Maintaining The Big Lie  –  21 July 2009

    The UN is the Arab tool against the West and the pretend state of palestine is the weapon of the UN. The Arabs continue to do everything they feel is in their power to deny the existance of Israel and to foster the lie of Arab refugees. The so called ‘refugees’ are prisoners of the UN and the Arab World and have no Historical connection to Israel. The Big Lie is that Israel does not exist and that Jews have no home. Billions must die to erase that BIG ARAB LIE. Billions of Gentiles will die among the hosts of the dead. But who cares? Really?


    Reply to:            Article: Policemen, haredim wounded as protests escalate in J’lem  By ETGAR LEFKOVITS

    32. Can’t Take The Ghetto Out Of The Jew  –  17 July 2009

    Or is it, there is no representative vote in Israel so the only way to make their voice heard is by Civil Disorder? Are these people simply not part of the “Jobs for the Boys” elite that runs Israel like a cartel rather than reflecting the rights of the People? There is a chasm here somewhere but why is it only the religious who must be out of touch? Why is the “Plutocracy” the only voice allowed to be heard? Remember, not everyone is non-religious. Being Secular does not make anyone automatically ‘right, proper, correct and dominant’. 6 days is not enough to make shekels of profit??


    Reply to:            Foreign Ministry Slams EU Move for UN to Declare PA a Country  by Avraham Zuroff 

    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter!  –  13 July 2009

    Constantly gracing Humanity with the Lie that the Arabs have a legitimate claim to Israel is the fault of Israel! By sucking the Arabs into a drawn out false reality of negotiations and counter claim, Israel has created its own dragon. Having won the 67 War, Israel should simply have accepted its Historic and Historical responsibilities for Stewardship in The Holy Land.  Instead, Israel has bartered away its own legitimacy in a despicable display of vanity and hubris. The UN is PWND by the Arabs and no outcome is possible but War. We know this but that Israel is duplicitous in creating the grounds for it is despicable. HaShem will burn the Tares and give Jerusalem to Zion the Pure in Heart. Bring it on!


    Reply to:            Obama: World won’t allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons  By AP AND JPOST

    Events Are Greater Than Men  –  11 July 2009

    People like Obama think Men control Events but we have been told, thousands of year ago, “I will draw you with a hook in your jaw. . .” These people are not in control of circumstances, they are being drawn in despite all their vaunted art, skill and negotiation. They have been measured and been found wanting. Any fool could see to step back but The World is being drawn in to its own destruction. The final Red Line will be around Humanity’s neck.


    Reply to:            Mullen: Iran is very focused on developing nuclear capability  By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER

    Not Attacking Nuclear Sites  –  8 July 2009

    The proper approach is to destroy all life in Iran.  Other places such as Syria and North Korea need also have specific targetting but Iran should be obliterated. This would alter the “narrative”. The idea of dropping a few bombs on selected nuclear sites in Iran is worse than false economy – it would just be deemed a PR failure. Obliterating Iran would be a PR success!


    Reply to:            Likud rebellion against PM emerges  By GIL HOFFMAN

    Only In Israel?  –  7 July 2009

    It would be nice to think that only in Israel can elected officials act contrary to the wishes of the public and those who elected them. Sadly, the fibre of moral rectitude is missing from Western Society now and, like a rudderless ship, our civilisation is headed for doom. Why is that nobody elected in Israel is capable of honoring his word? Why is it that the US and EU publicly discount the moral right of Israel to exist? For the same reason that the EU and US are drifting into the shallows of dissolution. Oh and 5.5 Billion are going to die.


    Reply to:            EU: European taxpayers bear the burden of settlements  By AP AND JPOST

    So Now Israel Is Accused Of UN Refugee Policy?  –  6 July 2009

    The UN is responsible for this disgraceful lie regarding so-called refugees. It has always been UN policy to create and maintain a sense of Arab suffering in Israel, at the behest of the Muslim hegemony and their Oil hungry proxies. The fact is, the Arab World causes all the suffering and should pay all the support for those they keep entrapped in a pseudo stateless condition. There is no palestinain people, no palestinian langauge and no palestinian capital city. Only the Big Lie, the Arabs and the UN. Let the EU pay the Arabs at their own expense, not blaming Israel.


    Reply to:            Incoming IAEA chief: No hard evidence Iran seeking nukes  By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Five And A Half Thousand Million Will Die  –  4 July 2009

    We still maintain the deaths NOW of 250 million might (might) turn Humanity from what is inevitably coming. Total obliteration of Iran, plus Command and Control (C&C) in places such as North Korea, Syria and Lebanon would add up to possibly 250,000,000. This might alert the World to the stern nature of what is coming. A failure to pay these 250 million now will end inevitable in the deaths of 5.5 Billion.


    Reply to:            Incoming IAEA chief: No hard evidence Iran seeking nukes  By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Blind Man Sees Nothing  –  4 July 2009

    With blindfold firmly in place, the IAEA continues to state the obvious – It sees nothing. Many see nothing in North Korea, or in Islamic Extremism, or in any of the countless instances where criminal acts are perpetrated by powerful despots, ie Darfur, Somalia and the like, and yet these same people demand ‘plain and clear objective evidence’ before they will even consider there is a case. They will get their evidence. Then they will die and if this si the first they know of it, they will die horribly. Not just a nice clean nuclear burst. Horribly.


    Reply to:            Israel worries over intense ‘legal war’  By AMIR MIZROCH

    Bombing And Killing Is Legal In War  –  3 July 2009

    The obvious truth needs to be plainly stated – those who declare war on a victor need be prepared to defend themselves to the death. This is not cute. There is no truth greater than the absolute pragmatism of the grave. Luxuriating diletantes sneer at base realities but soon they will burn with their couch, in the USA, EU and Asia wherever. Their silly word games will end in tears. Indeed they will gnore through their lips with their own teeth. Then we will see what is Law.


    Reply to:            Israel will say ‘yes’ to settlement freeze, Wexler tells ‘Post’  By HERB KEINON

    Israel’s Bond With USA Is Diaspora!  –  2 July 2009

    The Unsayable! Officially and Politically, the US is trying to divest itself of Israel but demographically, Israel is the US and the US is Israel. A failure on the part of the US to acknowledge Hebrew, Jewish and Israeli elements of its science and culture as irreplaceable is unforgiveable. Without the Hebrew Moral Code, Obama would not know why he is saying what he is saying – which is an interesting pointer to what Obama IS saying. Beginning in Israel, Obama wants to haul back the personal freedoms of the West, selling its excesses for Dhimmitude. No thanks.


    Reply to:            Israel will say ‘yes’ to settlement freeze, Wexler tells ‘Post’  By HERB KEINON

    Israel Called Their Bluff – Terror Continued  –  2 July 2009

    Just say No – and – If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!  Don’t know how plainly and how often we must say it: The Arab World is pathologically opposed to the concept of Israel AND Jews in it. It’s an article of faith in their stinking pseudo religion.  Games being played by the US are intended to call Israel’s bluff in the “hope” the US might gain by it. If not, well, the US is no worse off.  Israel?  What’s Israel?

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