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  • SHORT TAKES III by Guran

    Frequently Guran posts comments in world media, especially in JPost where ample provision exists, but such comment is frequently not published! We see nothing in the direct and pragmatic stance taken by Guran, who says little at WenU blog as a rule, and so we will publish a selection of those posts that, for editorial reasons elsewhere, would never see the light of day:-

    Reply to:            Article: The new rules of the game By ephraim halevy


    Utter Tripe, eh!    13 October 2008

    You have to wonder at people who have apparently been paid substantial salaries to advise political leaders and who, by 2008, still suggest negotiation and compromise as answers to Militant Islamism, Terrorism and Iranian tom-foolery. In the event, when sufficient people have died as a result of all this bovine appeasement, the West will wipe out most of the population of the planet. The West because the West has the greater capacity for cold-blooded, calculated desperation. It will happen pretty soon too and yes, it’ll happen to the US as well, because it takes two to tango.



    Reply to:            Article: Sternhell ‘not intimidated’ by attack  by JPost


    When A Country Walks Away . . .    26 September 2008

    When a country walks away, as Israel has, from the desires of its own people, and when that country has no representative system of government whereby the People can exert force, the only resort is Civil Disorder. Rabin was a case of a strong response to an improper political initiative. Israel’s response to Rabin’s murder was wrong! Get the message. Nobody cares about an Israel that doesn’t care about itself. Some people do care about Israel and they are entitled to act.



    Reply to:            Article: ‘Iran halfway to first nuclear bomb’ By Herb Keinon


    Oil Is Neither The Problem Nor The Solution    22 September 2008

    Constantly pointing to oil is a mindless self-delusion. Certainly there is oil and for sure, people use it to get rich but War involves People. Ahmadinejad only needs oil for his country, he needs War for his People. The mindset of the mullahs is antagonistic to everything the West aspires to, regardless that we pay for their oil. The problem is Ideas – the idea that Oil is the problem is a bad idea. When the nuke lands on Mt Olivet, it won’t be about oil.



    Reply to:            Article: Anaysis: The meteoric Ms. Livni  By David Horovitz


    20,000 Votes – A Mandate To Give Away Israel?    18 September 2008

    Once again we see the farce of Israel’s so-called ‘Democracy’.  Olmert, at best, only ever represented 23% of the people and spent most of his time in office with a support of only 2.3% and yet he gayly traipsed all over the world, gifting Israel to terrorists. The lesson of Rabin was never learned. The People shot Rabin for Treason. The People will shoot Israel for the same Treason. The Free World is betrayed by Israel. Livni has one day, a single day of Grace, to save herself from self immolation.



    Reply to:            Article: Our World: Mrs. Clean is a Fraud By Caroline Glick


    Glick’s Final Paragraph Says The Word    17 September 2008

    When it is not possible for the Public to intervene in Government, then there is no Democracy. By constantly seducing the Arabs into thinking they can achieve dominion over ‘palestine’, Israel leads the Middle East into the eye of the catastrophe. For forty years the boot has been on the other foot – Israel could always have declared itself valid. By demanding ‘someone else’ declare the validity of Israel, Israel has legitimised Arab demands for War. Since Israel wants war for everbody, everybody should war against ‘Modern Israel’. HaShem will build His Zion without these who pollute the Land.



    Reply to:            Article: Kadima leaders in uproar over talks on future of Jerusalem By herb keinon and shelly paz


    Poor Pamela!    12 September 2008

    Israel will not (cannot) get a better friend than me but the question is, can Israel get a worse enemy than Israel – or more to the point, The Jews! No nation on Earth has been more deserving of defeat than Israel. In fact, Israel has conceded defeat and is merely waiting for the US and EU to announce the terms. HaShem will have NO regard for the Jews of Modern Israel when He reestablishes Zion. They will be swept out like all the other trash, as they always have been in the past. Love Israel? Yes! Sick of the people who live there and desecrate it’s memory? Yes.



    Reply to:            Article: ‘We won’t disarm after lands returned’ By JPost.com Staff


    Sadly, All Must Die    5 September 2008

    It’s a tragic reality that the Lebanese people are as much victims of terror as anyone. But neither should the World be held ransom by those who will not defend themselves. NO peace can be achieved by negotiation with Hezbollah. When Lebanon is obliterated, Lebanon will cease along with Hezbollah. When Iran is obliterated, Iran will cease – but many Arabs and Muslims will remain. Five and a half thousand million will die. Mankind will not accept a puny rebuke. Only absolutists need apply. Is the World cowed by Putin – or by what it must DO to Putin, and to Russia?



    Reply to:            Article: Ministers riled as Olmert seeks to sign document with Abbas By JPost.com Staff


    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter    31 August 2008

    The whole Knesset has no mandate, let alone Olmert. On a good day they have the ethics of thugs. On a bad day they swirl down the plughole of morality. But, even though not elected, they do represent the wishes of the Israeli people. History says this situation will settle itself by cauterising its own wound. What a disgusting situation modern Israel is. What a slur on Humanity.



    Reply to:            Article: Column One: When history is not repeated  By Caroline Glick


    Cold? They Hope!    30 August 2008

    In your dreams!  Putin has come out to play just as the “other bears” clear the underbrush. Mutually Assured Destruction was a deterrent before – it’s not now. In fact, Iran bases its militant posture ON MAD. From here on in, every person who is encouraged to exercise moderation will read the news in their local paper and come to the conclusion, “What? Why?” There will be nothing cold about this war!



    Reply to:            Article: Israel faces quandary over Gaza boats  By Yaakov Katz


    Israel Has No Legitimacy    29 August 2008

    It must seem that Israel itself feels no legitimacy. We grant, as a matter of course, countries do not interfere in other nations’ sovereign affairs, nor do they blockade, except of course when they are at war. The failure of Israel to enforce its embargo is understandable. This was the next step in acknowledging its own lack of legitimacy. Israel has no case. Israel has no defence. Israel has no intestinal fortitude and – Israel does not accept the Jews seduce their enemies into perpetrating anti-Semitic outrages. The Arabs are left no choice. Arab honour demands they attack.



    Reply to:            Article: IAF buys new fix for bombed runways By Yaakov Katz


    Smart Bomb Wipes Out Civilians    28 August 2008

    In war, the aim is to win and win quickly. Putting on sideshows for the media is a loser’s game. Israel should make sure, if it wastes money on ‘smart bombs’ that they are targetted only where an exact hit is essential. Just fighting a war calls for the smartest bomb – ‘drop-and-forget’. The more damage the better and the sooner the enemy finds the pain too great, the sooner you win. A smart bomb could be dropped on media outlets – at home and abroad. Afterwards, whoever wins cannot tell a lie.



    Reply to:            Article: US, allies mulling action against Russia  By Associated Press


    This Was Moscow’s Challenge Also    18 August 2008

    Russia could not think of anything the US could do. Unsurprisingly, the US has come to the same conclusion. Putting a stop to Russian invasions is out of the question and sustaining the territorial integrity of US allies is equally insupportable. Eventually the US will become the final party to realise and accept they are surrounded by interests inimical to their own. Then they will fight. Not particularly because they want to, at first, but because they must – then they will fight through to the utmost of their last resort. This will not, typically, be a pretty sight.



    Reply to:            Article: Analysis: What does Moscow want in Georgia? By BRENDA SHAFFER


    Russia Versus Israel? Hello!    16 August 2008

    Russia might accidentally turn over in its sleep and crush Israel but that isn’t the problem. Israeli fears of Russia, directly, are idiotic. But what is also idiotic is the scale of appeasement that will now take place, seducing Russia into assuming the World is its Oyster! And of course, Israel is part of the world and the ME is a very convenient region in which to inflame and capitalise on conflict. So US/EU appeasement today is seducing Russia into a global conflict centred on the Middle East? Neither Russia nor the US care if Israel sells chemical toilets to Georgia.



    Reply to:            Article: Medvedev declares end to military operations in Georgia  By jpost.com staff and ap 


    Simply Russian Military Adventurism    12 August 2008

    The only consequence, really, must be war. Russia cannot let the matter stand and the West must not. So this becomes just one more spark in the burning bush. People laugh ha ha  We do not exagerate. Five and a half thousand million will die. The lucky ones will die in acts of war. The majority will die hard and late.



    Reply to:            Article: US: Russia must halt attacks on Georgia  By Associated Press


    Nobody Gives A Rat’s About Politics    9 August 2008

    While the West has been playing its silly games about ‘democracy’ and ‘negotiations’, the real powers and the real players have carried on with their private agendae. Now let’s see Condi R and her push bring ‘pressure’ to bear on Russia, Iran and the rest . . . The US is folding fast and the only way out will shortly be total global war – an effort that revivifies stumbling decrepit ecconomies Historically. Guess which planet has a window seat on the future of Mankind?



    Reply to:            Article: The ‘Economist’ rewrites history  By ZALMAN SHOVAL 


    #2 Oil Money Train

    Obviously, The intrusion of the Oil-for-Harrods regime has penetrated to the media long ago. The Long Heads of Britain know which side of their falafel the butter is on! Mind, it’s more than time the filthy rich Jews of this world stood up and called a spade a  ahem  spade! Let’s face it – it’s their money they expect us to fight over. Time to get your money grubbing hands dirty, guys. Economist! Who would have known! heh



    Reply to:            Article: Column One: The Obama-Bush presidency By Caroline Glick


    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter    26 July 2008

    Caroline! Caroline! Israel in 1922 was a half-hearted attempt to give credence to the Jews. In 1948 the attempt was typically underhanded but ‘politically effective’. The 1949 Armistice Line was not honoured by the Arabs. The 1967 War redeemed Israel – who promptly gave Israel back to the Arabs. ALL the ensuing rubbish is the fault of Jewish hubris and vanity. Declare Martial Law and exile Arab troublemakers or surrender to Arab aggression. But do NOT expect the World to care if Israel doesn’t care.



    Reply to:            Article: Activists to test Gaza naval blockade  By Yaakov Katz


    We Hope These Criminals Will Be Tested    25 July 2008

    History would permit them the same treatment as Jewish Migrants and have them shot! That was the British response to Jewish migrant ships. When will Israel stiffen its back and simply point to the Law. These silly publicity games by people too idle to have jobs and raise children – save them the trouble of life. Sink both vessels on sight. Not gunna publish? We’ll put it on www.wenublog.com



    Reply to:            Article: Analysis: The big picture or the family photograph? By Amir Mizroch


    Sick Commentary On Israeli Society    23 July 2008

    This author suffers from what is termed a Co-Depency Abuse Syndrome. It can be treated. As a minimum he should seek help from a suitably qualified professional, or perhaps from a Minister of a Religion of his choice. Meanwhile, all Arabs should be induced to cease their violence – by Friday Prayers this week. Give them something to pray for and they will pray to hand back Israeli prisoners. Let them see the big picture.



    Reply to:            Article: The new Lebanon – by JPost


    Only When The Bomb Falls    18 July 2008

    Nothing will be done until the bomb falls on Jerusalem. Then all will rush to expiate their guilt of omission – truly we will see the horses of the enemy in the vale of Esdraelon. The pattern has been woven. The die is set. Israel will not change now and the US/EU/UN mantra hangs on an increasingly strident note. 5.5 billion people will die.



    Reply to:            Article: ‘Iran test showed no new capabilities’ By Associated Press


    Iranian Con-Job?    12 July 2008

    Perhaps this is all just an attempt by Ahmadinejad to get his Nation obliterated for the sake of the 12th Imam? Maybe there IS no nuclear program. Perhaps Iran’s internal problems are so insoluble the only solution the Mullahs can see is to have their population removed. Maybe it’s just a matter of War as a distraction from unbearable peace. All the lunatic scenarios are available and equally valid. All options point to many deaths.



    Reply to:            Article: Barak to tell US time running out Iran By YAAKOV KATZ and HERB KEINON


    So We Know Nothing Happens For Next Two Weeks    11 July 2008

    Clearly they won’t go while the Defence Minister or Armed Forces Chief are overseas. Now. Let me see. Nagasaki was 6th August. Or was that Nagasaki on the 8th., and Hirushima on the 6th? hmmmmm  Don’t tell me . . . I’ll work it out. There’s no hurry is there? What was the name of that F-16i ?  Clara Belle? Eli May? hmmmmm Dragons are go at Wen Field . . .  just – the logistics officer and the bombadier are out on a drunk and the moon’s not right.



    Reply to:            Article: Two years of hindsight – JPost Editorial


    Excellent Question    10 July 2008

    In effect, the nation’s leaders act as though they are enemies of the State. It’s quite possible this is a tactic to garner International sympathy for  beleagured Isreal but Blind Freddy can see the opposite has always accurred – Israel’s enemies have merely been legitimised where they in fact never HAD any legitimacy and still do not. Millions must die, not necessarily Israelis, to overcome the treachery of Israeli leadership.



    Reply to:            Article: Israel: Leaks about Iran strike plans reflect internal US debate By herb keinon, yaakov katz and etgar lefkovitz


    The Next Level    7 July 2008

    The US has done a needed job in Iraq and coped well for a Western entity in reining in the endemic violence and corruption there. Now to be fully effective in Iraq, the US or its alies should neutralise Iran. US troops in Iraq are close enough to stare-down Russo-Chinese oil grabs and consolidate the pacification of the ME Region. Israel should nuke Iran with all their reserves of missiles. (perhaps a couple in reserve to silence sabre rattlers in Syria, Lebanon and Cairo).



    Reply to:            Article: ‘US doubts IAF can destroy Iran sites’ By JPost.com Staff


    Why Is JPost Afraid?    6 July 2008

    Time after time, JPost quotes people and organisations as being ‘afraid’. Fear is often the wrong word to describe what may be commonsense circumspection or prudence. But fear is a ‘nice’ word for journalists – they feel they can use it for thier purposes but when pressed, assert their aim was quite ‘other’. Nice does not mean good, it means very specifically suited to their bastard purposes. What we are seeing exposed is the ‘message of the media” rather than the news. Very poor journalism!! I’ll put this on our blog as JPost will likely not publish it here.



    Reply to:            Article: Saniora: Prisoner deal ‘Israeli failure’ By JPost.com Staff


    Saniora Condemns Lebanon    2 July 2008

    Saniora makes it clear, not only Hezbollah but Lebanon demands Israel use military means to maintain respect. Nothing will satisfy the Arab mentality but to be devastated in War, crushed totally and pacified by the most extensive subjugation. This they would respect and accept. Anything less they will regard as a partial victory for themselves and vindication for further murder and terrorism. And THIS is the Lebanese government!



    Reply to:            Article: Column One: Not a personal affair By Caroline Glick


    Deadlines For Death    28 June 2008

    Israel should inform Egypt she has 24 hours to produce Gilad Schalit – then destroy Beirut and southern Lebanon. She should then inform Egypt she has 12 hours to produce Shalit – and destroy Gaza. She should then inform Egypt she has 3 hours to produce Schalit – then  destroy Cairo. All this should be done on the public stage of full media participation. Then having had 24 hours to verify systems capacities – Israel should attack.



    Reply to:            Article: Prime minister: The opposition simply doesn’t want peace  By JPost.com Staff


    There Is No “Peace At All Cost”    26 June 2008

    Peace without honour is cowardly shame and fear. Peace without security is not peace at all.  These disgusting deals done in the night simply to prolong the benefits and privileges of Olmert and his cronies defame the Human Race. Israel, by its unconscionable dishonour, will bring HaShem to rebuke the very Planet. Who is safe when lies are called truth and truth is painted as lies? Shame Knesset. Shame Israel. Shame Mankind.



    Reply to:            Article: The human spirit: Our own narrative By Barbara Sofer


    Zion – The Pure In Heart    25 June 2008

    Hertzl may be graced with sponsoring the idea of the Ingathering under the name of Zionism but Zion antedated the Flood! In the event, modern Israel is inclined to deny Zionism, as an outdated and slightly embarassing zeal born by naive extremists. The country is run more by ‘Post Zionists’ and sectarian apologists than by or for Zion. The promise was to Adam, Abraham and Joseph, these our days would come. These are not times for the faint hearted. More than narrative, speak to the Trajectory. We have arrived in Time.



    Reply to:            Article: In Washington: Cease-fire – no small thing By MJ Rosenberg


    Suffer The Little Children    24 June 2008

    This guy must be on a nasal drip. 5.5 billion people are about to die and he moans about a few shitty civilians – in ANY country! How will that nice American Mother feel while she is eating her next door neighbour’s child – to survive? Nobody takes War seriously now. A paltry few thousand deaths in Iraq in 5 years! That used to be how many fell by Morning Tea five hundred years ago – in hand-to-hand combat. And these people know it. They lie to themselves. They KNOW War comes. The public Media Debate is a Crime Against Humanity.



    Reply to:            Article: Our World: Barak’s target audiences By Caroline Glick


    Like A Dog Returning To Its Vomit    24 June 2008

    We seem to have been here before. Same old same old. It could be that Israel actually plans to give the Arabs enough rope to hang themselves – but it begs the question: Have the Israelis tied the other end of the rope to anything other than empty promises? We actually don’t NEED any Jews in Israel. Just Zionists. Jews can be Zionists too but anybody who doesn’t want Israel can leave. Israel and Jerusalem are the LORD’s for Time and Eternity.



    Reply to:            Article: Muslim Mindset: ‘The hatred is in Muhammad himself’ By Sam Ser


    Agreed On The Evil of Islam    22 June 2008

    We cannot simply take the evil of Islam out of context. Converting all Islamists to a new Faith will not happen. The REASON it won’t happen is the megalyth of History, which propells events beyond the control of individuals or even nations. Not that they cannot do so but they WILL not. So History declares with an irrefutable absolute logic, we will kill them. Truth will prevail because it does, aside from Divine intervention also, but countless non-Muslims will also die to erradicate the Islamist curse from Mankind and this planet.



    Reply to:            Article: Analysis: Iran’s talk of destroying Israel must not get lost in translation  By Joshua Teitelbaum/Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs


    Legitimising Euphemism and Metaphor    22 June 2008

    All these wars of words are intended to ‘legitimise’ concepts that presume Global Change. By legitimising the concept of Israel as an ‘occupying force’ it is now acceptable for Israelis to declare they ‘know’ they are the occupying force. All of this Arab narrative contains euphemisms and metaphors they insert to be used by their enemies against themselves. Islam should be and will be erradicated from the face of the World. It’s page in History will close. All followers of Islam will be dead. Many others will also be dead. About 5.5 Billion.



    Reply to:            Article: ElBaradei: I’ll resign if West launches military strike on Iran  By JPost.com Staff


    Give WHO More Motivation?    21 June 2008

    A proper strike on Iran would leave nobody to BE motivated. The whole idea of dealing with Iran is not to give a nuclear ‘slap on the wrist’ but to give the entire World a wake-up call. Hello! When the dreamers in the US find themselves eating their own children to survive they (may) look back on today and smile (grimly) at their down-home-naivety. They won’t stop eating though.



    Reply to:            Article: Hamas officials: We will honor truce in West Bank too  By Khaled Abu Toameh


    Heads I Win, Tails You Lose    20 June 2008

    The Arab ‘narative’ is such that they can do anything and not consider themselves guilty. Rockets out of Gaza must be presumed fired by Islamic Jihad in response to some percieved IDF action in the West Bank, the West Bank not even being in the agreement. This is just part of the Big Lie. Other parts are terms such as ‘West Bank’ and ‘Occupation’, which Israel was stupid enough to legitimise decades ago. In a war of attrition, Israel has nothing to win and precious little to lose. This whole debate is stupid.



    Reply to:            Article: Our World: Bush’s rhetoric, Bush’s policies  By Caroline Glick


    Bush Was Right – But Not Yet!    17 June 2008

    When the US comes into this war it will not be like the 7th galloping ahead of Rintintin. The yanks will finally turn, like small furry animals with sharp teeth, and destroy EVERYTHING in their exquisite agony of fear. As they say on Indian riverbanks, “Shirt Happens!” All those nice people who buy carbon credits will pray only to see someone ELSE die!



    Reply to:            Article: ‘Rice’s criticism ruffles few feathers’  By Herb Keinon


    Rice Ruffling In Lebanon    17 June 2008

    It seems Rice didn’t get the response she demanded from Israel, so now she looks to provoke an Israeli response while she is in Lebanon. It’s clear HER agenda is to divest Israel, period. Not satisfied with the squallor she finds throughout the Arab world, she desires to see it throughout Israel.



    Reply to:            Article: Israel still seeks truce after 50 projectiles pound Negev  By YAAKOV KATZ and HERB KEINON


    Starving Out ‘Innocent’ Civilians    13 June 2008

    One clear aim in current Israeli strategy is to deny Hamas the excuse of Israeli attacks and cause Arab civilians in Gaza to turn on their Hamas masters. Hamas does its part by attacking Israel – Israel its part by not significantly damaging Gaza. But the US, EU and UN are on the side of the Arabs so while Israel waits they are accused of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.



    Reply to:            Israel Museum Displays Ancient Book of Isaiahby Hillel Fendel


    Isaiah Didn’t Only Speak of Peace    12 June 2008

    Isaiah spoke of many things, of our time and they are coming to pass. That business of ploughshares comes after WE have been through the ‘purifying fire’. He also speaks of Israel, The Children of Israel, Diaspora rather than simply Gentile-hating and Goyim-hating ‘Jews’. Messianic Zionists must suffer in the World but Jews must reap the whirlwind before they greet Messiach.



    Reply to:            Article: Analysis: From ‘closer-than-ever’ operation to truce  By Yaakov Katz


    First Will Be Last, Last Will Be First    12 June 2008

    It should come as no surprise that the Jews are losing Israel. The Prophets assure us they will be the last.  Initially the ‘Jews’, as opposed to Gentiles, were the recipients of Light and Knowledge. The fact the Gentiles are actually Diaspora Israelites says a great deal about present day global realities. The ‘Jews’ of Israel will be the last to find out – and they will find out, the Prophets say, after Jerusalem is destroyed. No – not THAT destruction, THIS destruction.



    Reply to:            Article: Ministers favor wide-scale Gaza op  By JPost.com Staff


    Implement Rolling Wall    10 June 2008

    Go in – destroy – go in further – destroy – go in more – destroy. By all means let the Gazans run out the back door into Egypt. Destroy everything they might want to come back for. Let the UN and EU look on as the Peaceful Solution is applied in Gaza. It will be very peaceful when the Arabs are gone. Most will run away long before they get hurt. Those who don’t run away will feel no pain. On the other hand – if Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter.



    Reply to:            Article: Analysis: Mr. Security and Mr. Politics  By Amir Mizroch


    Your Scenario Won’t Work    9 June 2008

    The idea of waiting years until Israel gets and learns how to fly Raptors and then quietly bombing radar stations is patently garbage. Israel would be an ashheap if it tried that. Iran needs to be carpet bombed with nukes – nothing less. Failure to do so will not deter other ‘nation states’ from ‘desiring to intervene’. Make such a spectaular example of Iran that stray dogs in Brazil run for cover!  That will work in the short term. In the long term – you are all going to die anyway, US, EU, Asia wherever.



    Reply to:            Article: Ahmadinejad: ‘Israel soon to disappear.’  By Associated Press


    Five and a Half Thousand Million    3 June 2008

    No point hurling churlish insults at each other here, guys (and the odd gurl). We have embarked upon the Big Slippery Dip already and there IS no way back. Five and a half BILLION are about to die. You think it matters if McCain, Obama or Clinton press the tit? Oh for those dragons “in their pleasant dens”. heh



    Reply to:      Article: Olmert, ministers to decide on Sunday on Gaza ceasefire  By YAAKOV KATZ, HERB KEINON, and Jpost staff


    A Parody on Government    31 May 2008

    Olmert refuses to take the initiative. He wants not to be guilty of doing ANYthing. Meanwhile, he is guilty of corruption in the past as a modus operandi.  Olmert continues to desire the Arabs hold the initiative, regardless of Israeli suffering, so he can wave his lilly white hands and say, “Vee Haf don Noddink!” If he’s off to Washington this week nothing will happen that was not already on the Arab agenda. This does include any planned IDF activity – Israel is like a puppet on a string right now.



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