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    “The terrorist targeted a place that symbolizes love for the land of Israel (Palestine), love for the people of Israel (Palestine) and love for the Torah (Koran). No Jewish (Arab) soul can remain indifferent to the horrible thought that a despicable terrorist attacked a group of young men who were busy studying the holy Torah (Koran).”  Rabbi David Stav (Nasrallah)  et al

    Just another day down at the Yeshiva

    The statements and the dialogue have become indistinguishable.
    There is no longer any purpose in statements by either side. Nevertheless, a change must take place.
    The Arab narrative reflects a trajectory toward annihilation of Israel and the Jews. The Israeli narrative indicates that should take time. The Arabs have no issue about Time but the Jews would appear to have very little left. Not, despite the AP photograph at the head of this article, because of any recent or significant event. Simply because the trajectory of the last sixty years has brought us precisely here. What the Arabs said, they meant and they have accomplished their aims.
    Not only has the Arab Goal been achieved, it has been accomplished while engendering a greater legitimacy than that of the Jews in Israel. This is a remarkable accomplishment on the part of the Israelis: Israel was a Nation declared under International Law in 1948 and had complete Legitimacy after the 1967 war. In fact, Israeli predominancy was a Folkloric event. Total international acceptance, at every level that truly mattered.
    In the minds of certain hairy chested Arab misfits, this was not so.
    Now the boot is firmly on the other foot. The terrorists are feted all over the world and Israel is rightly derided by the UN for being so gullible and the Jews for being such incorrigible supremacists that they fire upon women and children, behind who’s skirts the Arabs hide.
    On the stage it could only be comedy. Comedy at the dark end of banal, perhaps but not serious.
    Today’s news of the shooting in a Jerusalem Yeshiva is far from tragic. The ease with which its coverage lends itself to dichotomy and parody demonstrates Israel has become the victim of its own sophistry.   “Unconventional Warfare”  “Disproportionate Response”  “Asymetric Warfare”  “Humanitarian Disaster”
    There are no innocent civilians among whom Arabs terrorists circulate. The terrorists are Arab civilians.
    In the West we demand(ed) justice among the cohorts and acquaintances of criminals. The truth is, criminality can be ascribed by association.
    Therefore it is plain, confronted by terrorists, the West has decided there must be a better option than to win.
    But there is no justice in losing. Billions, if not at least many millions, will suffer directly if the West chooses not to win. The reality is, more people will suffer if the West decides to accept defeat than if the West shrugs and steps upon (a) the Arabs and (b) the East.
    In the full flower of its unrestrained might the West could depopulate the entire planet. Even without the participation of any enemy. That is not the problem.
    The problem is that, in time of war, means were developed to ensure future peace. But nobody wants that peace. So the West refuses to employ the proper means.
    If Russia sees countries far away reduced to ashes, they will not intervene. At a later date they will seek leverage to obtain influence in the resultant ‘power vacuum’. So also with China.
    That’s not how it’s going to pan out though.
    Because people cannot resist the temptation to pretend they can talk ‘around’ reality and bandy the Truth, Humanity will argue itself into a totally backs-to-the-wall confrontation, one demanding Face and Status and Sovereignty – and war.
    Well, let’s face it. We’ve been here before. Nothing under this Sun is new. Elsewhere at WenU Blog we have pointed out, in The Wars In The North (of England), twenty thousand soldiers died in one day of hand to hand combat, in a small valley and on the slopes of a hill above. That’s spears, arrows, swords. One day.
    So much blood was on the ground the fighting slid down the slope of the hill, soldiers unable to maintain their feet because of the blood that flowed to the stream below.
    Modern ‘warfare’ is a joke. In Iraq the Americans have lost a few thousand in over four years!
    In the good old days, that was a skirmish to establish where the enemy’s strength lay.
    And in those ‘Olden Days’, there was never our seven billion to play with! Woah! Talk about go-for-broke!
    So it should be a peremptory response to simply round up all the Arabs in East Jerusalem and throw them into the Jordan River. Where they go from there is their own concern. If they were civilised they would have spat out the slime dwelling criminals who live cosily among them.
    Gaza should be razed. Let what survivors can make it crawl into Egypt, if Egypt doesn’t shoot them on sight.
    Obliterate the Muktada, ideally with all occupants in it. Let it become a hiss and a byword – a hole in the ground.
    Establish Martial Law throughout all of Israel and execute criminals, particularly those Arabs, would-be martyrs, who insist on trouble-making in Judea and Samaria.
    None of the above.
    The Jews will pretend they are Chinese and elect to die The Death of a Thousand Cuts. Not quietly, of course. They will whine and complain and use International Law to ensure the Entire Human Race is stained with their blood.
    Then we will have the war.
    The angels are not sharpening their swords. They were sharpened thousands of years ago.


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