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    As the pain of reality sinks in, the ferocity of survival surfaces in those United States of America where the ‘almighty greenback’ reveals itself to be a lesser god. Now the losers in the great race are calling for the necks of those financial moguls who ‘made it’ – and the wire to loop around their necks.

    Ed Liddy Tested - WSJ

    When president Obama says, “The buck stops here” he is not merely parroting a great leader from a bygone age, who sat behind the same desk, he is simply ideating an emerging concept. Responsibility. Accountability.


    Ed Liddy reads out lurid descriptions, verbatim, of threats made against the financial whiz-kids who have dragged America into the slough of its present debacle.  Threats to garrote them, their wives and their children. Gorey and garish as this might seem, Libby probably fails to grasp how deeply and impassioned the threat is felt by those who make it.  We seem to be moving away from the age of coffeetable morality and toward the stable floor, where in the raw dirt of reality people can see precisely what the excrement looks and feels like.


    We have seen the age where it was acceptable to stand on the faces of the many in order to obtain grossly indecent salaries, bonuses and dividends. We have seen the age where the main purpose was to establish one’s credentials by demanding and getting the most ‘compensation’.  The legitimacy of a CEO has been measured in terms of his implausible and unjustifiable ransom demands.


    The way it works is this: Employees will not respect a superior who earns the same as them. They only take seriously the opinions and demands of someone who is ‘worth’ a ‘lot’.  Management ‘tiering’ utilises this so as to develop a type of legitimacy.  The views of ‘lesser’ parties are not respected and there is no source of wisdom so scorned as that which is ‘free’.


    Therefore, if you want to be successful you simply demand ten times what you are worth today and if you get it – ten times more tomorrow. ‘Ten times’ is simply a metaphor. YOU might have your own pet number. It’s a matter of working out what works for you, doubling it, adding three zeros and keeping a straight face.


    But then, this is great if the company fails to go broke! If the company weathers your assault upon its survivability you will be credited with discovering new ways to legally lay off the company’s most important asset, it’s employees, thus embellishing the ‘bottom-line’, while you pocket your bonus and move on. Having succeeded here your ‘legitimate demand’ is hence magnified and your next provendor is bound to agree.


    Then at last comes the day.


    Ed Liddy reads the writing on the wall: “garrotes – necks – wives – children”.


    Now the incredibly thin veneer on the unbelievable hoax established as Western Free Enterprise is revealed to be common confidence trickery and exploitation.


    But more than that. Now the truth is revealed to the grass-roots man-in-the-street who finds himself unemployed, without a home and with nothing to eat. He is not looking at how much more resilient his circumstances might have been if he got that college education possible in the past, or if he had been careful to live entirely within his means.  He is hurting and he wants to hurt back in return.


    This scenario is going to play out increasingly in the West from this moment in.


    We say IN because that’s the operative word. We are in.


    Now the world around us is going to fill with pain. Rage filled victims of the Greed Generation (was that X or Y?  perhaps the non-XY!) will now turn and rend whoever they perceive as their oppressor.


    It begins with the Ed Liddys crying “Poor me” on national TV and goes on to include the publishing of lists of Names. The Name and Shame Game!


    As mob rule becomes the ebb and flow of community life, death walks openly with a weapon in each hand. Death walks in the plain glare of fire and death. We know you can see!


    The United States of America is on the brink of Civil War and Mob Rule.


    Law and order in the West is a consensual thing. People agree to be ruled and agree to respect the determinations of judges, magistrates and governors.  When once a People withdraw their consent, History demonstrates neither Law nor Order prevail prior to the shedding of blood. Lots of blood.


    A USA devoid of Civil Order becomes indescribably dangerous for two main reasons: On the one hand her enemies perceive the possibility of weakness; and on the other: The true elites who genuinely control the vast and destructive potential of the ‘State’ become increasingly tempted to unleash it.


    Once the Teamsters Federation commit to a blanket refusal to move goods, foodstuffs and product, people will act to get their own.


    Once it becomes impossible for long-haul transport to convey goods safely on the nation’s highway network, a stain of starvelings will cut its way out of the cities, leaving its trail of blood, to survive where they have not died.


    The house of cards presumed to be the sophisticated lifestyle of Western Urbane slips easily to the floor as Madam Blade steps from behind. Mankind is always only one step removed from its origins.


    Mankind is the pinnacle of the survival chain.


    That word was survival.


    Survival is a relative matter implying not all survive.


    So here we are.  The Ed Libbys and the Madoffs etc., are crying. They are not sorry, just upset to see their milk draining from their cracked bowls.


    President Obama inclines to think he would have preferred this all happen on somebody else’s watch! HE wants to get on with the simple matter of ruling the World.  Nobody told him the World rules itself but uses men to clutter and obscure its purposes. His intentions to stab the Judeo-Christian foundations of his adoptive home will reveal to him, in Time and Eternity, God chose him not to be Captain but merely First Mate on the Ship of Fools.  As He fills his sails with lies, the vaunted ship of his dreams will drive firmly up on its first reef. From this moment in, he will be lucky if he has time to even look around for his albatross.


    Here we are!


    Without a perceived Rudder, the USA will become unsteerable, ungovernable and unreliable.


    Without the USA being the supremely reliable ally, the remainder of the motley polyglot conglomeration of self-preservationists presuming the title ‘Nation States’ will look to pour out their own blood upon the trading floor of History.


    We are in for a fight!


    War Comes.


    Angels are gone and they are here.


    Dragons are not yet Go.





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