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    “Israel would have been [a] complete outcast because of the Gaza situation,” said Olmert. “The diplomatic horizon is what affords us the elementary right to self defense.”

    Uncomfortable - photo AP

    Lebanon went in and destroyed the Hizbollah stronghold located in a so-called refugee camp. The World sat back patiently and accepted, Lebanon would not be listening to “Diplomatic Horizons” until the job was done. It is clear to the West that Lebanon is an enemy of the West and yet, because they do not vacillate in their statements and actions, they continue unimpeded, to ramp up the war with the West and to facilitate Syrian and Iranian conquest. We have models and lessons here.
    Russia refuses point-blank to accept Kosovo as an independent Muslim nation, simply because it opens a rat’s nest of precedents around the world. The US sees only that this might encourage further civil strife in Russian Territories and gloats over the possibility that millions might suffer further hardship and death. We have models and lessons here.
    The Anglican Primate postulates Sharia Law for England.
    President Chavez in Central America says, “Bring it on! Bring ten battalions!”
    The USA farms out production of its mid-air military refueling fleet, for the next thirty years, to the EU.
    Prime Minister Rudd, of Australia, suggests canceling a multi-billion dollar order of fighter-bombers from the US.
    The ex-corrupt husband of assassinated Mrs Bhutto, riding on a wave of sympathy surrounding her murder, states his first priority is to remove President Musharref, the only stabilising influence in the region for the last ten years.
    The United Nations says nothing about Lebanon but waxes humanitarian in behalf of the poor citizens of Gaza.
    We have models and lessons here.
    It must be apparent that the West has nothing on its mind but appeasement, where that seems possible and muddle-headed aimlessness in anycase. While the ‘Great Unwashed’ avidly sharpen their knives for a clear and decisive victory over the “Oppressors’, the “Occupiers”, the “Colonialists”.
    After the fall of Rome, nothing came out of Rome. What was left is still there, ruins and memories. What civilisation prospered throughout Europe was not Roman but rather, a pagan vestige resting upon the shoulders of Tribes and Clans who have come down to us as the ‘Crowned Heads’. Their internecine squabbles have left us The Balkans and Belgium, The Cock Pit of Europe.
    Western Civilisation today owes elements of its tongue to Rome. English as properly spoken has its roots not only in Anglic, Jute, Pictish and Saxon but strongly in its Conquerors’ Latin and French. So-called ‘American English’ is not even a true bastard. Unwilling to spell the literate tongue, they aborted such as to obtain “Thru” and “Jail”. Then having defrauded themselves of the language, with its roots, they proceeded to change the pronunciation to accord with their new spellings. “Huh-wy” for ‘why’ is one testing example, having no comprehension of the glotal origins in our Tongue. Although, in Australia, our Father ranted, “Haitch, Har, bloody Hess!”
    But it was a new Civilisation that sprang up, new vitality, new Freedom and new social and cultural values, upon which Humanity prospered and gave birth to the Age Of Technology.
    Bygone Civilisations burned you at the stake, on a good day, if you spoke of anything remotely like what we take for granted today. So Rome, Greece and Persia added nothing material to Western Civilisation Today. What IS constant is Human Nature which prevailed and prevails, in Babylon, Today.
    The one element that remained a constant throughout History was its eating, shitting, dying participants.
    What also remains a constant throughout History is the role Death plays.
    Death is never quite on the sidelines but from time to time truly enters into the Fray.
    How the eating-shitting parties participate in the ebbing and flowing of blood, war, rape, pillage, mayhem and the like is observable. The models and lessons are there.
    To diverge, momentarily, “No one would have believed that our enemies were plotting against us.” Taken from the soundtrack, spoken by Richard Burton, of “War of the Worlds.” No one would have believed.
    Our enemies work on the presumption that we cannot believe or accept that they really, truly do mean our complete and utter downfall – just like enemies throughout History.
    The Model is Singularity of Purpose.
    The Lesson is Victory goes to the Fittest. To the Victor go the Spoils.
    So simply relying on Political Horizons to defend Humanity from the Destroyer is worse than pathetic.
    Relying on public opinion induced the Shoah from the shadows of possibility in the Twenties into the stark light of inevitability in the Thirties and Forties.
    Relying on Public Opinion today has placed Israel in an untenable position where, if she will not destroy her enemies, they will once again pass over her, leaving her prostrate and impregnated in Diaspora.
    Not that History has Time for a Diaspora right now! Time has run out.
    But all those cute little Politically Correct ideals of people who never fight for anything, except money and sex, are about to be crushed by Peoples who’s desire is only to feel the exultation of victory.
    As you read this, the probability is 99% that you are a Loser.
    heh we will attribute the hatemail to the 1% who plan to Destroy the West!
    Go You! At least they have a vision and dreams. Most in the West have prostheses between their ears.
    Nevertheless, we in the West remain descended from the most cold-blooded and successful killers of the Race. When finally aroused we will kill with a vengeance and without restraint. The fact some will survive will be by no means attributed to our desires. Simply, some will slip through the net.
    By then, it will be a whole new political horizon. None of these ‘influential clowns’ who play games as statespersons today will remain.
    Chastened, Humanity will keep its head down for a Thousand Years.


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