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    Opposition defence spokesman Nick Minchin has accused the Australian Labor Government of exaggerating claims that $23 billion worth of defence projects were at risk of failure. Labor’s Mr Fitzgibbon displayed a red folder to journalists saying it contained full details of the troubled defence projects.  “Nick Minchin knows exactly what is in this file, having sat on the National Security Committee alongside Brendan Nelson for all of those years,” he said.  “I am expressing real concern about a number of legacy projects, projects we have inherited from the Howard government, that are at risk of failure or have considerably blown out in costs.”

    Kevin Rudd - phot ALP


    Here we go again, watlzing down the aisle of convincing our neighbours we are ripe for the picking, meanwhile taking the razor to Defense Expenditure at a time when the World is gearing up for the inevitable war.
    For the record, the war scenario is as follows: Regardless of the other major and minor conflagrations taking place globally, and some will be hugely major, Indonesia will see its chance to invade Australia for the sake of its 600 million populace. By using weaponry and technology borrowed from the USA, Australia will manage to repulse Indonesia from its toeholds in the north, due also in part to the relatively long lines of supply from Sumatra across the Arafura Sea. At this point, when Australia has been left in a weakened state by its own defence, India will move into Western Australia and will NOT be able to be repulsed. This will not matter to the rest of the World – they will be totally immersed in their own Armageddon(s).
    Looked at objectively, the new Australian Government seems to be throwing more and more money at the causes of problems and starving the cures. At the same time they are devoting much time to analysing situations they had eleven years in Opposition to become completely familiar with.
    It’s plain the Labor fear campaign worked and got them elected. Therefore we know exactly how the minds of their leadership work. Sadly, we know, that is exactly how the minds of the Union Bosses also work – fear.
    One thing should be said:- The ‘Outgoing’ Howard government did in fact seem to be throwing immense sums of money at the electorate, in a manner that looked convincingly like vote buying. The reality of the GST generated (tax assisted) Budget Surplus then is given now as, actually, the reason why the new government cannot spend it. They, ‘Fear to stimulate Inflation.”
    And it being true to say the Howard government generated a very extensive Education Industry, luring many foreign students to our colleges, universities and schools, it comes as no surprise the Rudd government proposes to ‘rationalise expenditure’ in the area of education. They are even ‘rationalising’ Rudd’s rash promise (which we endorse) to give each highschool student a personal computer. In fact, given the enormous spin-offs to industry and the transparent need for ALL students to experience rapid access, on demand, to personal computers, the internet, intra-curricular communications et al, it must be impossible to deny the wisdom of Rudd’s original idea. He has managed to deny it though.
    Perhaps he has a buddy with inside connections in the telecom industry, where he can get cheap cellphones with internet access! I would go back to school!
    While Rudd’s government is focused on weakening the nation, his inflated visionaries hold forth on environmetal issues as though Australia actually has ‘influence’. We are twenty million people in a world of seven thousand million. If they feel to care for the environment, given the ‘tyranny of distance’ to which Australia is bound by its arid vastnesses, they should instantly invest in affordable housing, close to infrastructure, which redevelops existing urban spralls rather than denudating even more swathes of farmland. They should particularly cease ‘developing’ bottom-lands. How irksome to see excited media reports of ‘record levels of damage’ caused by normal weather patterns, due entirely to the fact state and local councils have permitted development in flood prone areas, previously held as ‘wetlands’ or farmlands.
    The Developers make their millions and move on, leaving the taxpayer to pick up the tab when the 100% predictable ‘disaster’ eventually rolls over its riverbanks. New Orleans happens daily, somewhere in the world, for somebody. In Bangaladesh they rely on it! Cannot live without the annual innundation! Except even there the population explosion has created ever more newsworthy flood cycles – since the Beatles discovered India.
    Finally, we feel no despair at the present Australian Government seeding our society with fear and vulnerability. We accept all must die and if we could choose the spot, then nowhere could be nicer to die than Australia. (shades of a song I heard. “If I could choose the spot, To regurgitate me lot, Then I’d chunder in the old Pacific Sea!”)
    But it has to be said, the debacle that was always awaiting Australia in the Hungry Twenty First will not have to wait longer as a result of the Labor Government Policies.
    Instead, greedy Asian eyes will more swiftly assess our unreadiness and our vast, open spaces. They are of course welcome to try and live ‘outback’.  Just so long as we are not bothered by their corpses’ flies.  There is no jungle shade in the Simpson.  But that means nothing to the palace-bred despots who envy us every breath we take. Surely, with all their starveling millions, they need only roll over the top of us? heh Not so easy.
    But Rudd, the farmer’s boy, will not envisage the carnage his policies demand. He plans to give it, “A darn hard try!”


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