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    On Friday, Germany’s Der Spiegel newspaper reported on a computer simulation run at the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra, Italy, through which scientists modeled the uranium enrichment capabilities of centrifuges operating at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. 

    The results of those tests were not reassuring – showing that a sufficient quantity of enriched uranium to build a nuclear device could be ready by the end of 2008.”

    Iranian Farji Missile  AP photo

    The above is a paraphrasing of an article in JPost by Rebecca Anna Stoil, which we have reprinted without permission.
    The other riders on the projection alluded to the requirements for a threefold accomplishment: Production of sufficient quantity; Weaponisation of the enriched uranium; and Having a delivery system (typically a missile).
    Given the article points to a credible production process bearing fruit THIS year; Given the broad technical specifications for weaponisation techniques have been in the public domain for a matter of – YEARS; Given Iran persists in publicly testing Weapons Delivery Capable ballistic missiles: – we see no reason to doubt Iran will be experiencing major problems restraining itself before 09.
    That’s the brief thesis.
    Reality has a way of doing things far more brilliantly than imagination.
    The reality is that Arab ‘statespersons’ have never exhibited the capacity to have hegemony without exercising it. Look at the history of the Suez Crisis and all other ‘uber brinkmanships’ exercised by the Arabs since Israel was established.
    The reality is that the Arab Culture ONLY desires a total ethnic cleansing of Israel as a best case scenario. If it has to be a Genocide of the Jews, well, so be it!
    The reality is that, in the event Iran establishes ‘credible deterrence’, there will be a mad rush of Arab states to get ‘on-side’ and validate their own credenza by threatening Israel.
    The reality is that being swept along in the heady rush of Global Jihad is irresistible to an Arab and any ‘white-eye’ who fails to grasp this might just as well elect to self-immolate.
    As the Walrus and the Carpenter surveyed the wreckage, carnage and destruction on the beach, they observed, “There’s nobody left.”
    We know that, in fact, after these interesting times, there will remain members of Humanity and that they will preserve elements of Civilisation. For those who wonder how we know this, a good source to investigate contains the statement, “Few will survive.”
    For the record, those who survive will not only be unbelievably (really – unbelievably) chastened, they will also be more busy than Humanity has ever been before.
    Any suggestion that in those days there will be time or room for individuals or groups who wish to deflect Humanity from its task, merely for the sake of some jihad or to worship some ‘lesser godlet’, turbaned or otherwise, is false.
    Children of lesser gods will fall like rain an eternity downwind.
    None of this is bad. Earth is a beautiful place, challenging and demanding and allowing every opportunity for opposition to exist in all things. This was the only stage upon which Mankind could play out the key roles of its eternal entity. Remember when you came to me, there, and said excitedly, “We’re all going to be born!”?
    Dying isn’t bad. It’s exactly like being born. What you decide to think, say and do in between? THAT may be bad. It may be good. That’s entirely up to you.
    Don’t blame anybody else.
    And don’t bother arguing.


    2 Responses to “IRANIAN NUKE PENDING”

    1. Went says:

      Can’t believe Guran didn’t mark that as SPAM! satan’s gonna get ya Guran!
      This is NOT a picture book! If you can’t read please don’t spam me with your ignorance. The picture at the head of the post is an AP file photo we archived 1 Apr 06.
      The topic of the post was hardly ‘ago’ and refers to events scheduled to take place in the future. Guess you glanced at the ‘pitcher’ and guessed wrong, huh?

    2. Nik says:

      Interesting. Added message about you on my site