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    Once again in Mankind’s History, the spiritual evil which resides behind the actions of conspiring men and their secret organisations, becomes apparent and clear to the eye.

    Human Nature lends itself to the enticements of Satan. God in Heaven knew this was the case and saw that Mortality would be the perfect test for his children. A Spiritual test.

    God also saw the end from the beginning and showed to the prophets how Time would play out, the supposed majesty of men’s dreams and blood and carnage of men’s realities.

    “There must be opposition in all things.” The words of a prophet who was a king and a general – King Benjamin.

    No matter how many times the evil bands were wiped out, History shows that Satan revealed again the secret Oaths and Covenants by which evil always is shared among men.

    In Ancient America, two bands of men rose up, more than once, with the desires to rule and to inherit glory and dominion. While the rest of Humanity, in other parts of the world, also conspired to achieve the same ends, those in America are so typical we will use them to exemplify evil in the hearts and minds of men in the world today.

    We will also show how their plans can be fulfilled, despite being visible to all the world, in the Year 2015.

    The two groups being used to exemplify evil here are, the King-Men and the Gaddianton Robbers.

    King-Men: The king-men were organised about 67 BC, in opposition to the Law and Religion of their day. They refused the rule of their Chief Judge and instead insisted that they would be ruled over by a king, of their own choosing. As usual, behind their desires was the promise they had of obtaining increased wealth, power and position. As usual, the king-men already were wealthy and influential in their sphere, but as usual they coveted more.

    As is repeatedly the case with human nature, the king-men lived in a time of peace and plenty for themselves but a time also of challenge for the rest of their community. They desired to change to customs to please themselves. The king-men desired that the law should be altered in a manner to overthrow the free government and to establish a king.

    Eventually the king-men were defeated and compelled by a military leader to defend the freedoms and customs of all the people.

    It seems like a small thing, and it was in itself. But this is typical of so much that we see in the world today. People set up and sustain kings and priests who rule with blood and horror but who favour their chosen. Whether it be tyrants in Africa or the Saudi king, or despots in Asian and Latin American nations, we see ‘rulers’ who are sustained by individuals and groups who feel they will benefit personally through this support.

    Tragically, we see also instances of such tyranny surviving through the ages, often being torn by adversity but yet they have survived. These long-standing tyrannies include Islam and the Catholic Church among many others.

    Gaddianton Robbers: “There was one Gadianton, about 50 BC, who was exceedingly expert in many words, and also in his craft, to carry on the secret work of murder and of robbery; therefore he became the leader of the band…” The Gaddiantons were Oath Takers.

    Probably most people today do not think of the great financial houses and bankers of the world, the Rothschilds and etcetera, as guilty of murder and robbery. The wars that mankind fight are invariably for the sake of wealth and dominion, Free Trade and of course, Profit.

    Who am I to dispute that the wealth of the Rothschild Family alone is $700 Trillion? Who am I to deny that such wealth gives men leadership among their companions, and that they together conspire to benefit themselves at the expense, any expense, of the entire human race.

    In the case of the Gaddianton Robbers, it was very difficult, probably impossible, to remove them until the arrival of White Men on the North and South American Continents.

    In the case of the White Men who came, they brought their own king-men and Gaddianton Robbers with them.

    2015 – The Year of the Dagger

    This year has the hallmarks of being pivotal in the entire History of Mankind. There are even ‘Signs in the heavens’, as though to alert us to the warnings of the prophets.

    We see the growing probability of another Arab war in the Middle East. That problem is Islam, which now is fourteen hundred years old and thriving on a massive resurgence of its power all over the globe. The point to the Middle Eastern component of this Islamic war to establish its Caliphate is that the prophets were most explicit about this event.

    On the other hand, History shows us the inevitable outcomes elsewhere in the world where Islam claims the right of its Umma and demands Dhimmis everywhere submit to their rule, at pain of death or slavery.

    History is very plain about what comes next. Civilisation must fight the Barbarian until only one party exists.

    Deeply intermingled with all this king-man battle for rulership, modern Gaddiantons are pulling their purse strings, hoping to manipulate an outcome which will favour themselves. The suggestion has been made that the Illuminati, the New World Order and others who reside in the murk of financially contrived anonymity, desire Earth’s population reduced.

    Earth’s population will be reduced. It is foreseen that five and a half billion people, or so, will die, according to the prophets regardless of the calculations of modern talking heads, such as representatives of the Islamic State, Obama, the Rothschilds, et al.

    But their assumption is that they will continue to maintain control despite the massive break in Civilisation’s hold on Humanity. They are ‘sure’ they can do it.

    All this simply harks back to the original premise of God, however. Mankind was to be presented with the opportunity to exercise free will and choice. As was known to God, the choice made generally was ‘Free Will Run Riot’.

    So now we come to that point in the Trajectory of God’s Plan for His Children where the consequences of spiritual evil become lethal, and for most of mortal humanity, final.

    2015 looks like being a year when the momentum for mutual destruction will carry the human race over the cliff and into the abyss. This will not happen all at once!

    2014 showed that the end has already begun. 2014 also showed that, no matter how clear and present the evidence, the majority of people will continue to hang on to ‘normalcy’.

    The dagger is famous as a tool of treachery, and was always the preferred weapon of those who wished to strike suddenly, perhaps while the back was turned, or Using the Left Hand.

    Those who will strike treacherously this year are not only ‘Moderate Muslims’ but also elected governments, FEMAs and ‘Homeland Security Agencies’ all over the world. We should expect to see the thinly disguised tyranny more plainly revealed. The barely held grip of the Despot savagely reinforced.

    Angels are in the World. Death walks freely among us.

    2015 will be the Year of the Dagger.


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