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    Kobane is just an activity centre in an ant’s nest of Islamic atrocities. There is no Battle Front. There are no uniforms. There are no Civilians. There is only death.

    The victims of Islam are ‘found’, rather than taken. Wherever this evil spreads it envelopes those in its path with horror, devastation, suffering and death.

    Neither Gender nor Age are bars from suffering as Islam marches forth again, out of the desert sands and into the private lives of its victims everywhere.

    No Pity

    From thirty thousand feet, or even from fifteen thousand which is the more common dropping zone, the carnage and suffering on the ground is invisible. Occasional dust clouds mark the fall of bombs. The identities of those who converge on pallets of aid: food, water and even weapons cannot be verified from the air.

    The hope is that cargoes drop into the right hands. Media coverage suggests that some went elsewhere. In terms of logistics, there is not enough aid in all the world and not enough weapons to ‘solve’ the problem of Islam, whether it be IS, ISIS, ISIL or any other manifestation of Islam, under any other acronym.

    This is not to say that, since the West cannot win this war from the air there will have to be ‘boots on the ground’. Far from it.

    While we carefully exact pinpoint punishment in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Baghdad or Kobane, those at home, in the Media and political Talking Heads, are defending our enemies. They demand that Islam be exalted and upheld as a dignified religion of peace.

    We will war from the skies in our day.

    But we are wasted up there. First the Battle Ground of Opinion must be won in the hearts of ourselves. Then men everywhere, on the ground, will kill our enemies wherever THEY are found.

    Every sacred cow, regardless of political persuasion, race or seeming wealth, will suffer the terrible fate of those used by Islam in their hope to frighten us from our retribution. Raiofoz assures me, 5.5 Billion people must die, but no… Dragons are not yet go.


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