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    It just feels like the same cameraman getting in the same quick snap of the same boots on the ground.

    We dealt before with the extraordinary delay while an International Coalition of the Willing was corralled into ‘the business of Iraq’. Or was that ‘seduced’? Never mind. By the time it was boots on the ground the real enemy had fled, leaving incompetent militaries to face the might of American Shock and Awe – which came as neither. The beauty of seeing those magnificent B52s taking off from Britain was unforgettable though. Grace and beauty of the skies.

    But the real war was fought far from the heat and dust of killing fields on the banks of the Euphrates.

    The real war was fought on polished leather seats in air conditioned parliamentary palaces and was won and lost on nuance and tact. Carefully phrased video bytes of Talking Head gravity. Sweeping declamatory calls to the masses: backed up by ever more reliable opinion polls. More reliable because fewer and fewer armchair politicians were alarmed by the banal content on their television screens.

    Far from the radioactive dusts of the desert, denizens of the Hague and the UN wrestled with the collective consciousness and looked for an acceptable compromise that would look and sound good but avoided by all means… the Problem. By the time they settled on what was considered a ‘favourable outcome’, the depleted uranium in the forgotten desert dust had not even begun its journey toward its four billion year half-life.

    The discussions dealt with what was preferable among powerful men, and their agents.

    This was and is, the Lawfare, which is waged against Nations almost as if the real deaths are the least important part of politics. The wheeling and dealing. The bribing and bragging. The placing of Nations and People in situations where they have no option but Warfare.

    The appeals to United Nations bigots. The turning to the International Criminal Court, as if war could be war without there being crime. Holding ‘War Crime’ over the heads of individuals who must obtain not only their own survival but the survival of their masses. Not the masses of downtown London or New York City. Not yet.

    The careful framing of Treaties meant to bind the actions of people with no knowledge of morals and no cultural reasons for restraint.

    And so now we see the same methods used across the same field. For decades we have watched the shadow of the pendulum pass over the areas of current debate and anguish.

    Should Russia be allowed to do this?
    Should Ukraine be prevented from doing that!
    Should Assad be able to rule?
    Should Israel be permitted to exist?

    Should all this continue without anybody, anywhere, pointing to the enemy? Islam!

    It’s refreshing to see Russia at least making the common sense statement that the USA has no right under International Law to demand any conditions, anywhere, outside the USA and so, Russia will not debate or consider American demands or suggestions.

    There isn’t much fertilizer attached to that!

    But see the same tactics being applied elsewhere. Syria must submit (a nice Islamic demand) to the demands of Obama, while the USA bombards Syrian Military Units in Syria?

    See Turkey carefully negotiating its terms for being both a global whore and quisling, in combining the malice of Wall Street with the Terror of Iran.

    Lawfare. The practice of subterfuge to undermine the defensive capabilities of people who are not at war. Yet! It’s called the Compromise by some. By others it’s known as The Big Lie.

    None of this clearly addresses the great shadow that has gathered over the world. War comes.

    Massive War, on every conceivable level.

    Dragons are not yet Go.


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