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    One beheading if by day. Many beheadings if by day and by night.

    The final arrival of ‘The Caliphate’ is almost comic relief. At least, to those of us who knew all along anyway.

    But the Talking Heads will of course still be in denial as they are led ‘Down To The River’, where Pity and Compassion gloss their fingernails and look the other way.

    No. This is not the end. This is not really the end of the beginning. This is Islam dipping its toe tentatively in the water to see if it’s safe to step in.

    We have watched for months now as the inevitable caravan of death and destruction has played out. Shock and horror protests from the West as biological and germ weapons, which were sold by the West to Saddam and made their way to Syria, were of course used. All the usual glib accusations and the coat with the long tails spread across the evidence.

    We were meant to see evil.

    We were not meant to see the real evil.

    And No, again. We do not yet mean the evil of Islam. We mean the evil of those who feel their dominion is so great that they can contain and control Islam. The faceless ones, the ones whos names are on the lists the world is meant to scorn. Regularly published, presumed to be the wealth and power of the planet. They mean you to see what they say. They mean you to respond to every twitch on your puppet strings. But they are blind. They cannot see.

    Because the ones I speak of attend Satanic gatherings and rites, they believe they are master of not just their fate but yours and mine. They know, they think, they are Master Mahan.

    They are complicit in a grander plan than is spoken of at CNN and FOX. They consider that their status as Uber Meisters absolves them from even the guilt of the desires of their hearts.

    Like the dilemma of Pandora, the box in their hands will be impossible to close.

    The ones of whom I speak are as evil as they secretly feel they are, but their knowledge does not protect them from either the Law of Consequence, or from what comes. Islam is not their Little Helper, nor is it the whole of their problem.

    Increasingly and more plainly, the reality of mortal life is becoming plain and the words of the prophets so much easier to read. The whole world is a battle field in which Mankind is asked to choose, whether to be enticed to do good or enticed to do evil.

    The life of this Solar System is but a moment in the life of a Man.

    At this moment in Eternity, each individual has the chance to choose, as if a Railway Man, setting the switch for the remainder of their eternal life. Choosing where the line will run.

    Mortal life entails death and destruction. “Every creature that hath within it the breath of life must die.” The angels know you. They watch as you make every choice in this life. And they know that you, whoever and wherever you are, will die. Death with the angels is almost nothing. Death is no greater than Birth to them. They watch… God, Angels and These Witnesses see each moment of your life. You cannot hide.

    So it will be, when Islam works up its cowardly bravery enough to challenge openly for dominion of Earth, vast death will come. Master Mahan will struggle to exert his false dominion over the evil he thinks that he contrived. Dominion will fight against dominion. Wealth against wealth. Neighbour against neighbour. Strangers in your street will eat your children. If you get sick there will be no doctor and you will die. Probably, you will pray to die. Finally you will pray to the Living God who is your Father.

    There is a Devil. He is a person, just like you. He has become a prisoner to the choices he made and he wants you to be a prisoner eternally too. Satan hates you forever and he wants you to suffer with him. Did you know, Satan is your Brother?

    Compared to the evil you thought you were aware of in this world, you know nothing. It is not a matter of bad people doing bad things. It is a matter of your brothers and sisters, once born into this mortal world, being enticed to do evil.

    The one you call Jesus Christ also is your Brother. But he is more than that. Jesus Christ is Jehovah, the Creator God of this world. Whether you choose to believe or not, and despite the urgings of all these in the world who wish you to believe otherwise, you will eventually accept the truth about who you are and who Jesus is.

    If you doubt these words, you will find out on the other side of the veil of death.

    The angels are there too.


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