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    We are told, from the 1920s onward, by such authorities as the Rabbi Kook, that to venture upon the Temple Mount is forbidden according to Halachic Law.

    If halacha has any authority, then the ‘priests’ of the Temple Institute should authorize and conduct a survey of the Temple Mount. Using the appropriate washing, anointing and sanctification, legitimate Cohanim should be set apart, to act in the Levitical Priesthood.

    There MUST be some legitimate Cohanim in Israel. A hallmark of Jewry is to be able to trace one’s lineage, if necessary all the way back to Adam. This was why the Samaritans were cast out.

    But who is clean and who can be cleansed? No doubt, the first man chosen to be among the select group who would perform this task would be found to have participated in Gay Pride Parades in the streets of Jerusalem. All Cohanim possess the Birthright to the Levitical Priesthood but to act in the priesthood, each man must be found to be worthy and righteous.

    Worthiness owes nothing to modern sectarian concepts of morality. Orthodox males in the lineage, who keep kosher and who keep themselves aloof from ‘the sins of the world’ must be available. Likely these same men are held in contempt by modern Jewish and Israeli society.

    Such men should be sanctified and set to the task of survey, and to identify all the points of the Temple Mount. The bases of the pillars before the Holy Temple have been located. From these beginnings it must be possible to halachically define the bounds of the Temple and from there the courtyards.

    Thus it would be possible, especially for the devout, to ascend and to make their spiritual offerings even before the Holy Temple is rebuilt.

    But this will not happen. This failure and all the other failures, such as endorsing the pride of homosexuals and courting the ‘good will’ of the gentile world, amounts to the abomination of the Temple Mount and of Jerusalem, by Israel and the Jews.

    The prophets have long spoken of this day.

    Come away, even to the Isles of the Sea, while the Lord cleanses His House and the Holy City. We are told few will survive in Jerusalem. The people there will be destroyed until at last the walls will be broken and the survivors will break free: to escape across the brook and up the Mount; to meet again their true Messiah.

    Not only the Arab mosques are an abomination upon the Temple Mount. The divisiveness of the Jews has been an abomination there also. “When ye are not one, ye are not in Me.”

    In that day, because the Jews will not honour their God, the Lord will thoroughly cleanse His habitation with fire. He will not spare the city.

    Isaiah states, “Few men will survive”.


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